Saturday, June 29, 2013

This is how I rap with no make-up on...

Just for fun...I thought I would make a funny Vine, about how I look when I wake up: "with messed up hair and not a drop of make-up". And I thought, what funnier way than to make a "rap" of it....
So hear I present my world-wide rapping debut...ha ha ha

And yes, if you want to know, I actually wrote an entire "rap", and if enough people "like" this, maybe I'll make a full video of it and put it on youtube...ha ha ha

And you know I'm just silly enough to do it, too! Ha ha ha ha

Now put your hands together for MC Kandee:
(*just put your mouse over the
HERE   and hit the volume to hear it)

Huge hugs and hip hop, your home girl, K-Dazzle

And if you want to watch a video I made that's longer than 6 seconds, watch my latest one:

Friday, June 28, 2013

My life is so not glamorous....

 There is a weird illusion about people online, whether you're on facebook, instagram, reading a blog, whatever...
Sometimes it looks like everyone has a way more awesome, glamorous, fabulous, fun life, than you. Sometimes I felt so bad seeing people's instagram pics, that I just didn't think I couldn't handle seeing their pics anymore.  I was feeling like I didn't have a a fancy enough car,  clothes, meals, I didn't take vacations like them, or go to the trendiest places like them.

I, for one, want to shed some light on how my life is not-so glamorous....
•Yesterday I wore an outfit that was not worthy of being seen in public.
•The only make-up I had on was lip balm.
•My hair would've probably frightened most people.
•I did not have a fancy lunch out with fancy friends at a trendy restaurant, my lunch was far better than involved a Port Of Subs sandwich party with 3 of my favorite people...who happen to call me mom. I had just dropped off my, biggest favorite person, Jordan, at the skate park.

•I did not go to shopping (because I don't know who really does that everyday)
• I spent the majority of my day editing a video, making snacks, and  chasing lizards away because I tried to edit outside with the kids and Blake and me are both not fans of lizards.
Especially when Alani said they were called "alligator lizards" and they were like mini alligators, which they were not.
•I didn't impress anyone and I even instagrammed a picture of my non-glamorousness! ha ha ha

I know many people who are "online" only want to make their lives seem amazing and glamorous, and would think you should never show your "unglamorousness" or "boring moments" because then you won't seem interesting....
Well, I don't care about seeming glamorous, I just want to be real and to let everyone know that:
 if you don't leave your house for a day or two, don't have the latest in "on trend" accessories, didn't just have dinner with the most famous people....
that your life is still awesome and that it's ok, because my life is not as glamorous as it seems

Yes, I have been blessed to have some days that I think are pretty awesome and I can't believe are real. (I have met many celebrities in my life, but I was most excited to me Jep Robertson from Duck Dynasty! If you follow him on twitter, you know he has a heart to encourage and inspire too!)
But I have had many days when I thought all hope was gone and my dreams would never come true, and the future was just going to be horrible!
And I wish in those moments, in the past,
when I felt depressed, that I could've told myself, "just wait, you have no idea the sparkling days that will feel like a treasure in your heart, that are waiting ahead for you!"

So I guess what I'm saying is...
don't feel bad when you see someone on instagram or facebook or twitter and it looks like everyone's having a better life than you...most people use instagram and facebook, to just highlight the peak of awesomeness in their day and life or like me, they are too excited to contain themselves about something!

Hollywood is 99% about illusion, so is the internet. Do you really think all the bloggers with perfect homes, and perfect everything else....really look like that all the time, no. And anyone who says otherwise is just giving you more "illusion". ha ha ha ha

No matter how you feel your life isn't how you wish it could be right now, how sad you feel, or how maybe your hope feels like it has shrunk....well, I want you to know....if you future self could tell you of the amazing days you have waiting for you, that you probably can't even imagine right now, it would fill your hope back up!

The internet, just like hollywood may not be full of honesty or real-ness...but I am, and I hope you feel a little bit better...and again, I'm typing this with a "don't-wanna-be-seen-in-a-photo-wearing-this" outfit, ensemble, huge hugs and piles of love, your virtual bestie, Kandee

And get ready because I'm putting up a  VIDEO's a fun "getting ready with me" video!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Deal With A Bad Hair Haircut

We've all had a haircut that we haven't liked in our lives. Maybe lots of them actually. They can be:
*too choppy
*too short
*too many weird layers
*too crooked
*and just plain too ugly

Well I've got the bad hair cut, cure, solution, or at least it will make you laugh! Come and watch as I tell how the many ways to deal with a bad haircut and some tips for getting the perfect cut you want, may I present, How To Deal With A Bad Haircut:

One way to try to help to communicate with your stylist, since they are hairstylists, not mind readers, is to bring several pictures (just take some screengrabs of what you like on your phone) of WHAT YOU WANT YOUR HAIR TO LOOK LIKE.

Example: You Want Rihanna's short hair...bring in pics like this:

Also bring in pics of what you don't want like this, although I think Ginnifer Goodwin's hair is adorable, there are big differences between these 2 haircuts.
•Rihanna's is short on the sides and back with the bang or fringe area longer and can be swept to the side.
•While Ginnifer's is more layered, the sides are more tapered from the crown of her head down to her ears, and the bangs are more wispy and pixie like It's these subtle differences that will help your stylist know what to do!

Hair is like life, sometimes it may not look how you want it to....
But it will get better, hair grows, life will change, and get better.

Huge hugs and a little bit of hair, your friend, Kandee

PS. Tomorrow I will have a brand spankin' new video up on my youtube channel too!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Dream of Bathrooms and Closets

Can you just imagine how much more you'd want to race to brush your teeth in the morning when you'd get up and probably wrap yourself, in your silky pink, old hollywood-starlet-like robe?
There are not enough words to describe how much I love this bathroom!

And my "Wish Upon A Wednesday" post won't stop there....
How lovely would it be to twirl around in a closet like this and pick out your outfit-of-the-day?

And here's another view too.
Chandeliers - check
Soft Pink Walls - check
White Trim - check
Dreamy Swag Curtains - check
Yes, I'm in love - check

And another dream, honorable closet mention, would be this closet. I mean it does qualify just on the basis that it has it chandelier and one of those beautiful, center island, closet drawers. Can you just imagine yourself opening them to pick out your pair of sunglasses for the day?
Hope you liked our "Wish Upon A Wednesday" Adventure...
sometimes we all need a break from our reality and to jump into our dreamland...
I almost want to print these pictures out and pin them up on my wall! ha ha ha

"Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet." 
-Victor Hugo 

"Everything starts as somebody's daydream"
-Larry Niven

Man, that bathroom is beautiful. Huge dreamy, hugs from your virtual bff, Kandee

PS. I will be uploading new video on my youtube today...and as a teaser, it will feature a small musical instrument-playing cameo of yours truly! ha ha

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top 10 Sitcoms From the 80's and 90's: that are way better than most of what's on tv today!

Do you remember when tv had good shows, that actually taught you a life lesson, didn't make your blood boil because you were watching people fighting or getting drunk partying, had nothing to do with wizards, vampires, and didn't promote awful behavior to be glamorous or something worth being famous for?

*these are not in order of favorites, just in the order my brain remembered them!

Not only were A.C. Slater and Zack Morris, awfully cute...but you learned a lesson from every show (even from good old Mr. Belding) that featured these guys:


This show might seem to be more famous for debuting the Olsen twins, but I really wanted to be DJ TANNER, (Candice Cameron). You know I watched this on TGIF! I wanted to live in one of those painted lady houses and ride in a convertible just like they did in their intro!

 No matter how annoying Steve Urkel was to the Winslow family and did things to make him say his famous, "Did I do thaaaaat?!?"...they still loved him!

4. Hey Dude
 Hey Dude, was on Nickelodeon and we didn't have cable when I was little to see it. So my great-grandparents, who did have cable, would tape a whole VHS tape full of hey dude episodes for me and my sister. And we would just watch non-stop Hey Dude episodes and be in shear Hey Dude heaven!

I loved this show, I wanted a kitchen with a swinging door like they had, I thought Lisa Bonet was pretty cool. You couldn't help but fall in love with the whole Huxtable family. Not only did each show teach a valuable lesson, but they demonstrated such love for each other, like all family should. And they were happy and pretty drama-free, unlike most shows about families today, that just show spoiled, screaming and fighting people.

Oh the Seavers. Had to love Kirk Cameron too!
And they featured Leonard DiCaprio was before his Titanic days.

The Keatons. Michael J. Fox was my favorite and I think the first time I saw George Clooney was on an episode of Family Ties.

 Colorful, funny, she wore mis-matched shoes (you know I loved her) , she slept in a wagon-bed and her best friend was named Cherie Johnson! The reasons I loved this show are countless. PUNKY POWER!


 Not only did I want to live in their house, but you know you just wanted Angela and Tony to hurry up and start dating! And again, I thought Alyssa Milano was pretty awesome.

This might have been one of my favorite tv shows. Not only did I wish I lived in that era, the late 60's to early 70's, because it seemed happier and more peaceful, but I thought that show was funny too.
The Arnold family was funny, Paul Pfieffer was hilarious to me, and Winnie Cooper, well, that went onto be by high school nickname. I can't count how many times I heard one specific senior, yelling at my little freshman self, "Hey Winnie!"...ugh.

Here's a little example for you to see:

Ok here's some other I remembered:
Fresh Prince of Bel Air (I still watch that at night sometimes! Love that show...on the playground is where I spent most of my days!)
BOY MEETS WORLD- I know they're at the top, but this show was great!!! Another TGIF treasure!
Who else am I forgetting?!?

PS. What were some of your favorite shows, or maybe some that my brain couldn't remember!

Huge hugs and even huger tv's that we used to watch these shows on, PFD (pre-flatscreen days), Your Bestie from the Westie, Kandee


Monday, June 24, 2013

Does Short or Long Hair Make You Look Older or Younger?

How you like me now?!?

I filmed a video over the weekend, so I guess you could say this is sort of a sneek peek. 
And I tried this wig I had laying around in "Costume & Prop Land", in my house.
And I have to say, I kind love this wig! I mean look at those perfectly-side swept bangs, that could only stay that with a wig or a hairstylist standing next to you all day.

And yes, as I get hundreds of comments a day on how I look older with my short and blonde hair...
I do have to agree, that I felt like I whacked off a lot of numbers from my age with my hair like this! Which is nice since my birthday is less than a month away! ha ha ha

What do you think!?

I even like my Cap'n Jack Sparrow wig on me!

What do you think?!
Here's a BEFORE and AFTER of Rihanna...
which hair style do you like best and do you think it aged her too?!?

Ginormous Hugs from your virtual BFF, Kandee

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kandee's Saturday Funny: Boyfriends, Balloons and Vacuum Hairstyles

Remember Saturday Morning Cartoons? Well, this post is sort of like that but maybe better! Here's 6 things I saw this week that made me laugh:

#1. The "I have a boyfriend. Oh wait, no. No, that's a fridge. I have a Fridge"....made me laugh so hard!

#2. The Generic Bowl OF Frosted Flakes.....They'rrrrrrrre....alright.

#3. The Best Math Quiz Answer:

#4. How to Fly Like A Sir:

#5. The Best  Buzz Lightyear Costume.....that was blown up:

#6. The Best "Daddy Hair Do"'s a vacuum, no, it's a ponytail maker:

I hope this made you laugh, or at least smile, or least-least, made you think, "heh, that's clever".....
Huge hugs from your virutal best friend, Kandee

And if you misses my life brow changing video yesterday, watch that bad boy right here, and revolutionize your face. This video was not meant to be funny, ok, maybe a little, but you will learn something while laughing, maybe laughing, maybe not:


Friday, June 21, 2013

How and Why To Lighten Your Eyebrows

Here's the, Why and How To Lighten Your Eyebrows...

Sure people lighten their hair everyday, but not one pays attention to that hair just inches below that hair you just highlighted or lightened?!? Your poor neglected eyebrows are there to just stick out like a sore thumb or eyebrow on your face, screaming to the world: Hey, this is our natural hair color folks!

Dark or "overbearing eyebrows" can give a harsher look to your face, which might be fine if you're Cara Delevingne:
But do you notice that your eyes want to go to the beautiful shade of her "windows to the soul" AKA eyes, but those dark brows keep yelling at you to come and stare at them.

Eyebrows should frame the face, not be the main attraction.

Now if you're ready to go with a lighter shade of brows, let me show you hw to do it and what you need:


(not to be confused with Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover, that'd be real bad!)

EYEBROW FACT- How Long Does It Take Eyebrows To Grow
*the average is 56 days for an adult eyebrow to grow from being plucked or shaved
*unless the follicle has been damaged and will not regrow (due to over-waxing or over-plucking)

Every 6-8 weeks is how often I lighten my brows.

Now Let's Get Started and get this eyebrow show on the road, click the triangle in the center of this baby to come watch HOW TO LIGHTEN YOUR EYEBROWS:


Eyebrows look nice, being 1-3 shades darker than your hair color

You have the option of going 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your hair color, just play around by filling them a shade or 2 darker to see what you prefer on that face of yours.

Natural Red: usually that means your brows and eyelashes are already lighter than your hair. If so, stay tuned for my tutorial on defining eyebrows!
Fake Red: If you have, say, hair the color of Ariel (which I myself love), then you could go 1-2 shades darker, I recommend a cool brown like CHARCOAL BROWN from MAC.

To give a defined, yet not-so-harsh look, 1 to 3 shades lighter looks beautiful, yet still gives a great defined eyebrow.
*BLACK HAIR- if your hair is really black, you don't want to fill your eyebrows in with "black", choose a dark brown.

If you have a fun, bright colored hair like lavender, pink or turquoise, if you lighten your brows you can fill them in easier to the desired colored of your choice, when the base color is lighter too!

Huge hugs and lots of love from your virtual BFF, Kandee

PS. And let me know if you guys want an updated eyebrow shaping and defining tutorial?!?


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday: When I Discovered These Babies...

I dug deep, well, not that deep, into the "throwback caverns" of my computer....and we're going back, back to a time when my hair was dark. And long, about 40 times longer than it is now. Oh, the things that happend when you tell someone you want to grow it out, but just want a trim on some unruly areas, and now I've got a long way to grow it out before I got my hair "trimmed" last week!

Remember some years ago, when I found Cardi at the Melrose Trading Post, and I took home some of these awesome feather earrings she was making by hand, from the feathers of birds that had just molted..not from the mass-produced places that who know how they got their feathers from birds.
And then began the era of me wearing, a feather earring all the time....

And here's a throwback outfit-of-the-day, from the day I got that feather earring...
I still own those crazy pants I got at Urban Outfitter like 10 years ago.
My staple- the Hane's Mens White Tank Top
A black shredded wrap/scarf
My MizMooz boots
And a black chain necklace from Forever21
All these things are still in my closet! 
ha ha ha ha

Hope you liked digging in the throwback caves with me...hee hee hee

Huge-normous hugs from your virtual bestie, Kandee

Did you see my new video-adventure yesterday...if not, click the triangle in the center of this baby:



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4 Amazing Sephora Splurges

Ok, it's time to talk about beauty splurges! When I was in Las Vegas, aka Sin City Splurge City, I was in need of some serious beauty products. And one of the best things about being a make-up and beauty blogger is that buying and trying new make-up is part of the job!

So, get ready, this is no drugstore haul, this is...well just watch my face in the video when I discover the price of the foundation!

And I'll show you where I got my fancy outfit for Miss USA too:

Now come hang out with me as we escape to Viva Las Vegas and I show you what I got on my 4 AMAZING SEPHORA SPLURGES SHOP AND TELL HAUL, just click the triangle in the middle and you're ready to board the video train:

Here's the 4 Amazing Splurges:

1. SPLURGE FOUNDATION: Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation
This is one of the most amazing foundations I've ever used. It feels light and the coverage is amazing! I like a lot of coverage, and this makes you look like your face has been photoshopped in real life, without looking like you even have make-up on. Pricey but mighty incredible! There is no drugstore dupe for this stuff! I would never spray it on my face directly though, spray on a brush or sponge then apply to your face.

2. SPLURGE FACE POWDER: NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder
This Light Reflecting powder is INCREDIBLE! It reflects light, not like when you use the wrong foundation and take a photo and your face looks like a Geisha girl, but this reflects light, making your skin, pores, any wrinkles, lines or bumps and lumps look non existant- your skin looks flawless as possible! I'm insta-addicted to this!

3. SPLURGE MASCARA PRIMER: Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
I'm going to keep trying this one out. We'll see if it is better than my drugstore, L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes primer. It seems to be pretty good so far!

4. SPLURGE MASCARA: Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension 1
I like the spikey ball, applicator of this. And it really stays on! This is wayyyyyy better, than the Maybelline mascara that I had brought!

So save up your gift cards, tell 12 of your closest friends to pitch on to buy you any of these for your birthday ot even 4th of July! hee hee hee

Huge hugs and so much love, your virtual bestie Kandee


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Crazy-Fun Heels You Might Love

As I walked through the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas, I saw some pretty amazing shoes that I had to show you guys!

(ABOVE) The red, white, and blue stars and stripes heels from Chinese Laundry.

(BELOW) The  Shuttle from Bakers, looks like a princess or Marie Antoinette shoe to me! It came in black and white roses like this:

And I had to try them on just to see what they looked like. They were fun, but on the comfort scale, they were not scoring high for comfort! ha ha ha

And it came in hot pink and baby pink roses. This shoe looked like it needed to be surrounded my macarons and cake stands!

If you love these, they also come in leoparddddddd! They are the Z-Jo from Bakers.

The Shield Shoe from Bakers
These are kinda like the princess shoes above, but they look more like a shoe Rapunzel would wea with all the different colored flowers on them. I tried this babies on, and in my first step the heel twisted and I realized these weren't the most stable of shoes. Adorable but not stable, but hey Rapunzel didn't really walk around too much so....they also come in baby blue if you want to wobble in them!

These were the shoes I bought. I loved the lucite-ish and gold heel. I love yellow. And they were not as uncomfortable as most of the shoes I tried. These are the Elise from Chinese Laundry.

And honorable mention, goes to these babies from Chinese Laundry. I just had to try them on, since they had no real "heel". And surprisingly, they were really easy to walk in, and had great arch support, but these were a size too small, and a bit to tight on my feet.

And there is some shoe love for ya! From my eyes to yours!

And I'm off to go finish editing one of two videos I can't decide which to put up first, my Las Vegas Beauty Shop and Tell, because I was in need of some make-up, or my haircut I got a few days ago, that was supposed to be a trim, but turned into a full on haircut, ha ha ha

Huge hugs and fun shoes, your virtual BFF, Kandee

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