Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gwen Stefani - no doubt about it

No doubt.... (pun totally intended)....I've loved Gwen Stefani's style for a long time......I loved her boy pants and punky tank-top look suited my tomboy-ish style of dressing....In high school I work baggy pants and skate shoes...ha ha ha ha ha

Gwen's look is to timeless and old Hollywood glam......I love it!

Here's what I used to get her look.....
MAC shadows in BRULE or BLANC TYPE (nude-ivory colors)
CONTOUR SHADOW colors......OMEGA (light beige-y brown with a slight green hue)
or charcoal brown (a medium cool brown)

LINER in CHROMALINE liner in BLACK BLACK (from MAC) or you could use the FLUID LINE
Black Mascara - L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes

LIPS: RUSSIAN RED from MAC (a cool blue-red-great on all skin tones) or for a more matte look you could RUBY WOO from MAC (it's the one with clay in it...) optional...lipliner.....

BLUSH : just for contour and slight color
HARMONY from MAC (a warm browny-pink)
ANGEL from MAC (a really really light baby pink)

enjoy and go Gwen-it-up!!!!!


Anonymous said...

really pretty, thank u for teaching me so so so many stuff ,, stuff no one else tells us, love ur makeup lots .. i was wondering can u just mention in a next new video u make where did u get all ur beautiful makeup cases ,sorry if u mentioned to us,but i dont remember and i followed u from the start .xo

Unknown said...

I saw the video earlier on youtube and this is just sooo pretty! I just started with makeup and i have a difficult time doing the winged liner. Im practicing though :). Also, I need to get out of my comfort zone and try a red lippie.

btw you are really awesome. I enjoy your videos :)

WL said...

Awesome! Thanks, Kandee!

MzzSamantha said...

I love this look, it's so classic!
You make everything so simple. But i was just wondering, whats the difference between the mac paint pots, and the mac eye primers?
Are we going to be seeing the gwen stefani hair video soon?
&& Also, when are your brushes going to be available??!!??

Unknown said...

Watching your videos makes me love makeup even more than I did, which I don't even know is possible!! I was wondering if you could do this makeup look that Miley Cyrus had at the Grammy's, here's the link to the picture:

If you click on it, it makes the picture a lot bigger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee! I love this look--SO GORGEOUS. I was wondering if you could give me any tips or do a video on how to make sunken in eyes look less... well, sunken in! I mean real deep set eyes. If you could give me any tips that would be awesome. Thank you!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad the chromaline is a pro product! You made me want some so bad!

Anonymous said...

i love your videos and i think your amazing !!! i was wondering if you can do a tutorial on how to correct purple/blue under eye circles and concealors/ correctors you would recommend?i love how you look refreshed and natural under the eye and it's always been problamatic area for me so please if you can make a tutorial on that it would make my day! thanks for your time : )

sarad4 said...

Is this the new camera? It looks a lot clearer. I have to show this one to my sister, she loves gwen stefani. Also you sound a lot like her, and now you look like her haha. Cant wait to see the hair vid. :D

Danni said...

Can you do a Sophia Bush look? I love her she always looks gorgeous with a clean natural look! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hello its the english girl again
you look so cute with this look kandee.
realy suits you!
member to do that video on a basic going out on the town look which includeds lots of glitter, dark eyeshadow and a cute nude lip!
and also give a few cute titps because of being in the clubs, you sweat. so you could do tips on how you can make sure the makeup stays on all night! :D
thankyou so much kandee for your videos!
i love them so much!

Anonymous said...

i love your vids
can u do a look form the girl from the hills? lauren and heidi and augrina

xoxo from italy

Anonymous said...

that wili be awesome


Alina, from Portugal said...

Really really great look! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the pinup makeup!!!
And I really like a lot Gwens's hairstyle.
Have a sparkly day =D

Anonymous said...


thank you so much for the gyaru video!

i love love love it!

im so glad you posted one up! ive shared it with all my friends and we're all in love with your style!

your class babes!

love from the UK!

Ann said...

Thank you for doing a Gwen Stefani look--I've always loved her retro style! The tips for turning the angled liner brush at the corners AND the tip for using a brownish lip liner are fabulous--thanks!

everythingiseventual said...

Hi Kandee,

would love it if you could please tell us how to figure out if we have greenish or blueish tones on our eyes in your next vid?


Anonymous said...

can you please please please make a video of ashley tisdale's make up i her musicvideo's "suddenly" and "it's alright, it's ok"? can you please do both of them? loooove you

Becky said...

Kandee you so did this at the perfect time! Going to see No Doubt on Tuesday! Gwen's my idol and always has been so I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited! Maybe I'll get brave and try this!

Anonymous said...

so many peopels what the look for the hilss girl..
i agree XD

love love love ur vids

jule said...

gyal, you just got it with that look :) i already loved your pinup videos in which you came up with that awesome trick ms. monroe used to do. thank you for that! since im a lover of these old days and the way women used to look you really have me watching those of videos over and over again ;) well, let's get to the point: im going to university which means i dont have that much of money to actually do something different but window shopping at the mac store ;) BUT i decided to buy that fluidline eyeliner pot in black tomorrow! i've had my troubles putting on the liquid eyeliner.. eventhough im ok with it now i think its so much easier to use a angle brush for precise lines. besides i always felt that it is so hard to get that very fluid line right and i usually messed up the wing at the end.. cross your fingers for me it will work out phenomenally with the pot ;)

lots of love from germany and keep it up!

Unknown said...

I'm totally loving you blog, your looks are now i'm officially a follower.
Hope you can return the favor

Anonymous said...

hey kandee this is kelly the girl that text you so interested in your make up seminar!!
i would realy love to join please please book me make room!!

i am just another make up lover ..and im ready to learn more i know i can do it!!

and ones again u have been such a inspiring person in my life take care love yah!!

Anamaria said...

This classic/pin up looks is one of my favorites. And you're great in showing us your make up techniques.
Kisses from Brazil

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