Sunday, April 19, 2009

SKinny JEans!

yeah! we're gonna get skinny!
and man, let me tell you, as a girl who has struggled with weight and been in sizes larger than i wanna say....I'm so stinkin' excited I am a mere 10 pounds away from what I weighed in high school!!!!! yeah baby! all this work is payin' off!
so here's what I eat in a typical day:
Nutiva Hemp Shake (berry pomagranate) with 8oz, Pacifica Organic Almond Milk
I just stir it up in a cup....with a tsp. of MACA powder (good for energy and good can get it any health food store)
I just take a shot, like I take a swig from the bottle of my
CArlson's Norwegian Cod Liver Oil in Lemon flavor

then I'll eat an orange or banana a little after that

I'll eat a burrito - oraganic beans, tortilla, salsa and maybe avocado

then I might have another hemo shake later....maybe some baby carrots

maybe some pretzels....or pineapple
lots of water
maybe an AMy;s organic Tamale with beans and rice for dinner
then I'll eat some pineapple spears
or if I'm really craving something sweet I might eat a SKINNY COW ice cream sandwich or I might have a bowl of CORN POPS cereal (I know, totally not healthy, but it's better than a bunch of ice cream! ha ha ha ha)
or I'll eat a SAMBAZON acai frozen pop (you can get it at,

then I try to workout in the after I have my breakfast....

and this is what I have on my ipod to run to:

I listen to the Kid Cudi station on my iphone....and run to that...lots of fast beats.....make my feet run fast.......

so send comments with your updates...and success stories..we're in it together!!!


Anonymous said...

I did the Yoga Booty Ballet Cardio Burlesque workout this morning and it was so much fun! It really didn't feel like a workout at all, it was just really, really good fun, everyone should have a go.
Definitly want to get in to shape and have decided to try and loose 16lbs by July 9th. Good luck everyone! xxx

faintsunrise said...

@ Kandee
Where did you say we can get the booty call dvd?

Anonymous said...

I got mine from Amazon.

Liz said...

Hey girly,
cant find that hemp protein in the UK you have some weird bulking stuff on weightlifting websites which i'm guessig isnt it.
Is it a slimming protein shake?
I go to the gym every other day and skip breakfast so thought this would be good to have beforehand.
Any help would be much appreciated

niea999 said...


I'm not a skinny girl but I always heard by nutritionnist and health pps that skiping breakfast (or other meal) is not good.
Your body keeps more than he need at the next meal. But you can just eat a fruit.
Starting by eating a fruit or vegetable help the body to separate food on your body.


Anonymous said...

You can buy it in the UK online here:

I've always used the whey powders from Holland and Barrett though and I think they're pretty similiar.

Kari Lynn said...

Fabulous blog! I found your blog through a youtube link. I have to say that I LOVE that you are 30. I've been watching alot of videos on youtube but they are all in their early 20's, not that they don't have great advice! I will definately be following you.

Carolina said...

Hey Kandee! I'm from Brazil, and I love your blog, and your videos, you're just so nice and happy, I don't know... yu're awsome. Seeing your videos makes me happier. :D
So, I'll let you know that we're in this together! July 9nth, we'll be skinny. :*

ErinElise Accomando said...

are you a vegetarian?

yasanayun said...

Hi Kandee! Thank you for your tips as always. I want to join you to lose weight by my birthday too. My b-day is July 20th. I am currently 149lbs. I thought I would never get past the 150 mark but I did it. I think I'm doing good and is on a good path. Unfortunately, I don't like the Nutiva chocolate flavor but maybe because I only mixed it with water.
I'm doing the Core Secrets workout about 4-5 days a week. I logged all the food I eat in a food journal. You're so right about eating less because you don't want to have to write down that you eat 3 cookies and also that you just ate 10min ago. I really can't tell that you used to weigh more though! You're doing a great job and you look great!

yasanayun said...

For those interested in Kandee's cod fish oil, Nutiva shake, or skincare stuff, you can find them cheaper at if you don't have a Whole Foods near you. I have many Whole Foods near me but I still find that it's cheaper on Vitacost.

Unknown said...

im so glad i found your blog/youtube!
im always looking for more tips and advice from other pro artists...cant wait for more videos <3

Aberdeen said...

Yay! I love that people are trying to be healthy! I eat really heathy and maintaing 1600 cals or less a day, and I work out around 5 days a week..but no matter what, even if I lower the carbs, I still can't lose any weight...

Maybe if I shake things up a bit I will see a result! Thanks for the tips!

Aberdeen said...

Oh, and thanks for the Vitacost website. It's way cheaper! Thanks :)

lifeaswe_noit said...

Hey Kandee!!!
It's really inspiring for you to share your weight loss plan. I have lost 14 pounds since february and im going to lose another 27 by july! Thank you for sharing! Thanks for being another anchor to keep moving along this long journey of weight loss.
btw you're beautiful right now even without the 10 pound weight loss. Thank you again!!
=D Paige

Anonymous said...

Kandee don't lose anymore weight! You already look so skinny and pretty now!! I can't imagine you actually fitting in those big jeans you used in one of your videos.

Sweet Treats said...

I think you look super healthy and fit! I thought about taking the CLO, and found it in softgels because I don't think I'd be able to drink even a shot of it, haha. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Jill said...

Thanks for the tip on the hemp shakes. I love the chocolate one and it keeps me full! I am determined to lose 10-20lbs by my birthday July 10th!

Love all the makeup tips!

lubell18 said...

Kandee I love you thanks for the tips!!!! I can't wait to try the Nutiva shake

Skater Girl said...

Hi Kandee,

I really like the way you talk on youtube and your blog too.. Oh!! I've been drinking the Hempshake too and the liquid fish oil.. I normally take cod liver oil in capsules.. I've been taking that since I was very young... but the fish oil you recommended.. was awesome!!

I tell ya, after taking the protein shake and the fish oil.. my skin started to be more elastic.. not that it wasn't before but its much better now.. I think the Hemp fiber got to do with it too.. as I don't really eat as am suppose to.. so this helps though..

Thank you for introducing the Hempshake!!! You're awesome girl!!

Anonymous said...

This Song makes me wanna shakieee meeee boootayyy! LOL! :) SERIOUSLY...i need to do somthing about all this weight I have gained. I guess when ur "comfortable in a relationship" you gain...heh. Time to loose all this un-neccessary Fattness!!! UUGHGHHH. :) Thanks for being so ENCOURAGING!!! XOXO!

Anonymous said...

kandee thanks so much for the advice i just got my hemp shakes and sampler from and they are mazing i love them !!!! i also use the same cod liver oil but i take them as pill along with grape seed extract and folic acid .. i work in a pharmacy so i know whats good .. also i drink alot of green tea .. so yeah thanks soo much..

MzUnicaHija19 said...

LOVE the tips Kandee!
I subscribed to your blog twitter and youtube-I feel such a stalker! lol
Thanks for the tips, I am definitely picking up all this stuff and start taking care of my health.
BTW, which Maca powder do I pick-up the raw or the magic one?
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear about the Maca powder? and what did it make a difference in? like what changes did you notice.
I want to take it but I am a bit unsure of the the background of the product and how natural it is, and wether it contains caffeine like the dietary supplements; which I don't want to take. So, let me know because on the site, they claim that it is completely natural and doesn't contain any caffeine or crystals such as hydroxycut.
Now, about your videos, they are awesome, I watch your videos all the time, and love the hillary duff look on you, you look gorgeous; from day 1 that I came across your teeth whitening video, I was like.. she looks like someone... and I finally figured it out. you resemble lindsay lohan [ I hope you think she hawt ] becuz we all do, at least your smile is grogus like hers.
please email me at for the response. I don't have an account and don't feel like making one.

Anonymous said...

Okay I am definately motivated in some way now..

I love the idea of writing online journals or w/e .. like you said.. its better doing these things as a group:)

I dont know where to write my "journey". do i just type it in here?

Anonymous said...

Could you put up the bob marley work out song as a download link please? I really like it!

Good luck on your fitness!
You are gorgeous !

Unknown said...

First off just curious how old are you?

And second do you eat meat or are you a vegetarian?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee, I've been a good girl (well almost - I ate a Snickers bar yesterday), but I've been drinking loads of water, walking every day, taking maca powder and cod liver oil... and I have to say, my skin is beginning to feel more like a smooth baby's bottom than the blotchy flaky mess it was before. I'm lovin it! Darn those Hemp Shake gremlins though, they are getting in the way of my Hempy fix. It's so difficult to get in the UK! We're soooo backward or something. Even the girls at work are behaving like I'm on drugs because of the maca powder! Humph! xx lots of love, Lisa

Jessica said...

Kandee!! Thank youso much for the diet and fitness info. Ive tried the turbo jam, and I dont think i like it as well as I would with yoga booty ballet. I wanna try it! ..and I am def going to try the fish oil and hemp shakes. Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

I am so happy that you are health conscious and I'm sure you know that beauty starts from the inside out. I do a lot of nutritional research and I also am getting more educated about cosmetic ingredients. Would love to see you comment or do a video using natural cosmetics that do not contain the toxins that the commercial products have. Dr. Joseph Mercola says "Don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth". There are sites online where you can check the ingredients in your products against the ones they list as dangerous. I love the performance of the Mac colors and other commercial brands, but I know they aren't the safest things around. Do you like mineral makeups and lipsticks? Do you have any favorites that perform well?
Should I even worry about this stuff?

lilrudebyrd said...

hi kandee! love watching you on youtube! just wanted to send some FEEDBACK! i love TLC's show, "what not to wear." the hosts help other ppl on what clothes flatter their body shapes, height/size what have you. i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on what colors/ shades one should and should Not wear! i have olive toned skin or a "winter" and orange n peach look Horrible on me...just a thought, i'd love more advice!! thank you for all your videos, you have really encouraged me to put my best face forward! you have such a lovely personality! thank you thank you i cant thank you enough!


Anonymous said...

For everyone in the UK, get excellent value Hemp protein powder from -it virtually matches the nutritional value of the one in Kandee's vid.

For Maca power and the fish oil check out here, for great prices!

Hope this helps! Thanks for getting me onto hemp protein Kandee!!

marta110786 said...

Kandee u are amazing girl:)I found u on youtube and since that time I am checking what's on your chanel and blog everyday!You are such a great person I LOVE U u are huge inspiration for me I wish you all the best and I am sure you will get all your dreams come true.Don't worry everything gonna be alright.
Sorry for my english;)

Crazyd25 said...

Kandee your amazing!! def an inspiration :) im a 25 yr old hairdresser wanting to get into makeup artistry as well and you have def helped me get mu butt in gear to do somethingf about it :). also do you think the hemp protein you make you bulk up because of the protein? i ordered them but i def dont want to bulk up lol def wanna try yoga booty ballet and im already addicted to turbo jam i loove chaleane johnson.. well keep up the good work :)

Akyini said...

Hello Kandee,

I am from Germany and today I saw a couple of your videos...loved it. And after I watched your favourite beauty products I looked some of them up and guess what I found...on the site I checked the St.Tropez bronzer and almost laughed out loud when I saw that ALL the products under 'customer who bought this product also bought' are the ones which you talked about and use in your videos (mychelle, un petroleum, etc.). I am not sure if you have noticed...but I thought that this was pretty amazing and that it can't be a coincidence...and in this case must be great for you to know that people actually use your advice...
I am usually not that into make-up, I guess I am just not very skilled...but watching you gets me excited to try those things out... even though I guess many of the things don't work on me as I have dropping eyelids (in English??)...(could you do a video on that??? ;)
But it is fun to watch anyway...

You are so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

You have incredible will power, and I'm jealous. I don't think I could stick with a diet that strict, but congrats on all your success!! Sounds like your skinny jeans are just a few weeks away.

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