Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday: When I Discovered These Babies...

I dug deep, well, not that deep, into the "throwback caverns" of my computer....and we're going back, back to a time when my hair was dark. And long, about 40 times longer than it is now. Oh, the things that happend when you tell someone you want to grow it out, but just want a trim on some unruly areas, and now I've got a long way to grow it out before I got my hair "trimmed" last week!

Remember some years ago, when I found Cardi at the Melrose Trading Post, and I took home some of these awesome feather earrings she was making by hand, from the feathers of birds that had just molted..not from the mass-produced places that who know how they got their feathers from birds.
And then began the era of me wearing, a feather earring all the time....

And here's a throwback outfit-of-the-day, from the day I got that feather earring...
I still own those crazy pants I got at Urban Outfitter like 10 years ago.
My staple- the Hane's Mens White Tank Top
A black shredded wrap/scarf
My MizMooz boots
And a black chain necklace from Forever21
All these things are still in my closet! 
ha ha ha ha

Hope you liked digging in the throwback caves with me...hee hee hee

Huge-normous hugs from your virtual bestie, Kandee

Did you see my new video-adventure yesterday...if not, click the triangle in the center of this baby:



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