Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Crazy-Fun Heels You Might Love

As I walked through the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas, I saw some pretty amazing shoes that I had to show you guys!

(ABOVE) The red, white, and blue stars and stripes heels from Chinese Laundry.

(BELOW) The  Shuttle from Bakers, looks like a princess or Marie Antoinette shoe to me! It came in black and white roses like this:

And I had to try them on just to see what they looked like. They were fun, but on the comfort scale, they were not scoring high for comfort! ha ha ha

And it came in hot pink and baby pink roses. This shoe looked like it needed to be surrounded my macarons and cake stands!

If you love these, they also come in leoparddddddd! They are the Z-Jo from Bakers.

The Shield Shoe from Bakers
These are kinda like the princess shoes above, but they look more like a shoe Rapunzel would wea with all the different colored flowers on them. I tried this babies on, and in my first step the heel twisted and I realized these weren't the most stable of shoes. Adorable but not stable, but hey Rapunzel didn't really walk around too much so....they also come in baby blue if you want to wobble in them!

These were the shoes I bought. I loved the lucite-ish and gold heel. I love yellow. And they were not as uncomfortable as most of the shoes I tried. These are the Elise from Chinese Laundry.

And honorable mention, goes to these babies from Chinese Laundry. I just had to try them on, since they had no real "heel". And surprisingly, they were really easy to walk in, and had great arch support, but these were a size too small, and a bit to tight on my feet.

And there is some shoe love for ya! From my eyes to yours!

And I'm off to go finish editing one of two videos I can't decide which to put up first, my Las Vegas Beauty Shop and Tell, because I was in need of some make-up, or my haircut I got a few days ago, that was supposed to be a trim, but turned into a full on haircut, ha ha ha

Huge hugs and fun shoes, your virtual BFF, Kandee

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