Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Day in My Shoes:

Come and spend a day in my shoes, or a day in a view of my shoes.
Oh, my shoes are old, AKA vintage, AKA they aren't sold anymore, except they should be because everyone asks where I got them, from Jeffrey Campbell's.
~My shoes, my jeans and my turquoise ring, holding my computer, AKA sidekick.~

Waiting for an elevator.

After the elevator ride, I some Sprinkle's Cupcakes, which I will show you more of in my kandeeland blog today. I ate 2 cupcakes on the drive home in traffic. Yes, they were red velvet. And yes there are red crumbs all in the car. It was worth it.

This is my beautiful sister, before we tried to film a video on how i did her hair, but I had no memeory cards to film on: FAIL! But I did do her hair, and I'll show you how it came out later!

 And this is all my BLING BLANG- the gold collection. Some Topshop, some Marshall's, some Claire's....but allllll goooooooooold.

 This is me after doing her her and washing my face: AHHHH NAKED FACE!

And that was a day in shoes, or the what my shoes looked like...and what my face looks like when I'm ready for bed!

Huge hugs from your virtual best friend, Kandee

I'm trying to edit and get a fun video up for you guys, but it's 2:01 am and I'm so tired, I can barely type this baby! ha ha ha ha I't probably full of typops, typos.

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