Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Deal With A Bad Hair Haircut

We've all had a haircut that we haven't liked in our lives. Maybe lots of them actually. They can be:
*too choppy
*too short
*too many weird layers
*too crooked
*and just plain too ugly

Well I've got the bad hair cut, cure, solution, or at least it will make you laugh! Come and watch as I tell how the many ways to deal with a bad haircut and some tips for getting the perfect cut you want, may I present, How To Deal With A Bad Haircut:

One way to try to help to communicate with your stylist, since they are hairstylists, not mind readers, is to bring several pictures (just take some screengrabs of what you like on your phone) of WHAT YOU WANT YOUR HAIR TO LOOK LIKE.

Example: You Want Rihanna's short hair...bring in pics like this:

Also bring in pics of what you don't want like this, although I think Ginnifer Goodwin's hair is adorable, there are big differences between these 2 haircuts.
•Rihanna's is short on the sides and back with the bang or fringe area longer and can be swept to the side.
•While Ginnifer's is more layered, the sides are more tapered from the crown of her head down to her ears, and the bangs are more wispy and pixie like It's these subtle differences that will help your stylist know what to do!

Hair is like life, sometimes it may not look how you want it to....
But it will get better, hair grows, life will change, and get better.

Huge hugs and a little bit of hair, your friend, Kandee

PS. Tomorrow I will have a brand spankin' new video up on my youtube channel too!


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