Friday, April 3, 2009

It's time for love and dancing!

I can almost hear the dj's firing up their cd's for the dancing....
wedding season is almost in full swing...
and prom is boosting the sales of semi-formal dresses everywhere...

and my role:
make-up super-hero to save the day...
run from the lady at the salon that says she's a make-up artist....and the make-up salesperson at your local mall...

I have a classic, pretty look...that will last all night...won't melt off your face, and won't make you look like a or street-walker...

the colors I picked look great on all skin tones...and or dress colors!

get out this stuff and watch:

FACE: watch my video on flawless skin
highlighter: cream highlighter in SHELL from MAC (a peachy-pearl color),and QUICKTAN TONE powder highlighter from MAC (i think it's discontinued, but any white-pearly highlighter will work

BLUSH: BLUNT from MAC (a darker peach-bronze color without shimmer) CUBIC from MAC ( a rose-pink without shimmer or sparkle)
EYES: BRULLE from MAC (a nude matte color), YOGURT from MAC (a light nude-pink matte color)NAKED LUNCH (a shimmery peach-pearl color), CHARCOAL BROWN from MAC (a cool chocolate brown), CARBON from MAC (dark black with no sparkle)
you can also substitute the CHARCOAL BROWN for a grey like PRINT from MAC

WATERPROOF is essential for wedding make-up...
BLACK waterpoof liquid liner
BLACK waterproof eyeliner like ENGRAVED from MAC
MASCARA: BLACK waterproof mascara (in the video I used FIBER RICH MASCARA from MAC but it's not waterproof)
I used ANDREA Indiviual lashes (I get them at Wal-Mart) in medium and short
then I use ARDELL LASH GLUE (preferably the clear kind for individual lashes)
and a pair of tweezers if you want...I just use my fingers

lipiner in POSH from Benefit
lipstick IN TANARAMA from MAC
gloss in any shade of nude-pearly-shimmer (like MouthWatering from MAC or I used a cheap one from the drug store in a light pinky-pearl color)

have fun watching!


Chazity said...

you look so pretty in those pictures and in the video lol when do we find out who won your contest ??
love your videos

Unknown said...

i love how you make makeup application soo easy :) I really really like your tutorials!

Unknown said...

Kandee love you but that wasn't nice to slam the make-up salesperson at the mall!!!!! That's me!!!!! And my Bridal/Grad make-ups are flawless!!!!! LOL

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