Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eyebrow Make-Over

(for real...could Youtube have given me an uglier still shot?)

so here's part 1...I flipped it and reversed it ya'll...

What you need:



eyebrow brush

biz card

and a pair of unruly eyebrow....or one mean mono-brow....

Now get to eyebrow-scaping.....! get my ratings up so I can post even better videos on YouTube....feel free to go to Youtube and give me the highest rating you want (I feel like I little like I'm in high school asking for your vote to be class prezzy...) and subscribe to my videos....thanks so much!!!


Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are the cutest little thing I have ever seen! I am going to shape my eyebrows now :)

Unknown said...

Yes!!! I am so happy I did my brows better the way you said and lined them with a great color and finaly I look like a girl again. I always have plucked but never right always crooked. I let them grow back and now I have them perfect thanks to you. Love ya babe! i have given all the girlies in my fam your blog. They will all become fans.

abril said...

hi there kandee!!! omg i know this video is from january but i recenlty discovered your blog and is now part of my internet treasures!!

well.i had this really horrible eyebrows but then i watched your video and wow my eyebrows look loke some one elses now!! i have green eyes and they always steal all the attention but today my eyebrows stole the show!! i love your videos!!

they have helped me a lot!!

im trying to get some products i see in your videos but its s dificult.they dont make them here in mexico!!

well im off now!!

have a great week!!! ;)

Mark.Girl Candy said...

Hi Kandee, I just have to say I love your eyebrows....if I was to go and get mine done what would I tell them in order to get a shape similar to your's but fit for my face....let me know.

Candy in So Cal

P.S. please add my blog

Victoria Blackwell said...

You are a life-saver! Thank-you!

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