Saturday, July 30, 2011

What you wearing?

Zebra legging, I have no idea who makes them but I got them on clearance at Kohl's for like $3.99, Chaser Collection shirt I got at Marshall's, Hello Kitty purse- my classic purse black Havaianas (I still don't know how to properly pronounce their name!) flippy-flops.
And my favorite "accessory" lil Ellie (AKA Elyse, Cupcake, lovey, love bug, baby.....)

peeksie pie at more from this day HERE.

and that be what I'm wearing...
thousands of candles...kandee

Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Get Fuller Lips INSTANTLY!

Look at the scrawny, wimpy little soup coolers of mine BEFORE.....
(just wearing the L'Oreal Infallible Lipcolor in Beyonce)
And just seconds away....the AFTER:
If only I could speak with my wax lips on....
WAX lips courtesy of my sister who made us all awesome "welcome" bags for our trip to Disneyland...

yep we all got a pair of these babies! Our matching "puff paint" shirts came in our goodie bags too! My sister, TIffany is so crafty and thoughtful!
(to see more of my trip to Disneyland..clicky poo right here to see my "day-in-the-lifey"

big wax lips....kandee

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disneylan & Snow White Red Lips

 Me and my sister in line to ride on the The Little Mermaid ride...we got complimentary bags under our eyes for this picture too! ha ha ha
 King Arthur's Carousel with the ever wonderful Sleeping Beauty Castle glowing it's pinkness behind! Every little girl wishes they could sleep there I think!
 Pretty flowers in Disneyland- the view from the line for Casey Juniors Train ride! Love it!
Me and my sister in front of the Castle....
Can you believe my red lips stayed on all sad I didn't get a picture with my Peter Pan hat red lips matched my red feather!
Go-go gadget super L'Oreal Infallible lipcolor (if you was in the Beyonce color, that also looks exactly like the L'Oreal "Target" color you can get at Target too!

Red lipstick and just like Disneyland: "May all your dreams come true!"...kandee

CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FAVORITE SUNGLASSES in the world we got at Disneyland!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hurry, Ever Wanted An Airbrush!!!

Dinair + ShopNBC = insane airbrush deal, on what I think is the best airbrush can't beat the airbrush created by the first person to think of using make-up with an airbrush...

Normally $500...
there are a few of these babies left on SHOPNBC for only $199...
and if you can't handle that price can make 6 payments of about $33 and you can own this whole airbrush kit!

Here's some info on what you'll get and some bonus Dinair info:

Beauty Airbrush
4 Foundation Shades - 0.25 oz each
3 Glamour & Shimmer Shades - 0.25 oz each
Facial Tanner - 0.50 oz
Brow / Shadow Guide - 3 sizes
2 Eyebrow / Liner Shades - 3 ml each
2 Eyebrow / Liner Shades - 3 ml each
"Moist & Dewy" Airbrush Moisturizer - 0.25 oz
Dinair Airbrush Cleaner - 4 oz
Makeup Practice Color - 0.25 oz
2 Practice Sheets
Color Chart
Less-Is-More Bands (in black and beige)
Dinair Corrective Concealer - 5 ml
Air Hose (6 ft)
Airbrush Travel Caps
Airtan Breather Cap
Cleaning Band
Practice Airbrush Distance Guide
Stencil Catalog
"How To Do Airbrush Makeup" DVD
Illustrated Instructions
Dinair Daily Wear Airbrush Brochure
  • Makeup provides flawless looking finish.

  • Water based, sanitary application and hypo-allergenic.

  • Oil, silicon and paraben-free.

  • Makeup stays where you put it.

  • Makeup can be mixed to create unlimited color combinations

  • Clean application. No dirty brushes or sponges.

  • 0 to 10 PSI compact, lightweight, and portable compressor.

  • Quiet, non-variable control.

  • Portable, compact size for professional and personal use.

  • Beauty airbrush sprays pixilated dots of makeup.

  • Finely mist directional spray, with no overspray on clothes or in hair.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.

  • Can do all makeup applications: foundation, blush, shadows, brows, liners and hair coverage.

  • Can even be sprayed on hair to cover grays, or to extend highlights or to fill in receding hairline or thin spots.

  • Water resistant and cleans up easily due to water-based formula.

  • Makeup coverage is feathered and blends so there are no lines of demarcation unless you create one.

  • Can be used on face, body or anywhere you want coverage and more flawless looking skin.

  • Also can spray hands to cover age spots or scars.

  • Hurry, there's only a limited supply left....

  • Dinair is awesome....I've attended their airbrush workshops that are so fun you just want to keep learn to make airbrush stencils, airbrush patterns onto your hair and body, and ofcourse learn to airbrush normal beauty make-up, cover tattoos and scars and any kind of discoloration, the list goes on and's all so fun!

  • Always giving you a beauty heads-up, your Kandee
  • Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Are you "Bleachorexic"?

    People used to ask me all the time how I have such white teeth...I "bleach" (Not really use bleach...just teeth whitener) these bad boys!
    And I found out they used part of my video in a segment on Good Morning America (I think it's hilarious they came up with the term "bleachorexic" for people that bleach their teeth, chew whitening gum, then rinse with whitening mouthwash! ha ha ah)


    So when I first started doing youtube videos...I thought I'd show people how I whiten my teeth...and since I had a brief stint where I worked at a Dentist with my best friend...I got a few secretes to bleaching how to make a "cheapo" version of teeth whitening trays....
    ENTER My FIRST TEETH WHITENING video (I've heard that Plus White has since changed their formulation so I'm not sure if it still works as great as it used to!....)

    teeths and tooths.....smiling, kandee

    To see what we're up to on vacation CLICK HERE!

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Jellies and Studs: a match made in heaven

    Since I haven't been able to find my leather cuff bracelet that I made and have been wearing almost everyday for years.....I've had to come up with something else to wear on my bare wrists.....

    and my new love is black jelly bracelets.....
    they aren't really a new love because I have loved jelly bracelets since I was little and would take 2 and twist them together to wear on my wrists...

    We'll just say me and jelly bracelets have been "reunited...and it feels so good"...

    I got one pack of all of these at HOT TOPIC.....what I really want is white ones....I'll be hunting!

    And the hunk of awesomeness on my a black acrylic, giant stud ring by MARC from MARC JACOBS (It's the only Marc Jacobs, anything that I own...I wish I had more! ha ha ha) that I got a while ago at Kitson on Robertson in LA.

    Hooray...I'm on our summer vacation...and this is the best vacay-cionay jewelry's could go through metal detectors with the jelly bracelets...the ring, maybe not so much...
    But I will still be bloggin away during my vacation....

    off to put on my jelly bracelets....jelly donuts kandee

    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Super Sunday Wrap Up

    In case anyone missed the videos from this week here they are:

    enjoy this with a donut, your pancakes, waffles or croissants:

    "Don't Get Your Hair in a Knot".......

    a) I am wearing matching earrings...."oh bluest of moons!"
    (get it....once in a blue moon...heh heh)

    b) I composed the music in the intro myself....using garageband software....I was getting a little bored with my standard copyright free options from imovie.

    c)I totally forgot a piece of  hair in the back...ha ha and didn't know until I was editing the video


     And since I redid my background...ofcourse I'm gonna show you how to do it too!

    A) yes, it's Jordan in the background yelling "Lupalinda!"
    B) I got my hot glue gun at Michael's
    C) it took 3 seperate days of filming to finish this video! ha ha ha

    Happy Sunday....get ready for this weeks fun!!!!!!

    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    I heart red shoes (like lipstick on your feet)

    (Shoes: Red Vans, pants: thrift store treasure, shirt: white men's Hanes T-shirt, silver cuff: Forever 21, yellow rose ring: sister got it for me at Norstroms)

    I've been a thrift store hunter since high school...where I wore lots of men's polysester pants in various prints like houndstooth or varoius colors of corduroy favorite was my dad's old, baggy, filled with holes, levi's. So you can bet your sweet tooth, that I still have tons of thrift store and vintage store finds in my closet....

    and nothing makes an outfit pop like fun colored shoes....

    I heart these red shoes....maybe because they are like red lipstick on my feet!
    (these Vans were from the Vans Fall 2009 Slip On Mega Check Pack collection...maybe you can hunt some down on ebay if you likey)

    when no one's around to take your it yourself...kandee

    Friday, July 22, 2011

    DIY- How to Make A Flower Wall

    Get ready to fire up your glue guns....Krafty Kandee is ready to drop some DIY-ness on ya!

    It's FLOWER WALL time.....
    or you could make:
    *an entire flower wall
    *closet doors
    *bedroom door
    *a flower headboard
    *notebook cover
    *dresser drawers
    *make-up vanity
    *you could even cover your car or bike!
    #1. anything of the above things to apply flowers to
    #2. Glue Gun & Extra Packs of Glue Stick (I went through 2 packs on just this little display board)
    (you do NOT need my "purple safety glasses")
    I got my Zebra print Hot Glue Gun by Art Minds at Michael's Crafts

    #3. A glass or ceramic plate- to set the hot glue gun on
    #4. A BUNCH of fake flower bunches in any colors you like!
    (I got mine on super sale at Michaels) The more colors the merrier, but light pink roses would be amazing too!)

    #5. A pair of scissors to cut of excess "stems".

    Now, I secured my "flower board" with special clip hangers that are on my backdrop support stand that I got at B&H photo...
    Now come hang out with me as we make a flower background....
    and watch the end for the bloopers and favorite part!

    (you can watch it larger by clicking on the "Youtube" logo")
    hot smokin' glue guns....kandee


    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    The NEW 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection from Urban Decay

    Just when I thought Urban Decay had knocked the eyeshadow out of the park with the Naked Palette....they go and create this  awesome 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EYESHADOW COLLECTION palette!
    You can remove the eyeshadows and you get to use the mirrored box as a super cool, keepsake box!
    It even has a mirrored lid to put your make-up on wherever you are!
    Now for the best part: to celebrate their 15 years...they've created 15 new colors...ranging from matte to shimmer, neutrals to scrumptious colors you want to jump into!

    Deeper (deep shimmery golden brown), M.I.A. (soft shimmery dark brown), Ace (dark gunmetal shimmer), Blackout (darkest, most saturated black), Half Truth (shimmery smoky purple), Tainted(pale matte purple with golden shimmer), Junkshow (bright pink w/fuchsia shift), Omen (shimmery metallic bright purple w/blue shift), Evidence(deep metallic blue), Deep End (bright teal shimmer), Midnight Rodeo(medium metallic brown w/silver and gold glitter), Midnight 15 (oyster pearl w/silver glitter), Vanilla (shimmery white gold), Flow (soft peach shimmer), Chase (metallic bright bronze)

    Here's some color swatches:
    amazing highlight colors...
    just the right mix of colors for every eye and skin color to play with...
    i'm loving every color...especially the uber-dark, pigmented matte black...
    All I can say is:
    at $55 for this baby...that is about $3.66 per eyeshadow..for URBAN DECAY!!!! That is an eyeshadowkulous deal! 

    For those that want a fun collection of colors as well as some beautiful highlight colors and dark smokey colors to play with...this just might be up your eyeshadow addiction alley!

    Be warned, if this is sells out as crazy fast as the naked may have to jump on the waiting list!

    can't wait to play with this.....
    ahh just look at that turquoise color!!!!.....kandee

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Dreaming in Wonderland...

     Insert dream furniture: whimsical, girly, fantasy, wonderland like......
    Doesn't it just seems romantic to sleep in a field (well, provided there aren't any mosquitos or wild animals that may want to bite me)...not practical, but wonderland-ish things are never really practical!
    Look at the turquoise bed looks like a tutu - love it!!!
    I love the turquoisey-green dresser...the "fabric sconce curtain" thing...
    -I LOVE THE CHANDELIER (I would use chandeliers as my sole lighting fixture if I could!)
    -I LOVE THE FABRIC on the ceiling!!!!
    and hooray...another bed in the outdoors with an a amazing lavender upholstered headboard. (I love velvet and upholstered headboards!)
    I found these at: I love their dreamy bed things!

    lavender and hot pink headboards...
    in a field...your kandee

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Turn your NAUGHTY HAIR day into a KNOTTY HAIR day!

    Someone sent me a picture of a "double knotted" hair do from the Michael Kors Runway show to try to "Kandee-fy" it.....

    NO TIME for just need to "hairy up"?
    this look took me about a minute to's awesome!

    Super cute, no fuss, and doesn't look like you have a "prom up-do"..ha ha ha

    (easy peesy)
    some mousse
    bobby pins
    a little hair spray for wild hairs
    and ofcourse your hair

    what the hair?!? how do I get a knot out of my hair?
    Actually without the bobby pins holding it in place..the hair just wants to slip out of the knot. So make sure you hold it in place while you pin it OR it will just fall out!

    what if I have too much hair?
    your knot will just look cooler because the loops will be bigger.
    I just have like 48 hairs on my head, so it looks super thin and the knot isn't as prominent as it could be. I'm just thankful for the 48 hairs I have  on my head!

    Now let's go have a "knotty" good time with our hair....
    I'm waiting for you in this video...(hee hee)

    hair knots...your Kandee Bo-Rubber-Bandy or this case bobby pinny!

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Summer Watermelon Lips!

    I thought is would be fun to play around and do a summer fruity lip here's a little wild and crazy lipstick design!
    introducing WATERMELON LIPS!
    These were so fun to make....
    I used:
    *Green Liquid Eyeliner 
    *Red Lip Liner in Cherry from MAC
    *then I dabbed bright red blush on top with a lip liner brush
    *Drew on the "watermelon seeds" with black liquid liner (I used Perversion from Urban Decay)

    and voila...lips so juicy they look like you could bite them...but you really don't want to because that would hurt.......

    "I got watermelon seeds all over my lips!"......Kandee

    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    Handygirl: bracelet BANGLE TAPE

    the latest in utility jewelry:
    "duck" or duct tape bangles....(shown here in leopard and hello kitty)
    see: Sanrio Hello Kitty and Duck Tape

    so if you're out at the post office and need to tape up a package...BAM! - use the bangle tape!
    -you're out and the straps fall off your purse - BAM! - use your bangle tape!
    -someone's talking loudly in the movies- BAM! use the bangle tape

    I love me some fun prints on duct tape!

    -can't find your headband- BAM!- uhhh DO NOT USE  the bangle tape....find another headband....

    No, I have not actually worn these out as bangles...but I do have some grand plans to make some  awesome-tastic DIY things!

    duct or duck taped....kandee

    where'd I get the sparkle ring in the top picture? CHARMING CHARLIE

    TO SEE how nerdastically awesome my friday nights are CLICK HERE! i think my friday night are the coolest...

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Toe-riffic Colors!

    (mom's hot pink toes on the neon-electric orange toes on the right) 
    Whether you love feet or you are totally grossed out my the site of toes...
    you have a pair of feet just tapping their toes for some for some color!
    (I personally kinda think feet are not so any help they can get...a fun color polish makes them much better to look at! ha ha ha)
    (it's can see them glowing in the picture...ha ha ha)
    So mom picked this super fun hot neon-pink, it looks like SHOCKING PINK or POOL PARTY from China Glaze...have no clue what the name is, (that makes her feet look super tan)...I thought I was picking the same color but a little darker....
    but mine look more electric-coral-orange-with-a-slight-hint-of-hot-pink, called Flip Flop Fantasy from China Glaze.....I like the orange, but I like my mom's color way better.


     shocking pink by China Glaze
    Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze
    (warning..the color it looks in the bottle does not look like how it comes out on your is way more electric after it dries and you apply topcoat!)

    flippy floppies and toe separators.... kandee

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Bare Naked Eyelids Make-Up Look

    Don't be fooled by the glasses....(which I got at a vintage store on Melrose)...the look may say school girl....but it is a fresh, sweet as sugar look that looks beautiful and fresh on everyone (with or without glasses)!

    It's about time I did a light eye make-up look, that's fast, easy and oh-so-pretty. A fresh-faced delight! With just a hint of smudging under the eye.

    Here's what I used: (all of this is can just use powder if you want, I'm just showing what I used)

    Sumbody Foundation Mineral Powder (I love this stuff and makes skin look beautiful):

    Cover FX - The Big Cover Up Kit (this will cover freckles, scars, hyper pigmentation, age spots, sun spots...I love this stuff! The most amazing concealer you'll ever use!

    Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation:

    Urban Decay Naked Palette:

    any black eyeshadow
    black eyeliner
    I used Smolder from MAC
    here's 3 different lipliners that look pretty similar but have different price tags...
    drugstore beauty bargains:
    Revlon ColorStay Lipliner
    Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipliner in Toast
    MAC Lipliner in Buerre (which is what I used)
    Beauty Bargain: Revlon Lipstick in Pink Sugar (on the left)
    MAC Lipstick in Fleshpot (you could use Myth also, they are very similar), this is what I used
    and lastly..if you want to top your pout off with some non-sticky gloss, I used
    Girl Powder (all-natural) lipgloss on Bubble Gum:

    Now let's go hang out and have some beauty fun:

    Glitter Hair Bow: I got at Hot Topic, on  the clearance rack
    Cat Eye Glasses: I got at Aardvark's (a vintage store on Melrose in West Hollywood)

    love fro your favorite Kandee Johnson, yes out of all the Kandee Johnson's you know, I hope I'm your favorite! ha ha
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