Sunday, May 31, 2009

Plastic Surgery With Make-Up Series: getting rid of dark cirlces & slimming the nose

Hi everyone...
this is gonna be a fun to re-shape and highlight all the features on your face, they you may not be madly in love with....example: me and my nose....ha ha ha ha

SIDE NOTE: I'm gonna be posting all the info on getting into the GLAMINAR!!! later tonight or first thing in the morning...make sure you check soon, it'll have to be first come- first serve...due to all the awesome people that want to come!!!! I can't wait!!!!

here's the first video....on slenderizing the nose:
I used a flat artist brush, no wider than my little finger....
I used a shade 5-6 shades darker than my actual skin tone....
I used the dark color from my RCMA palette (you can get them at, or google RCMA...they are around $60...I used the KO palette, I also have the SHINTO palette)

you can use the concealer sticks from MAC too.....they are easy to take with you if you are traveling....
off we go to nose-adjusting town.....

now I'm gonna show you how we're gonna brighten and erase all those un-loved, DARK CIRCLES, UNDER EYE RINGS & BAGS......and say hello to beautiful bright and lifted looking eyes!!!!
same thing...I used the RCMA palette....or you can use the LAURA MERCIER SECRET CAMO concealer duo's.....or any light concealer ..and then a warmer goldy color.... and a good powder to seal it all in it doesn't felt off.....
now let's go to  "No-Under-Eye-Circle-City"....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Make-Up Glaminars (classes)

Definition of a GLAMINAR: 
the most fun, information packed, glamour intensive class
by none other than yours truly.......Kandee!
Debuting at the same time as the IMATS in Pasadena...
if you're in town....see if there's still room!

spaces are very limited due to the high volume of people reserving their spots in the class
PLEASE leave a comment below with your contact info to reserve your space!
June 19th
Downtown Los Angeles

(possibly additional classes saturday & sunday morning)
This glam-packed class, is going to be a mega-intensive that will cover everything you need to know to set your make-up career on fire....and surpasss other make-up artists....

You will get:

* A gift bag of treasures....hand picked by me...with some of my favorite tools and make-up!

*You'll get a detailed shopping list of everything you need in your make-up kit to get started.

* A list of all the "top secret" supply houses and there pro-only, products.

*A list of all the cosmetic companies that will give you a make-up artist discount and what you need to apply.

*Face Charts

*You can bring a notebook to write or sketch anything down.

*Everything you need to know to start making money as a  make-up artist, asap!

here's more........l

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lady Gaga Make-UP from the Love Game

Lady Gaga has some really cool make-up looks......this one is a bit more wearable than the lightning bolt one...ha ha ha ha...still, you may not want to wear this to work...but it's a fun look to wear for a night out or prom....or some other, more wild night out...

This  look is pretty and a bit more "wearable" without the eyelashes....ha ha ha

what i used:
EYES: MAC paint pot in painterly
silver eyeshadow like MAC pigment in Silver
a frosty pink shadow (i used Da Bling from MAC)
a frosty lavender ( i used Beautiful Iris)
a dark silver shadow like (Electra from MAC)
a shimmery peachy pink like (like Naked Lunch or Kitten from Stila)

Black creme fluidline from MAC in black
Black Mascara in L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes

False Lashes in #316 Nbs Feather Eyelashes from Naimie's  (

Lips: a pale-pinky-peach lipstick....I used BUERRE lipliner (pale nude-rose) then Pretty Please lipstick from MAC (a pale frosty pink) or BUBBLES from MAC

BLUSH: Blunt from MAC to contour (a dark bronze matte)
and Golden Bronze Iridescent Loose Powder to highlight

now go get your lady gaga on....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gwen Stefani - no doubt about it

No doubt.... (pun totally intended)....I've loved Gwen Stefani's style for a long time......I loved her boy pants and punky tank-top look suited my tomboy-ish style of dressing....In high school I work baggy pants and skate shoes...ha ha ha ha ha

Gwen's look is to timeless and old Hollywood glam......I love it!

Here's what I used to get her look.....
MAC shadows in BRULE or BLANC TYPE (nude-ivory colors)
CONTOUR SHADOW colors......OMEGA (light beige-y brown with a slight green hue)
or charcoal brown (a medium cool brown)

LINER in CHROMALINE liner in BLACK BLACK (from MAC) or you could use the FLUID LINE
Black Mascara - L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes

LIPS: RUSSIAN RED from MAC (a cool blue-red-great on all skin tones) or for a more matte look you could RUBY WOO from MAC (it's the one with clay in it...) optional...lipliner.....

BLUSH : just for contour and slight color
HARMONY from MAC (a warm browny-pink)
ANGEL from MAC (a really really light baby pink)

enjoy and go Gwen-it-up!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Purple Tuesday

Video!!! I love purple...... these are some fun purples that I just got.....and purple makes every eye color look brings out all the highlight colors in the iris.....

so here's what I used:
vibrant grape- from's like a magenta-purple color
purple haze - a bright purple
indian ink - a dark violet purple

and for a contrast or highlight (under the eyebrows) you can use a light yellow or gold....I used a frosty-peachy gold like, KITTEN from STILA or SHROOM from MAC

then L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara in Black

and for the lips I used.....
BUERRE lipliner or you can use SOAR 
(both a nude pinky-rose-nude lipliners)
and VIVA GLAM SPECIAL EDITION VI lipglass..... very pretty

I bought so many other goodies and new colors and fun things, I can't wait to show you them all.....and I went to buy that wire i needed to make my new camera work....and it was still not right! arghhhhhhhh

Monday, May 25, 2009

paint and cameras

so my fabulous new camera doesn't seem to want to play with my computer......
I have to go buy some special "bonding" wires so they'll get along.....and play nicely....

I have a really fun video on is me getting my hair cut...then I take you along on my walk around Melrose Ave in Hollywood....

so I'm off to go buy the "magical" cable for my new video cam.....
until then's some extra artistry from myself.....I started off drawing and painting......on canvases...and now it's moved to warm and soft, living canvases of wonderful souls.......

here's some other goodies that decorate the walls of my home....
she is new to my home....she's not done.....I bought some black paint crayons to finish her off....but haven't had any time to complete this lil' lady.........she'll be all better soon...ha ha ha ha
this guy got painted a long time ago in an old Spanish Style, Hollywood house with high ceilings and wood beams....with arched doorways....and I had a graffiti artist, hip-hop roomate...and an actress friend.....I listened to some trip-hop jazz and painted away.......

i kinda like this one....but I kinda wish I could paint over it! ha ha ha ha ha It's pretty harsh with all the lines and black.....but for some reason, I still kinda like her.......
these little guys are just some doodles that are on my desk........when my computer is taking forever to load a page...and I've got pen and paper......little, desk, masterpieces are made...ha ha ha ha ha

Sunday, May 24, 2009

get ready.....

I've got so many fun things cooked up for you all.......
check back,I'm trying to figure out how to get all my "hair cutting" footage onto my computer...fromn the new camera....ypu're really gonna get to know me in High Definition...ha ha ha seeing inside my pores and everything...ha ha ha ha ha
see you soon.......kandee

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi guys.....
happy friday!
I have had a very crazy week......I have been working on getting the make-up brushes's a lot more work than I thought! ha ha ha ha....
I am going to the special effects make-up suppliers today...that should be fun.....I'll try to take some pictures.....yay!!!!!

Check my facebook and I'll post pictures...for some reason I can load pictures on there way easier from my iphone! ha ha ha

I posted some pictures from my haircut on Melrose in Hollywood and I looked like a crazy person taking pictures to show you guys what it was like....
I'm gonna put up the video of my haircut on the YOU (tube) soon as I can figure out my fancy-pants new camera....ha ha ha ha

have the best day ever!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

getting fun stuff ready for you all!!!

i know, i know....i've been a lil busy.....but it 's because I have been working on new and improved goodies for you.....
FIRST... I got a new camera..........hooray......
no more squeeky wheels in my videos....
it had High look out......
you thought you saw my forehead wrinkles before......! ha ha ha ha.....

And I did a bunch of fun make-up we have new and fun products to play with...I had so much fun already.......

I am off to go hunt for more beauty check back for more fun...oh yeah...incae you didn't see's the lastest vids I put up on the YOU (tube) that is...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Beachy Golds (nice for the blue eyes too)

Some business...was tearing me away from my bloggings....
and my computer said it was going to take 1,392 minutes to upload a video....
and I am not exaggerating - that is the number it really said!!!

but is the the requested...beachy make-up look....which also happens to be fantastic for all the blue-eyed folks....

golds look so amazing against blue, don't go getting sad if you own a pair of brown eyes like myself....
this look is super flattering on every eyeball color....

I have to go finish packing and hop in my hot rod.......ha ha ha ha

color options I used:
SASS from BENEFIT (a buttery yellow shimmer)
SIN or CHOPPER from URBAN DECAY (peach gold shimmer...and a copper gold shimmer)
GOLDMINE from MAC  (a bright yellow-gold shimmer)

POWER SURGE from MAC (a gold bronze eyeliner)

CHEEKS: POSEY cream blush from MAC (a hot pink it!)
SHELL cream highlighter from MAC (my fav....peachy-pink frost)
BENEFIT 10 highlighter set....
ou can always swipe on some BLUNT from MAC to contour

LIPS: a nude gloss that will make you look uber-tan....
GOLDYROCKS from MAC (a goldy-green...super good for making your lips look pale..
LUMINARY from MAC (a pearly-whitish gloss)
any nude pinky-gloss will look great.....
enjoy....and I'll be posting things from the road! 
giant love from my heart to yours...smiles....your friend..kandee!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Everyday Make-Up's friday..only a couple more days til monday!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha
as much as I like to change up the make-up look....there are a few looks that I always catch myself doing....I love greys......grey is a univeral color that looks flattering on fair skinned, dark and rich, brown eyed gals....
so here's my fast look...and again, may I warn you...this video was made after I had consumed a VENTI Starcrack's coffee.....I literally wanted to crawl out of my body....and this is the video with me all kandeed-out on caffeine...I hace since resumed my stimulant-free lifestyle..ha ha ha ha

make up I used:.....
FACE: laura mercier foundation in golden beige
MAC foundation stick to contour face in NV44 (shades darker than my real color)
Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer
Make-Up Forever HD powder (it's color-less)

SHELL cream highlighter from MAC (used as a"primer" or base on eye lids)
BLANC TYPE from MAC (a matte, nude, color...with no shimmer)
SCENE......from MAC dark grey-ish purple
QUARRY...a lighter plumb- grey-brown...
CARBON from  MAC just a black shadow   OR
PRINT...from MAC...a dark grey....i love this color....

BLACK MASCARA....L'Oreal Double Extend TUbes

CHEEKS: shell highlighter from MAC
POSEY cream blush from MAC...a hot, bright pink...that is FAB-UUUUUU-Lous
I went over it with the light pink in the BENEFIT 10 highlighter set...
BLUNT from fav contouring cheek color...a dark, matte, (no shimmer) bronzey-brown

BUERRE fav (a rosey-flesh color)
PRETTY PLEASE lipstick from fav...frosty light pink color for a sexy pout...
and you can use any light pink
I used LUMINARY from MAC (a white-ish pearly color)
or you could use GOLDROCKS (a light greeny-gold lipgloss)...
and that's my "old faithful" "can always count on it to be cute look"..."good for a friday night date look"...ha ha ha ha


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conan O'Brien & little sleep

Monday was one of my most fun make-up jobs ever.....
I got to laugh and put make-up on Conan O' Brien....he is so funny and nice...even when the camera's aren't on.....he is hilarious....I was laughing all day...from the time I met eating Pastrami Sliders that were brought to Conan, and then he said we needed to order more so everyone could try them....and I ate just as many as the men on the crew...ha ha ha ha ha!
I don't normally like Pastrami...but I was muy, muy, hombre..translation: very very hungry!!!
Conan was a phenomenal make-up artist, as you can see in the picture! ha ha ha

And he actually laughed at me...I was like, "whoa, I am a little funny...Conan O' Brien just laughed at something I said!" ha ha ha ha
And since that job, I've been on the.....non-stop train....
I have had about 6 hours of sleep since sunday night....I am not kidding or exaggerating....I do not know how I am actually awake....

and if you watched this video which I believe I did after that shoot one can see what happens when you drink coffee for the first time in 5 years.....
numbness of the extremities.... and I wanted to leap out of my flesh! ha ha ha ha

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sexy Green, Megan Fox Inspired, Playboy Look

this is a burning, hot look for sure....I know I felt pretty when I did it, even though I didn't leave my house..ha ha ha...and beleive me, sometimes I walk by a mirror and I think, "wow, I look like a 14 year old boy sometimes"...ha ha ha ha ha

here's what you wanna get out....or any colors that look similar:

first: flawless face video

EYES: NAUGHTY FEATHER cream eyeshadow from BENEFIT ( a peachy-sand shimmer)applied to inner corners and under eyebrow

used to  blend upwards from the green towards the brows

BLACK eyeshadow- I used CARBON from MAC (my fav dark, inky, black)

BLACK mascara in L'Orea; Double Extend Tubes

CHEEKS: cream blush in POSEY from MAC (a bright, hot pink)
highlighter: FLIRT blush from SUGAR (bright bubble gum pink)
contour color: BLUNT from MAC (a darker, brownish, bronze color - no shimmer)

LIPS: Pink Treat from MAC (a nude-pinky-rose color) lipliner
FROST STRAYIN lipstick from MAC (a bright hot pink-bubble gum color)
(i put a highlighter on the top of the lips....the light color from the BENEFIT  10 highlighter )
DAYDREAM lipgloss from SUGAR (a pale baby-pink, frosty color) or you could use SUGARRIMMED from MAC lipglass 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

hang on...i got a good one with the SHADY LADY palette uploading.....

it just takes a while to upload...then it has to process on youtube......geez louis!

Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Be a Make-Up Artist...and list of Make-Up Schools Worlwide

Do you have that urging in your heart and creative be a make-up artist!?! if so read on sister, or brother.....
and here are a list of schools...that may possibly be close to you...if not, you can always google : make-up schools....
and don't waste your time at a beauty school...they'll teach you nothing about make-up except to scrub blush on your cheeks while you smile really big...ha ha ha ha ha

I am going to start doing MAKE-UP "Glaminars" (like a seminar but, wayyyyyy more fun!)....starting in LA, because that's close! ha ha ha
It will be a super fun and pretty, time to spend with me...and I'm going to teach tips and tricks that you don't learn in any schools....
*custom face charts for people-with a list of custom colors that are perfect for each person
*how to play up your unique-to-you, features
* how to contour and bring out the "dazzle" in your face
*and fun classes like, how to be the Hottest Bride in Town- how to do bridal make-up
*how to get started as a make-up artist...and how to make money right away!!!
*girls day out-of-sexy make-up how to...
*everything you never learned about make-up...
and so many more ideas....
I'm so excited to get to meet you guys at these "make-up glaminars"....let me know if you guys are interested in these...starting really soon in Los Angeles area...and if it's popular, I'd love to get to visit more cities.....

Questions you want to ask the schools?

1. who are the teachers? are they currently working in the industry? what is the student to teacher ratio?

2. do the courses fit the needs of the area of make-up you want to go into?

3. do they provide a make-up kit? and if so, what's in it?

4. what type of curriculum do they use? how much hands-on instruction is included?

5. how many hours are required to complete the program?

6. is there a career placement or internship option available?


CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles & Hollywood areas

Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts
Burbank, CA
cost per hour instruction: $17.50

MUD -make-up designory
Burbank, CA
cost per hour instruction: $17.50

Joe Blasco Training Center
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $ Not Available

Last Looks Make-Up Academy (look for classes with Thom Suprenant-he's a good friend of mine, and he's worked on everything!!)
Sherman Oaks, CA
cost per hour instruction: $37.50

El School of Professional Make-Up
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $20

Cinema Make School
Los Angeles, CA
cost per hour instruction: $17.50

Award Studio
Burbank, CA
cost per hour instruction: $45

Studio Make-Up Academy
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $22

Napleon Perdis Make-Up Academy
Hollywood, CA
cost per hour instruction: $59.80

MKC Make-Up School
Los Angeles, CA
cost per hour instruction: $34.11

CALIFORNIA - other areas

Empire Academy of Make-Up
Costa Mesa, CA
cost per hour instruction: $ Not Available

Cal State Fullerton
Fullerton, CA
cost per hour instruction: $ Not Available

Academy of Cosmetic Arts
Los Gatos, CA

San Fransisco School of Esthetics and Cosmetology
( a paul mitchell partner school)
San Fransisco, CA
cost per hor instruction: Not Available

The Skin & Make-Up Institute of Arizona
Peoria, AZ
cost per hour: varies

Joe Blasco Training Centers
Orlando, FL
cost: varies

Boca Beauty Academy
Boca Raton, FL
cost per hour instruction: $ 70

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
cost per hour: not available

Last Looks Make-Up Academy (same one as in LA)
Miami, FL
cost per hour instruction: $ 37.50


North Carolina School of the Arts
Winston-Salem, NC
cost per hour instruction: $ N/A


Douglas Education Center (Tom Savini's Special Make-Up Effects Program)
Monessen, PA
cost per hour instruction: $ 19


HEX Mollywood Expressions Make-Up School
Kingwood, TX
cost per hour instruction: $20-$50

Art & Technology Make-Up College
Sydney( my niece's name!), NSW
cost per hour: N/A

Australian College of Make-Up & Special Effects
Sydney, NSW
cost per hour instruction: $9.50 AU

Frampton Institute of Cinemagraphic Make-Up
Gold Coast Queensland
cost per hour instruction: $ varies

Media Make-Up Academy
Adelaide, South Australia
cost per hour instruction: $ 15-30

Napoleon Perdis Make-Up Academy
Sydney & Parramatta NSW
cost per hour instruction: $ varCies

Blanche Macdonald Centre
Vancouver, BC
cost per hour: $12-14K for tuition

Complections International Academy of Make-Up Artistry
cost per hour: $14

Inter-Dec College
Montreal, Quebec
cost: NA

Paramita Academy of Make-Up Inc
cost per hour: $40

School of Make-Up Art
Torontp, ON
cost: NA

The School Of Professional Make-Up
Toronto, ON
cost per hour : $ 17

Vancouver Film School
Vancouver, BC
cost per hour instruction: $ 19.75

Wink Make-Up Studio & Academy
Toronto, BC
cost per hour: $17.63

SHepperton, Middlesex
cost: 6,000-22,00 course

Christine Blundell Make-Up Academy
cost: 6,400 per 3 month course

Glauca Rossi School of Make-Up
cost per hour: 20 including make-up kit

Ealing, London
cost: varies

London Make-Up Academy
cost: 3,000 for 8 week course

London School of Media Make-Up
cost per hour: 120-150

West Thames College
Isleworth, Middlesex
cost: varies

cost: 1 week, 16.66 euros

cost per hour instruction: 4.500

cost: NA

Skinart MAke-Up FX Art Academy
cost per hour: 10 euros

Studio 13
cost per hour: 9.3 euros

Amazing School JUR
Osaka, Tokyo
cost: varies

cost per hour: 9.00 euros

The Make-Up School
Ponsonby, Auckland
cost per hour: NZ $36 per hour plus GST part-time, NZ$ 16 fulltime

Nordic Institute for Stage & Studio
cost: NOK 54.000 per semester

Make-Up Institute Stockholm
cost per hour: 20 euros

and now my wrists are tired from typing all that! ha ha ha ha ha


i had no idea that all that "hair dying" footage was stuck on the end of the BLOW DRYING video.....sorry about that...I'm not a very good editor! ha ha ha
Please, if you posted any comments, feel free to go add them again- you guys are the best comment-leavers!!! your awesome words totally encourage me to post more and more videos!!!!
hope you have the most killer hair day today!!!!!
love and super good hair...your kandee!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

oh and before I forget---hemp shakes!!!!

hey future skinny people....all of you that wanted to order the NUTIVA hemp shakes......thanks for telling them where you heard about it...from ME!!! The CEO and founder called me...he is so nice and wonderful!!!!
He is going to put the shakes back on SALE until JUNE 1st for all of you guys!!! YAY JOHN!!!! THEY ARE HALF PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HURRY AND ORDER!!!!!
My favorite is the POMEGRANATE BERRY....
I just mix mine with 8oz. of Almond Milk......stir in a TBS. of MACA powder, I get mine at:

and get your SHAKES at:
TELL em you heard about it from me!!!!

and they mentioned me in their blog....go check it out!!! it's so fun!!!
and here's the video again, in case you wanna see what the cans look like!!!!
and we're getting sexier and slimmer by the day!!! hee hee hee

How To Blow Dry Your Hair Super Rocker- Straight

get your blow-dryer-guns out....we're about to have a blow out at the hair dry corral!!!
get ready for straight me The Cowlick Killer (the funny part, usually near your forehead where your hair will grow in a crazy direction!)...
what you need:
blow dryer
Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum (helps control frizz and makes your hair dry super fast)
TIGI Fashionista BIg & Bigger Foam (to add volume and lift, you can use Pantene Mousse)
a flat brush
a medium size round brush
and this next video!!!!
next to become a make-up artist!!!

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