Monday, January 19, 2009

The smoke gets in your eye(lids)- the smokey eye look

This is the number ONE requested look....

9.5 out of 10...ask for a smokey eye!

So get ready to go to smokey-town..sultry and sexy eyes are yours to behold...after you watch this, anyway!

Things you'll need:

Fluffy eyeshadow brushes

Angled brush

(dome-shaped) blending brush

A nude-peachy eyeshadow (Like FRILL or SHROOM from MAC)

A shimmery peachy eyeshadow (my fav...SIN from URBAN DECAY)

Black eyeshadow (I like CARBON from MAC)

Grey eyeshadow (I like PRINT from MAC)

Black eyeliner (my pick...SMOLDER kohl pencil from MAC)

Black Mascara (I love L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes)

Now get ready to get sultry, sexy, smokey peepers....

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