Thursday, April 9, 2009


Electric looks great on every skin tone, eye color, hair color.....

so I have for your eyes only...

the electric purple look that Hilary Duff is wearing on the January 2009 cover of MAxim Magazine.....smokin' look....

And I just bought a new goodie...the TOO FACED COSMETICS, World Domination Make-Up fun...I used it for this look and I'm gonna give you some alternatives if you don't have this or can' t get it.....they sell Too Faced and

so get our your brushes and here we go:
I used from the TOO FACED WORLD DOMINATION TOUR...eyeshadows
the goldy-bronze color (or you could use NAKED LUNCH or SATIN TAUPE from MAC)
the dark bronzey color or (MULCH or SMUT from MAC)
the electric purple...any bright purple will work
black eyeliner in SMOLDER FROM MAC
black mascara
pinky-gold shimmery blush
BLUNT blush from MAC
on the lips I used the frosty-peachy-white color (you could use BUBBLES OR TANARAMA, or PRETTY PLEASE lipsticks from MAC)
and I used EVA gloss from Victoria's Secret (you could use any light pinky-frost lipgloss, like C-Thru from MAC)


Anonymous said...

You're so talented Kandee :) Keep on doing what u do...I love how u explain everything in ur video blogs...Please do more colorful eye makeup!! and also, can u do a video on how to make the anchor necklace u sometimes wear on ur blogs?? Thanks! I appreciate the time u put into your videos for us to watch and learn :)

Anonymous said...

Purple Is my fave fave fave! I love how u put the Title "Purple Peeper Eaters" HAAA I remember watching the "ONE EYE ONE HORNED FLYING PURPLE PEOPLE EATER" Movie..hahahaa~ Made me giggle for sure!
Also- I agree about the word "HAUL"...LOL kinda funny, heh? We will have to come up with somthing better to call it! Well love! Hope you have a Great Weekend! BESOS! MUAH XOXO~JULES

Anonymous said...

hi kandee!

i *love* it!!! purple is my favoritest color to wear on my eyes so i'm so happy you did this look! :) my all time favorite purple shadow is "parfait d'amour" by MAC :)

thank you for all your wonderfully amazing videos!!

xoxo y

Anonymous said...

I have Satin Taupe and its been one of my long time favs. I don't think it looks gold whatsoever though, to me it looks more like a silvery-purple color, maybe with tiny flecks of gold. Not a "gold" color at all.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hi kandee! i just discovered your blog and youtube page yesterday, i'm hooked! i think you're amazing and have a beautiful soul too...i hope you don't mind that i added you to my blog roll...check me out if you have a chance! - Ren Ren

carrieleigh said...

I just wanted to let you know I read your interview...Heres a link for all us Kandee fans!!

Your so positive & inspirational. Thank you for all the videos and time you put into this.

courtney said...

hey kandee
i love all you're looks and videos
you're such a fun personality. its great
long time watcher first time requester haha :]
for my 21st birthday next month im having a hippy/60's themed party
so a hippy-mod-ish look
would be amazing
if not its cool too ha im sure you get a bunch of requests
until next time =]

Alina, from Portugal said...

Hi Kandee,
thank you so much for making a video about the way to use purple!!!
Lots of kisses!

Alice said...

I just wanted to say you are so sweet, you come off as a great friend. I love you're personality and all your make up tips to boot! And I need to get my hands on your unpetroleum, I cant believe you're not twenty!
Keep up the fantastic work, I wish all the best for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for everything Kandee!!!! I went to the Sephora near my house and got the last Too Faced World Domination Tour!! I love it!! its perfect, since I dont have many blush or lip colors.....keep up the great work, we all love the fabulous looks you do!!! xoxoxox

alex! said...

i have the most amazing electric purple eyeliner that you could use! its wet n wild idol eyes cream shadow in techno its the best color i loveee it

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this look and i love how well you explained everything. I have the same too faced world domination tour music box and I also think it's really great. I love all the colors it has. Thanks so much for the great look!

Oh and if you have any tips on how to bring out really really dark dark brown eyes...that would be great!


Unknown said...

I'm on my little sister melissa's account :) sorry about that..tehe

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