Thursday, April 30, 2009

fashion show-down!

hi guys!
my day started off nice with a run and now i'm running around like crazy to get to a fashion show.....
i'll try to post pics on my facebook page from the show...i think they might let me do whatever i want!!!! my favorite!!!!
and I made a bunch a videos...just need to upload!!!!!
off with my make-up kit like wonder-woman.....ching ching!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 for the price of 1!!!

2 one day!!! well actually i taped like 5 in one I'm just unloading them at low, low, prices...well free...but it sounds good!

and ANCHORS AWAY!!!! the necklace tutti (tutorial)......
enjoy and make-up is on it's way tomorrow!!!!
you are all awesome and I love all the love you pour into my life!!!! thanks a million!!!!!
have the best day ever.......from ME!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh shoots!!!!

I've sort of joined the world of people who get enough sleep....well, not really considering I almost fell asleep driving home this afternoon...and ended up pulling over to nap in a parking lot (in my car)...ha ha ha

come be a butterfly on the wall of my last shoot.....

here we go....DAY numero uno or 1!

the lil' "model" in the purple has some fine hair extensions done by none other than your truly....and how much do you love the afro-puffs I gave the lil doll in the middle....and the one in the green..everyone said looked like me, or she could be my lil' daughter! ha ha ah

all these little girls were so fun...and you'd never know how many plastic doll-hair extensions I had to shove in this little girls hair....poor thing....
and it's alwasy fun learning how the color you put on, shows up on the camera format and the monitors...what looks like light sheer pink lipgloss in real life...looked like neon-magenta lip gloss on the monitors!!!! ahhhhhh.....
I dispense straws for the girls when they they don't mess up their lipgloss...and give teh NOOOOOOOOO head shake when they went for the orange-colored orange all over your make-up!!!! ha ha ha ha ha
and here's a new video....about my hair supplies.....
enjoy and have an awesome day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A picture and I'm still tired!

here's me and my Jimmy Kimmel stars....they were absolutely so fun!

I've been up since 4:15 am....
my feet are a little swollen...
well then I came home from being on set....all day..
and I was "inspired" (since I ate a bunch of mini-snickers today) to go on a run at almost 8 at night....
now my feets are real swollie!!!

should go to sleep....another super fun day of 80's-like charm bracelet-necklaces....totally makes me feel like I'm 10 again!
And I think I get to do fun hair and make-up tomorrow.....

sleep is calling.....
SLEEP HOUR TALLY for the week: 10 hours of sleep since SUNDAY!!!!

sweet dreams and happy mornings!!!!! kandee the hidden energy finder!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ebay and sleep

YAY for ebay!!! To all the peeps that scored  some radical watches and other cool items from the "house of Kandee".....I will send everything out next for this week...I am working hours that the post office is not open...from sunrise to well after sunset....
and may I remind you that I am operating in 3 hours of sleep in the last almost 72 hours......
I finished a fun day of a Cabbage Patch Kids commerial.....
and a fun day before that of doing make-up for a super fun group of girls from Phoenix that were going to see the Jimmy Kimmel show!!!
and now I am tired, hungry, and happy....

you can go to my facebook page...and I'll post pictures from my next days of doing make-up and hair on set.....look to the right for my facebook link.....

Kandee tired...need to take showzer.....need to do many things that will not get done tonight...ha ha ha ha ha

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 things at 2:27am

so I am staying up all catch a plane to do a group of lovely girls who found me on YOUTUBE and called me to do their make-up! They are making their way to the a couple tv shows...and want to look "kandee-fied".....hee hee hee! I will post pictures of the fun-ness!!!

It is 2:45am....and after re-packing my make-up so it's safe to travel with..nothing breaking...nothing being taken away from me at security.....
I had to wake up at 3am to get to the it looks like I should just stay awake..oh nocturnal Kandee!!!!

But as I was polishing my nails....I uploaded a video that everyone was asking for....the "Distressed Jeans" that I had on in one of the shirt cutting here it is.....tattered, holey, sanded, pants!!!!

Off to load up my car with make-up cases.....and then shimmy on down to the airport...may there be no turbulence...
then I have to fly back to do some super fun Cabbage Patch Kids commercial.....oh, how I cut the hair off of my Cornsilk Hair Cabbage Path Kid.....I guess I thought I'd grow back! ha ha ha

on with the show.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

SKinny JEans!

yeah! we're gonna get skinny!
and man, let me tell you, as a girl who has struggled with weight and been in sizes larger than i wanna say....I'm so stinkin' excited I am a mere 10 pounds away from what I weighed in high school!!!!! yeah baby! all this work is payin' off!
so here's what I eat in a typical day:
Nutiva Hemp Shake (berry pomagranate) with 8oz, Pacifica Organic Almond Milk
I just stir it up in a cup....with a tsp. of MACA powder (good for energy and good can get it any health food store)
I just take a shot, like I take a swig from the bottle of my
CArlson's Norwegian Cod Liver Oil in Lemon flavor

then I'll eat an orange or banana a little after that

I'll eat a burrito - oraganic beans, tortilla, salsa and maybe avocado

then I might have another hemo shake later....maybe some baby carrots

maybe some pretzels....or pineapple
lots of water
maybe an AMy;s organic Tamale with beans and rice for dinner
then I'll eat some pineapple spears
or if I'm really craving something sweet I might eat a SKINNY COW ice cream sandwich or I might have a bowl of CORN POPS cereal (I know, totally not healthy, but it's better than a bunch of ice cream! ha ha ha ha)
or I'll eat a SAMBAZON acai frozen pop (you can get it at,

then I try to workout in the after I have my breakfast....

and this is what I have on my ipod to run to:

I listen to the Kid Cudi station on my iphone....and run to that...lots of fast beats.....make my feet run fast.......

so send comments with your updates...and success stories..we're in it together!!!

Forgotten video post! nails

i forgot to post this baby....nails ahoy!

it's let's get painting those toesies and philanges!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sexy Playboy- esque make-up

get ready to slap on some glammy make-up!!!
This look is inspired by Carmen Electra & Pam Anderson.....I've used some tricks tha their make-up artist Alexis Vogel used on them.....

this is for all my girls who asked for a SUPER dramatic, look for PROM * GRADUATION * A WILD NIGHT IN VEGAS * or a super glam WEDDING LOOK....
what you're gonna need for this knock em' dead look...

WATCH video on how to get flawless make-up.....

cream color in NAUGHT FEATHER from BENEFIT
cream eyeshadow in a dark NAVY BLUE (you can use an eyeliner in dark blue too or black)
NAKED LUNCH (a nude shimmer from MAC)
or ALL THAT GLITTERS or SHROOM (if you are more pale)
STRIP from URBAN DECAY ( a shimmery steel blue)
KNIGHT DIVINE from MAC (dark shimmery silver-blue)
CARBON (black shadow)
SMOLDER from MAC (black kohl eyeliner) (REvlon makes a great black too)
BLACK MASCARA from L'Oreal Double EXtend Tubes (my fav)
2 sets of fake lashes make this look complete (ARDELL lashes are my fave #110 is a good for length applied first then a thick shorter pair for volume on top)
and good luck blinking...ha ha ha ha!!!
CHARCOAL BROWN from MAC (a cool chocoalte brown)
or SOBA for AUBURN (reddish hair)
for contouring....
use MAC eyeshadow in SOFT BROWN to contour cheekbones
then I used
the light color from the 10 highlighter set from go onthe upper part of the cheekbones
and the darker for underneath
liner in BUERRE from MAC (a nude rose color)
Creme D'Nude from MAC (a nude peachy color)
then dabbed PRetty Please from MAC ( a frosty light pink)
or you could use PINK CHIFFON from NYC (cheap alternative)
then I put a pinky-frosty gloss like Day Dream from SUGAR

and get ready to weaken the knees of a few men in your path!!!!
have fun!!! kandee

Kandee Scissorhand shirt

how to get an 80's rocker-slashed shirt..and yeah, the boob part probably didn't need to get cut...ha ha ha ha..just cut below the boob line or go all the way to the top more evenly..ha ha hah a
enjoy and go get you some scissors and a shirt..and start slicing and dicing some cotton....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Kandee Store is OPEN

so buy my junk....ha ha ha
I now have a small truckload (more Matchbox than Mack Truck) of watches...all are handmade, dyed, cut, punched, laced, shaped and metal tooled....they are ONE-OF-A-KIND, you will never see another one EVER....and no one will ever have your watch....! It's individuality squared....!

I am also throwing up on the ebay-ness....some of my purses and things that may want to be adopted by a new loving home.....because I got some requests...

so I'll be posting the ebay links on here...or my ebay user name is: $tylista

I only have a handful of watches....and as much as I want to hoard them for myself....I'd rather have someone be madly in love with their new time piece/ accessory...I've had mine for many years...and I feel semi-naked without my watch on now....! ha ha ha ha
here's the link to one of the watches...from there I think you can see all the other treasures I'm selling...keep checking..and I'll keep listing just takes forever!!!!

Half a Thousand & interview

1 thing I am very excited about!!!!! We reached the over 500 followers mark!!! hooray!!! I would've been excited with 1 follower!!! I wish I had confetti and balloons to fall out the sky....

and now...the 1 thing that is making me not so has ruined 2 videos I tried to upload tonight......
and the 1 was gonna be the video with all the hang on til' manana (for those who, no comprendo...that's TOMORROW)
so until then here's an okay video (that was a request on my fav lip-things)...and as a bonus for the's an interview that I think I forgot to post on lip-trip-dip-fantasia....
and then some good ol' KANDEE Q & A......
enjoy and may the computer force be with us..soon!

Artist Interview With Kandee “The Minister Of Make-Up” Johnson
Posted on April 8, 2009

I know you will enjoy this professional, passionate and educational makeup artist interview with Reno - Lake Tahoe, Nevada based Kandee Johnson who by the way boasts an impressive client list (VH1/MTV, Playboy, Dick Clark Productions, Honda, Visa, History Channel, Bio Channel, Entertainment Tonight).
This artist Q&A is one of the most informative, enjoyable and lighthearted of my MUA interview series. It is packed with useful beauty and skin care tips; here is a teaser for you: is your face “melting” in 103 degree weather? Use clown makeup!!!
Visit Kandee’s
Blogger site - Facebook page - MySpace profile.
Participating in my makeup artist interview series is open to members and non-members of my FREE Fashion Industry Directory by way of this
makeup artist self interview Q&A form.
Self interview questions are also available for other professionals, visit my
Photographer Interview and Hair Stylist Interview pages and use the contact form to submit your answers.
Interview with Kandee “The Minister Of Make-Up” Johnson:
Q: Tell a little about yourself personally and if you attended school or you are a self taught makeup artist?

A: Was allowed to go to beauty school for free…(I know!) I met an Emmy-winning make-up artist, Myke Michaels, right when I was finishing school, and he offered me to work on a movie..and within weeks, I was on location in a real make-up trailer watching him put scars and prosthetics on the actors. And I fell in love with being on set.
Q: Do you think going to school for make-up artistry is important to excel in the business later on?

A: Yes, for the basics…you need to have a strong foundation to build a career on. If you know the basics, you will soar to the top with your artistic and creative eye. If you are an artist, you can create anything. Many times I’ve been on a shoot thinking, “how am I gonna do this?”, and then I tell myself, “You’re an artist, think of it as sculpting, contouring, shading, painting”.
Q: Did you always wanted to be an artist, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance? Who or what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

A: I always wanted to be in art, I’ve been making movies in my head since I was about 6. I wanted to be a fashion designer, photographer, jewelry maker, director, writer, actor ….. everything involved in creating! I was always doing make-overs on my mom and poor sister. Then in beauty school, I realized I would do 30 make-up application a week, instead of the 30 haircuts I was supposed to be doing, and they would tell me, to do more hair cuts… I’d do more but keep making everyone up! HA HA HA
Q: What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about your job?

A: I love the transformation. When you see the actor or model, see themselves completely transformed into the character or image they are going to present, to the in that instance their confidence soar. I love that! And of course the final result, knowing I was a part of the creation of the final outcome.
Q: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?

A: How many people don’t notice all the details I put into my work, or the difference that make-up can make.
Q: Describe your “Classic Approach to Beauty.” how do you define beauty?

A: Beauty is truly what you radiate from the inside. So when someone looks at themselves, and sees beauty that I just amplified, you can see this happy, sparkling, confidence, start bubbling up from inside. I love making people feel beautiful. Some people have been brought to tears just seeing how I added “some dewy sparkly to their already beautiful flower, of a face”……that makes my heart glow.
Q: What individual products and brands you’re “addicted” to at the moment and you use on a daily basis?

A: Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation (i love it, and you can keep adding more layers for more coverage), Un-Petroleum Moisturizer, I slather it on at night to keep looking like I’m 20! ha ha ha haAnd I really like L’Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara, it will stay on for 2 days if you don’t wash it off! And of course a pale lip color…..I like Pink Lemonade from SenseCosmetics and their gloss it stays on for 12 hours or more….and when I’m on set, I don’t have time to touch myself up! ha ha ha
Q: What are some of the most basic but effective skin care tips in general that you have, that are really important?

A: Drink tons of water. Wash your face at night. Avoid things that make you break out….for me it’s soy products. And use a really great moisturizer without mineral oil. I like AnneMarie Borland’s night moisturizer at the moment.
Q: What is the biggest skin care dont’s?

A: Don’t get a facial before a big event! It just brings all the junk out to the surface…..blemishes ahoy!
Q: Have you had an extreme, crazy or bad experience with a skin care product or during a makeup session? If so, what happened?

A: I’m trying so hard to think of one…..I had a couple make-up melt-downs when I was shooting a tv show outside in 103 degree weather….I resorted to using skin-antiperspirant, that clowns use, it worked pretty well, with all the sweat going on.
Q: What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup? What’s the worst thing a woman can do to her skin?

A: Not applying foundation, concealer, or powder….and maybe not blending eyeshadow. Without priming your canvas (you face) the painting will never come out right! And the worst thing that a woman can do to her skin…not moisturize it!
Q: What do you think are best/worst trends in the makeup / skin care industry right now?A: I think, and I hope it’s not just a trend, is moving toward all organic, natural products, without mineral oil, petrol derivatives, and soy or lecithin. So much is absorbed through the pores, that we should be mindful of all that we jam into our skin.
Q: Do teenage girls needs to splurge on high-priced makeup products, or are drugstore items are just as satisfactory?

A: You can get a lot of cheap treasures at the drug store, L’Oreal Tru Match Foundation is great, and I have some favorite lipsticks and liners from NYC, Covergirl, and Wet N’ Wild! It may not have the staying power of some of the pricier brands, but it would get you through the day looking great!
Q: What feature(s) do you love to accentuate?

A: The Peepers, the windows to the soul, the eyes!
Q: What are your steps for the perfect, flawless, natural look?

A: Fresh foundation, powder the eyelids before you apply shadow, conceal around the nostrils and lips (they are naturally red), a little gloss, mascara, and blush or bronzer….
Q: What is a really quick way to change a day look to a special occasion or nighttime face?

A: To knock em dead at night, rim the eyes (the inner part of the eye or waterline) with a black eyeliner, smudge a dark grey around the eye….and add some lipliner and nude shimmery gloss…and voila!
Q: What are the differences between applying makeup on models and on real women?

A: Models are paid for their desirable features, so it’s easy to make them look stunning…but the real women, they are more fun to work with, because sometimes they didn’t know a certain feature they possessed, was so beautiful….and I can show them how to highlight their “undiscovered” beauty!
Q: In terms of eyeliner, if you had to choose between a pencil, liquid, or creme/gel based, which one would you choose? Why?

A: I have to rank them! For everyday, multi-purpose….I have to go with a Black Kohl can smudge, blend, define, and line the inner rims of your eyes perfectly. Then gel liner, because you can paint it on so easily and smoothly. And liquid is perfect for precise, pin-up liner, and it stays really well, and is dark and inky.
Q: Lip gloss or Lipstick. Which product is best? Why?

A: Both baby….cover the lips with lipstick…and highlight those puckers with some gloss!
Q: What should a client consider before deciding to try permanent makeup? What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent makeup?

A: I am an avid believer in change….so I don’t think I would ever opt for permanent anything. Unless it was a case of, hair loss, or eyelash loss, where it would be a beautiful gift to have permanent eyebrows. Trends change and so does the color of the ink that the tattoos are done with….you start with auburn eyebrows and 2 years later they are magenta! Not good.
Q: What brand/type of concealer is your favorite for covering up the after effects of a late night out i.e. under-eye circles, blemishes?

A: I like Dermablend…that stuff will cover up tattoos! Make-Up Forever is pretty great, and comes with color cancellors like green, purple, yellow….so if you have purple rings under your eyes…yellow those babies up.
Q: How about airbrush spray makeup trend? Are these products better or easier to use than standard sponge or finger application? If yes when would you recommend using them?

A: Just like how email and texting has become faster and easier… will never replace a good, real. phone conversation. I feel the same way about airbrush. You didn’t see Picasso airbrushing…’s fast, and has it’s place in the Sci-Fi Effects world, but I think real artist uses real art tool…your hands, brushes, and sponges. It takes more time…but so does everything worthwhile.
Q: What do your clients think of you? What are some individual testimonials?

A: They love me and I love them! From the last film I worked on, they said, they had never seen so many people so excited to get up and go to the trailer in the morning Here’s some text quotes: “I double heart U! You are a testament to finding the joys in life, thank you for being exactly who you are lil’ miss KJ”….and Kandee Johnson !What an amazing person u r.I have never known so many actors so looking forward to going to wardrobe every morning but of course u r smiling face and sense of humor was there to welcome them…You are so beautiful and funny…good times and lots of laugh…. I think people can feel and receive the love I pour out onto them…and they usually always leave with more in their heart….I fill up their love and confidence tanks!
Q: Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?

A: A sample of my future plans are….make-up brushes….a tv show, and the big guns are in hiding until later!!!As for words of wisdom and motto: #1 The most beautiful flowers are grown out of manure!

#2 Life is like a tapestry, all knots and indistinguishable, but when you turn it over, it all makes sense, and it the most beautiful design

#3 Follow your dreams, and don’t settle for less, God put those gifts in your suitcase when he sent you to Earth….open it up and use ‘em!!!It’s art and and artist truly feels alive when they are creating…don’t give up, and sometimes a good attitude beats all the talented “mean” people, in the world!
Q: What tips and advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists just starting out?

A: Start with a make-up class or school. Ask to apprentice with a make-up artist, you’ll learn so much more than any school will teach. Call your local modeling agency and tell them you’ll do make-up for free for tests (test shoots with a model), and you can start networking with photographers that way. And don’t stop, be kind and thankful, and people will want to help you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watches Ahoy!!!!

guess what I have?!?!?!
lots of cool "kandee" watches....I'm gonna do a video or post pictures so you guys can bid on them....and they are wayyyyyyy cooler than my watch...i really want to keep them all!!! ha ha ha ha.....just kidding, i am a good share-er...hee hee he
look back here later today...i gotta run my taxes to my tax man! fun! fun! fun!

Top 10's

(the color above is SHROOM)

if anyone is wondering.....yes I am wearing the same chopped up football jersey in the next few videos, cuz I recorded like 4 videos in one sitting.....ha ha
but here's the run down on my TOP TEN MAC eyeshadows...and some bonus ones, because I just talked abou them...ha ha ha ha

FAVE MAC shadows:

1.BRULLE (nude matte)
or BLANC TYPE (extra pigmented nude-ivory color)

2.NAKED LUNCH (shimmery gold-peach-nude)

3.SATIN TAUPE (gold-taupey color) (looks awesome on everyone!)

4. OMEGA (greenish-nude) (great for blonde eyebrow color)

5. CHARCOAL BROWN (cool med. brown) (i use it for my eyebrows and crease)

6. QUARRY (light dusty plumb-grey)

7. SCENE (darker grey-purple-smokey)
8.BARK (plumb-brown)

9. KNIGHT DIVINE (dark steel-blue-grey-shimmer)

10. CARBON (black matte) or NEHRU (a little softer more grey black)

and I forgot....I really love PRINT (it's a perfect grey)

and for the bonus colors...

I forgot to mention my love of KITTEN from's the perfect shimmery-pearly-peach color, that isn't ridiculously it!

and FRILL from MAC (a yellow matte color)

SHROOM from MAC (a frosty ivory-nude)

NUDE and TOAST (a peachy bronze) from BOBBI BROWN

and FAUX FOX (a bronze-matte) from BARE MINERALS

and STRIP from Urban Decay (my favorite steel blue color-looks hotter than hot on every skin and eye color)

don't you love how I went way over the 10! ha ha ha ha "my top 10, that's really top 20!"....oh brother! but I love em all!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


easter is so much more than eggs to was a great here is my easter "purse"-present...
some peeps have been requesting me to do a "what's in your purse" here it is, with a bonus of some other random facts for all my special-blog-followers....

The week in Kandee-ness:
Songs I played over and over:
Cassius by the FOALS
Hummer by the FOALS
Electric Boom by the FOALS
Kid Cudi ft. Common, Lady Gaga- I poke her face

I stayed up all night long for a night shoot with one of my favorite photogrpaher's ever, it is top secret, but it's gonn be crazy when it's can check out some other of his stuff at:

i made some rock hard snickerdoodles this week....almost cracked a tooth!
i slipped on some ice during the night shoot, and have a really cool bruise on my tailbone...
i ate some super good Gianna's shortbread cookies that looked like lil' chicks...
i painted
i cut up some sweatshirts, bought some make-up...cleaned my house so well you could eat of off any surface, I'm not's cleanter than a hospital
and I celebrated my sister having her first baby girl, Sydney Grace! yay I'm an auntie...
and now let's go look inside my purse....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Individual Lash-a-palooza

add some secret glamour to your eyes...with some individual lashes...
they don't look as "theatrical" as a full set (even though I think they are fun too), and you can bet that most celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nicole RIchie, PAm Anderson, and many more, NEVER go out to a public event without a full set or 2 on......some do a full set of thick lashes, with a full set of long ones on feels like you have 10 pounds of eyelashes on!
So what I use is:

Ardell Medium & Short LAshes (i get mine for super cheap at Wal-Mart)

I like Duo Lash glue (the clear kind is "longer lasting") or Ardell lash glue

you can use tweezers to put them on, but I like using my fingers

I put about 3-4 medium length ones on the outter corner and then do 3 or so towards the top of the eyeball (the center of the eyelid)
remember not to glue them to the lashes themselves (this will damage your lashes and make it really painful to get them off!)
just glue them to the skin right above the lashes, so it's like it resting on top of the lashes but glues to the skin, as if they were growing out of yout eyelid...
if you mess up, just pull it off and start over!
let's get lashing....

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Electric looks great on every skin tone, eye color, hair color.....

so I have for your eyes only...

the electric purple look that Hilary Duff is wearing on the January 2009 cover of MAxim Magazine.....smokin' look....

And I just bought a new goodie...the TOO FACED COSMETICS, World Domination Make-Up fun...I used it for this look and I'm gonna give you some alternatives if you don't have this or can' t get it.....they sell Too Faced and

so get our your brushes and here we go:
I used from the TOO FACED WORLD DOMINATION TOUR...eyeshadows
the goldy-bronze color (or you could use NAKED LUNCH or SATIN TAUPE from MAC)
the dark bronzey color or (MULCH or SMUT from MAC)
the electric purple...any bright purple will work
black eyeliner in SMOLDER FROM MAC
black mascara
pinky-gold shimmery blush
BLUNT blush from MAC
on the lips I used the frosty-peachy-white color (you could use BUBBLES OR TANARAMA, or PRETTY PLEASE lipsticks from MAC)
and I used EVA gloss from Victoria's Secret (you could use any light pinky-frost lipgloss, like C-Thru from MAC)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FAQ's and a few of my favorite things!

here's some answers to my most asked questions: St. Tropez bronzer, un-petroleum, my watch....and some more...

and for kicks...I thought I'd add some extra here, for all my precious followers on are all fabulous! You have no idea how much your comments are treasured in my heart! Thanks so much, for every single word!!!

BONUS things:

Kandee's favorite eyeshadows from MAC: Brule, Satin Taupe, Chocolate Brown, Carbon, Print, BLANCTYPE, SCENE, BARK, QUARRY

Kandee's Favorite Lip color (lipstick or gloss):
C-THRU and Underage gloss from MAC
LipSense (kiss proof-everything proof) lipcolor in Peaches N' Cream and Pink Lemonade with the moisturizing gloss (from

A few random things about me....
I would rather see a mountain lion in front of me than a frog or snake (can't stand them.....especially frogs! ahhhh)
I love Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
I love Sambazon Acai....frozen palm berry fruit from the Brazilian Rainforest
I love the smell of fabric softener and clean sheets
I love when I'm the first car at a stoplight
I love the smell of wet concrete
I love looking at a night sky, crammed with stars
I love reading all the wonderful words you guys leave me!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


hey guys....
i've been getting lots of requests for nicole s. look in the JAI HO video....
and for for some TYRA BANKS and PENELOPE CRUZ...let me know what you want to see the most...and I'll start cooking up a new vid! Thanks so from my heart to all of yours, because you all have made my heart glow with your wonderful and amazingly kind heart is smiling through the computer right now!!! thanks...your friend, kandee

Hilary Duff

since I've received so many requests for this...

I figured it's about time to do a Hillary Duff make-up how-to!!!

I think her look is so pretty and smokey, it really will make any eye color glow....sultry and sexy, yet sweet...this is like her album cover for The Best of Hilary Duff

so let's get goin' to Hillary Duff Town....

what to pack for our trip:

FACE: watch my video on Flawless Skin....

EYES: Naughty Feather cream eyeshadow from BENEFIT (it's a light pearl-nude shimmer), NAKED LUNCH from MAC (nude pearly-shimmer shadow), SATIN TAUPE ( a gold-shimmery-taupe color), CARBON from MAC (black shadow), SMUT from MAC (a dark reddish-dark brown with gold flecks) and/or ESPRESSO (a very dark brown), brown eyeliner in COFFEE from MAC, black eyeliner in SMOLDER from MAC , Black MASCARA in VOLUME EFFECTS from Max Factor

EYEBROWS: i used CHARCOAL BROWN eyeshadow (a cool medium brown) if you have lighter hair try OMEGA eyeshadow nad if you have more red hair try SOBA from MAC

CHEEKS: BLUNT from MAC (dark bronzey matte blush), 10 from BENEFIT (2-tone highlighter and bronzer, a light frosty pink and dark gold-bronze)

LIPS: BUERRE liner from MAC and UNDERAGE gloss from MAC

I wanna do her more dramatic eye look too...keep you requests coming! have the best day possible!!! smiles, kandee

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Taylor Swift's Love Story...pretty bridal or prom look

this look is ethereal, fresh, and pretty...
gold shimmers and fresh illuminated skin...
I saw Taylor Swift in concert s few years mom had gotten some free tickets for a country concert with Brad Paisley.....who had the best song...even though my family will verify my dislike for country music, has been going on for years....I actually find it homey and wholesome now! ha ha ha ha...but back to my story...I saw her in concert....and her make-up and style has gotten so glamorous now....
so here goes the look...

what you I used:
FACE: laura mercier foundation and concealer
SHELL highlighter from MAC
CHEEKS: POSEY creme blush from MAC (a bright pink-rose)

EYES: DAZZLELIGHT from MAC ( a light nude shimmer) ALL THAT GLITTERS from MAC ( a peachy-sandy-pearl color) OMEGA from MAC (a light green-hued tan color) BLANC TYPE from MAC ( a very matter light-nude color) CARBON from MAC (black) KITTEN from STILA ( a pink-peach shimmer color...i love it!) SATIN TAUPER ( a light gold-taupe color)
EYELINER: SMOLDER Kohl Liner from MAC (a creamy black)
*for the look in Love Story, I would add individual lash extensions....I'll try to post the video on how to put those bad boys on, next!*
LIPS: liner in POSH from Benefit ( a nude-pinky color) CHIFFON from NYC lipstick ( a frosty light pink) and gloss in C-THRU from MAC (a nude pink gloss without sparkles)

try it for a pretty eye make-up that won't feel like you have tons of make-up on...
smiles, kandee!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Teeth so white you gotta wear shades...

are you ready to reflect the glare of the sun off your teeth?!? that's what I'm talkin' bout...
for teeth as white as snow....this is all you need to know...
get your paws on a pair of mouthguards (from your local sports aisle)
a tube of PLUS WHITE 5 minute whitener (get it at, or I got mine at Wal-Mart and Target...
then get our teeth ready for a make-over....
peep this video to see what I do...

bright and sparkling smiles to everyone......shine your chompers to the world!

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's time for love and dancing!

I can almost hear the dj's firing up their cd's for the dancing....
wedding season is almost in full swing...
and prom is boosting the sales of semi-formal dresses everywhere...

and my role:
make-up super-hero to save the day...
run from the lady at the salon that says she's a make-up artist....and the make-up salesperson at your local mall...

I have a classic, pretty look...that will last all night...won't melt off your face, and won't make you look like a or street-walker...

the colors I picked look great on all skin tones...and or dress colors!

get out this stuff and watch:

FACE: watch my video on flawless skin
highlighter: cream highlighter in SHELL from MAC (a peachy-pearl color),and QUICKTAN TONE powder highlighter from MAC (i think it's discontinued, but any white-pearly highlighter will work

BLUSH: BLUNT from MAC (a darker peach-bronze color without shimmer) CUBIC from MAC ( a rose-pink without shimmer or sparkle)
EYES: BRULLE from MAC (a nude matte color), YOGURT from MAC (a light nude-pink matte color)NAKED LUNCH (a shimmery peach-pearl color), CHARCOAL BROWN from MAC (a cool chocolate brown), CARBON from MAC (dark black with no sparkle)
you can also substitute the CHARCOAL BROWN for a grey like PRINT from MAC

WATERPROOF is essential for wedding make-up...
BLACK waterpoof liquid liner
BLACK waterproof eyeliner like ENGRAVED from MAC
MASCARA: BLACK waterproof mascara (in the video I used FIBER RICH MASCARA from MAC but it's not waterproof)
I used ANDREA Indiviual lashes (I get them at Wal-Mart) in medium and short
then I use ARDELL LASH GLUE (preferably the clear kind for individual lashes)
and a pair of tweezers if you want...I just use my fingers

lipiner in POSH from Benefit
lipstick IN TANARAMA from MAC
gloss in any shade of nude-pearly-shimmer (like MouthWatering from MAC or I used a cheap one from the drug store in a light pinky-pearl color)

have fun watching!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carrie Underwood Make-Up Look

As requested: American Idolista...Carrie Underwood...
Super shimmery-gold, frost eye...she has some super-fake lashes on in her pics...(i don't..but that's okay)
and pale nude glossy mouth....(i could've put on some more glassy-gloss too)
Here's what I used:
FACE: watch my video on getting flawless skin.....
SHELL shimmer highlight.....
EYES: ShadowSense from SenceCosmetics (you can get it at
in Sandstone Pearl on inner corners and under brows
MAC shadows in NYLON (light frosty yellow) Bare Minerals in SASS (frosty butter color), (MAC)MULCH (a dark bronze-gold) MAC pigment in ROSE GOLD (real gold-bronze shimmer), (MAC) CARBON dark matte black, (MAC) Bronze (just bornze color..ha ha ha)...
Black liquid liner in BOOT BLACK (from MAC)
Black WAterproof Liner in Engraved
L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara in Black
10 from BENEFIT (2 color highlighter and bronzer)
LIPS: BENEFIT lipliner in POSH (a nude color)
MAC lipstick in TANARAMA (a gold frosty color)
Estee Lauder Pure Gloss in PURE PLATINUM ( a cool frosty-nude color)
and you can highlight the top of the upper lip and center of the lower lip with a light pink-almost white it pearl color....eyeshadow
this look is a classic beauty look for everyone......have the sparkliest friday! And happy weekend...
I actually did end up going to the MAC store and buying more TANARAMA lipstick tonight!!! I love that stuff! Bye!

Skirt Chasers

I have received loads of requests for making skirts out of jeans..and such.....I have made a fantastic discovery.....skirts out of old t-shirts....are cheap and very, very fun...especially ifyou have some fun colored t-shirts.......
get out your scissor-hands.....some shirts and old jeans....
and prepare for some re-purposed, recycled, re-used......brand new clothing articles.....

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