Friday, June 28, 2013

My life is so not glamorous....

 There is a weird illusion about people online, whether you're on facebook, instagram, reading a blog, whatever...
Sometimes it looks like everyone has a way more awesome, glamorous, fabulous, fun life, than you. Sometimes I felt so bad seeing people's instagram pics, that I just didn't think I couldn't handle seeing their pics anymore.  I was feeling like I didn't have a a fancy enough car,  clothes, meals, I didn't take vacations like them, or go to the trendiest places like them.

I, for one, want to shed some light on how my life is not-so glamorous....
•Yesterday I wore an outfit that was not worthy of being seen in public.
•The only make-up I had on was lip balm.
•My hair would've probably frightened most people.
•I did not have a fancy lunch out with fancy friends at a trendy restaurant, my lunch was far better than involved a Port Of Subs sandwich party with 3 of my favorite people...who happen to call me mom. I had just dropped off my, biggest favorite person, Jordan, at the skate park.

•I did not go to shopping (because I don't know who really does that everyday)
• I spent the majority of my day editing a video, making snacks, and  chasing lizards away because I tried to edit outside with the kids and Blake and me are both not fans of lizards.
Especially when Alani said they were called "alligator lizards" and they were like mini alligators, which they were not.
•I didn't impress anyone and I even instagrammed a picture of my non-glamorousness! ha ha ha

I know many people who are "online" only want to make their lives seem amazing and glamorous, and would think you should never show your "unglamorousness" or "boring moments" because then you won't seem interesting....
Well, I don't care about seeming glamorous, I just want to be real and to let everyone know that:
 if you don't leave your house for a day or two, don't have the latest in "on trend" accessories, didn't just have dinner with the most famous people....
that your life is still awesome and that it's ok, because my life is not as glamorous as it seems

Yes, I have been blessed to have some days that I think are pretty awesome and I can't believe are real. (I have met many celebrities in my life, but I was most excited to me Jep Robertson from Duck Dynasty! If you follow him on twitter, you know he has a heart to encourage and inspire too!)
But I have had many days when I thought all hope was gone and my dreams would never come true, and the future was just going to be horrible!
And I wish in those moments, in the past,
when I felt depressed, that I could've told myself, "just wait, you have no idea the sparkling days that will feel like a treasure in your heart, that are waiting ahead for you!"

So I guess what I'm saying is...
don't feel bad when you see someone on instagram or facebook or twitter and it looks like everyone's having a better life than you...most people use instagram and facebook, to just highlight the peak of awesomeness in their day and life or like me, they are too excited to contain themselves about something!

Hollywood is 99% about illusion, so is the internet. Do you really think all the bloggers with perfect homes, and perfect everything else....really look like that all the time, no. And anyone who says otherwise is just giving you more "illusion". ha ha ha ha

No matter how you feel your life isn't how you wish it could be right now, how sad you feel, or how maybe your hope feels like it has shrunk....well, I want you to know....if you future self could tell you of the amazing days you have waiting for you, that you probably can't even imagine right now, it would fill your hope back up!

The internet, just like hollywood may not be full of honesty or real-ness...but I am, and I hope you feel a little bit better...and again, I'm typing this with a "don't-wanna-be-seen-in-a-photo-wearing-this" outfit, ensemble, huge hugs and piles of love, your virtual bestie, Kandee

And get ready because I'm putting up a  VIDEO's a fun "getting ready with me" video!


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