Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A good kind of Pink Eye

not the pink eye where you're sent home from school....
but a fun pinky-valentine's day, 80's glam, look...that looks really good on ALL eye colors.....

here's what I used:
Hot Pink Lipstick from Covergirl in Pink Wink
Hot Pink Blush (on your eyes as an eyeshadow) in DEEP PINK from MAC
*any cheap pink shadow from the drugstore will work...you don't need to spend al lot!)
Black Eyeliner in SMOLDER from MAC
Light Baby Pink Shimmery color...like a pearly-light pink...I can't see the name of the one I have.....so sorry
Highlighter in SHELL from MAC
Light Pink Blush in DANDELION from Benefit
White pearl eyeshadow for highlight on cheek in PLATINUM LUSTER from the The Body Shop

flat angled brush
fluffy brush like (224 from MAC)
flat blending brush
fluffy cheek brush

And I already primed my face- you can watch my video on Youtube on Getting Flawless Skin

Thanks for watching!! And you can watch the video on Youtube...it's looksso much better, I think! Lipgloss and Lashes, Kandee
PS. and please subscribe to me on Youtube so they'll let me make better, longer videos! Thanks everyone...you're all so wonderful!


PinkGirlee said...

OMG, you are so precious. This is my favorite look on you....by far. I'm going to the Bahamas in a couple of weeks and can't wait to try this look. Thank you for making your tutorials so easy to follow. I look forward to your new postings. Have a fantabulous day Kandee!

Shannon said...

Okay, so I wear contacts and everytime I try to line the rims of my eyes my contacts get real blurry within an hour or two... I love the look of the lined rims, any ideas how I can avoid the liner messing with my contacts?

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