Friday, May 15, 2009

My Everyday Make-Up's friday..only a couple more days til monday!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha
as much as I like to change up the make-up look....there are a few looks that I always catch myself doing....I love greys......grey is a univeral color that looks flattering on fair skinned, dark and rich, brown eyed gals....
so here's my fast look...and again, may I warn you...this video was made after I had consumed a VENTI Starcrack's coffee.....I literally wanted to crawl out of my body....and this is the video with me all kandeed-out on caffeine...I hace since resumed my stimulant-free lifestyle..ha ha ha ha

make up I used:.....
FACE: laura mercier foundation in golden beige
MAC foundation stick to contour face in NV44 (shades darker than my real color)
Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer
Make-Up Forever HD powder (it's color-less)

SHELL cream highlighter from MAC (used as a"primer" or base on eye lids)
BLANC TYPE from MAC (a matte, nude, color...with no shimmer)
SCENE......from MAC dark grey-ish purple
QUARRY...a lighter plumb- grey-brown...
CARBON from  MAC just a black shadow   OR
PRINT...from MAC...a dark grey....i love this color....

BLACK MASCARA....L'Oreal Double Extend TUbes

CHEEKS: shell highlighter from MAC
POSEY cream blush from MAC...a hot, bright pink...that is FAB-UUUUUU-Lous
I went over it with the light pink in the BENEFIT 10 highlighter set...
BLUNT from fav contouring cheek color...a dark, matte, (no shimmer) bronzey-brown

BUERRE fav (a rosey-flesh color)
PRETTY PLEASE lipstick from fav...frosty light pink color for a sexy pout...
and you can use any light pink
I used LUMINARY from MAC (a white-ish pearly color)
or you could use GOLDROCKS (a light greeny-gold lipgloss)...
and that's my "old faithful" "can always count on it to be cute look"..."good for a friday night date look"...ha ha ha ha



Anonymous said...

fix your nails, girl. Yuck.

Aberdeen said...

Starcrack! Hahahahah! So true.

Real girls who work with their hands get chips; it's true.

Love you, Kandeeroooo!

Amanda said...

Hi Kandee,
I'm Amanda from the Netherlands. A 32yr old dark blond and blue eyed girl and I would love to have some real good make-up tips from you!
Also I'm looking for a alternate for the benefit naughty feather cream eyeshadow. I'll be in the US (NYC) in the summer so if you have any good tips, than I can buy them then. Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...


This is gorgeous, i love how it turned out. to make small eyes look bigger!! i have small eyes and putting eyeliner on the lower lid shrinks their size!

im a regular so i hope i can see it up here soon!

love from the UK !

Ciaran369 said...

Hey i wanted to know if you had any very natural mineral make up looks that would be perfect. i have a medium beige skintone. i like to look natural. i use bare minerals a lot.

Anonymous said...

who cares about her nails, sometimes people don't have time to be on top of there nails. my nails are always chipping it happens. Kandee your makeup is awesome I love your videos!!! you really are very talented. thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Heya Kandee. I came across your videos on youtube and followed you here...

Loving all of it! You're actually my idol now I swear. You're fucking gorgeous. You're perfect.

Anyway. I was thinking.. can you do videos and stuff on body care? Not just like face stuff but skincare all around. And like hair removal? Cos I need your top tips!!

And I can't wait to see the tour of your house! And I'd love to see your wardrobe!!

Make more videos hun.
We love you.
Anna Marie xxxx

Meg said...

Hey Kandee!!
That would be sooo fun woking with Conan! looks like you had a great time! :)
I Love the everyday Kandee make-up look! Sooo pretty :)
you are so beautiful inside and out!

keep up the Great Work!!!

sarad4 said...

Haha that was great. You know, I would have happily taken that coffee off your hands. what were you thinking? you already have tons of energy already missy. :) makeup still turned out great too, were i to do that on coffee it would turn traigic.

Irina said...

Hi Kandee, you are soo cool! I wrote you before but u r a daily positive energy dose for me ;)

Thank you for your handmade t-shirts tutorials!
Look in my blog I made Rihanna's T-shirt from Shut Up And Drive video :)

I'm a Huge Fan said...

We love you Kandee!!!
Keep making makeup videos. They are so helpful, you just don't even know.
I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching your tutorials. You are effffin awesome!

We Love Kandee said...

Oh who cares about her nails! Geez, get a life!
She's not here for manicure tutorials. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

Crystal S. said...

LOL at the nail comments. Some people! I got the same kind of stuff on a makeup tutorial I did on another site (not YouTube).

Kandee, you are gorgeous and I am addicted to your tutorials. A lot of times if you have a new one up in the morning, I watch it while I'm feeding my little munchkin (20 months) breakfast. She loves them too and makes me turn the laptop so that she can see you better, then grins. Your energy and joy rub off on me and I'm in a better mood all day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah who cares about your nails! You're beautiful! That person needs to fix her face

Anonymous said...

hey kandee! i just wanted to let you know that you have pretty much changed my life! earlier this year i was diagnosed with major depression syndrome. i had constant unwanted thoughts about suicide...yeah it was bad. i had a self image problem. i was extremely insecure and had 0 confidence. then i started watching your videos(and taking anti depressants ha ha) and they inspired me and gave me hope. i have so much fun putting on make up. and then i look at myself in the mirror and think who is this girl that is so confident and beautiful. i am much more outgoing and happy now :) thank you! you are changing so many people's lives for the better. you are an inspiration!

Shorty said...

I just found you today and let me say... you are an answered prayer!!! I've been watching your videos on my hubby's laptop and the battery is now low, but I am learning so much from your tips and tricks! I love make up and hair, and I love trying to look like a classic pin up chicky, and your videos definitely gave me more ammo to work with tomorrow! I could go on and on with what I've absorbed! I'll be back with questions for you future Q & A sessions. Love those, too!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kandee,

Would you kindly tell me where I can purchase your bath water. I'd like to drink it.



Jennifer said...

Hi I just found your blog and I think that you're amazing at make-up.

I'm wondering if you could do a video tutorial where you use make up that would go well with a cerise-pink ball dress :-)

Hugs and kisses from Sweden,

nhi said...

Kandee! I totally love love love your videos! I was wondering what SPF you use for your face and body? THANKS! keep up the amazing videos for us girls who love you!

edda said...

hi :) ..

I was wondering I have kind of the same color on my eyebrows as you ! .. so could you maybe tell me what color you use on yours ? maybe some color from MAC ? :)

thank you so much and i loove your videos :)

Stephanie said...

i stubled upon your videos and I cant get enough.... There so fun and informative....

Request----shadows/colors for GREEN eyes.

Derma blend i have and have a hard time working with it. makeup... covering up redness. I have very red blotchy skin plus on top of that I have vitiligo---white patches... so Ideas on covering that up...

Thank you for doing all this videos there awesome!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! I was wondering if you could do a Kate Beckinsale look. Possibly? I've been trying to figure out her look for a while and can't quite get it in the Mac world. :) Just a suggestion. Thanks girly girl!

kar said...

Hi Kandee!
THis is a totally random question: how tall are you?! you look like youre really petite but I have a feeling youre not, and height-wise, I mean.
ANd - what kind of shoes do you wear: are you into the whole flats thing, do you wear heels?
Also, your hands are beautiful, you have gorgeous fingers and nails. Do you push your cuticles back? I've done that before and it was terrible.
I'd love to know about your hand/nail care!!!

Thanks so much. Keep doing what you're doing, you have great(er) things ahead of you, I just know it. This is just the beginning and it's so much fun to be here with you (like, alongside you through this course!). Even though I don't literally follow your videos and execute those looks, because they're just not fully appropriate for my life, I've picked up SO much from you it's unbelievable. Make-up, the techniques, the brushes, the layers, used to be so unfathomable to me I never understood it, it was dizzying and seemed ridiculous and now I'm finally GETTING IT! Which is awesome!. I noticed the other day when I was doing my usual make-up even the way I was holding my pencil, working my blush brush, and pulling my eyelid taut to apply the liner (which I never used to do) everything just seemed so natural and like I knew what I was doing and WHY i was doing it, and i just knew that it was all from you!

okay thats just about the last touch on the SHRINE that i have built for you here.
have a great week. I wish you happiness and hope you get everything you want

Autumn said...

Hey Kandee, I just found you videos and blog and I am hooked! I was wondering if you could talk about the expiration of makeup (i.e. when to replace) or any tips on how to make your makeup last longer. I have heard you need to replace your eye shadows every 6 months, mascara every 3 months etc. But that makes it difficult to create a collection of all the different shades if you just have to toss them. Thanks you are awesome!!

Liz said...

Hiya from rainy England girly :)
I have really heavy eyelids, do you have any tips? for e/s looks most of what I apply smudges off even with UDPP.
Take a look at me on my blog you will see what I mean about my eyelids.
Love your blog your lovely and cheerful like me :D


Anonymous said...

OMG! Your videos rock! However I think you are missing one person we would all love to see done, and hopefully you can show us all how to do Princess Leia hair and makeup. If you could that would be awesome! Thank you so much for all the work you do and remember we love you girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee ,
i love your videos , you are awesome . i have 1 question for you ,have you heard anything about
BLUE EYE DROPS that helps the white part of the eyes even whiter ? is it true ? i was able to find it on ebay and amazon . i haven't got it yet . what do you think ? please let me know .
thanks alot you are a doll :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee,

You should do a video showing all of the different makeup BRUSHES that you use.

Can you suggest any good brushes?

How about cheap brushes for us poor folks? LOL

Thank you for all your videos! SO appreciated by us makeup newbies!

Jacqueline said...


I just came across some of your videos on youtube. Love your tips and tutorials. I also had a look at your family blog, your kiddies are sooooo unbelievably cute.

I love the video when Alani puts the eyeshadow on her cheeks and then puts more on and it goes under and above the eyes hahaha so adorable and funny.

Take care

Marie said...

Hey, Kandee! I just started watching your videos on youtube and I'm so glad I stumbled upon them! You give such awesome tips! :) You're such a sweet lady! Hope I could meet you one day!

Take care! So proud of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Just gathered up all these colors and can't wait to re-create this look! Thanks for making my day a little funner, Kandee :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love this look. Could you do a look for brown eyed girls. I know they say that brown eyes pull of everything but maybe something that wil really make them sparkle. Thank you so much I love all your makeup looks! And you could definetely pull off everyhing.

Anonymous said...

Dont listen to people about the eyebrows. Mine are like that too but I pluck them to be more arched. It looks so pretty and more space to show off the fantastic makeup. Besides there kind of like Marilyn Monroe(which by the way I love the makeup you did on her!)

MissDiorCherie said...

I love this look,but do u think its okay for me yo use it ? (I have brown eyes)Becouse im afraid it looks kinda weird with brown eyes and brown eyeshadow :)
But i adore this look.

Michelle *

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee, you are gourges period! I had a quick question though, most of the make-up you listed for this look is more upper ned pricy, what would be the best cheaper alternitive to LAURA MERCIER foundation? its a request, if you can do that I would really appriciate it thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee!!

I just have a real quick question. In a lot of your videos you use a "fluffy brush" for eyeshadow and a "flat brush" for the outer eye crease and whatnot. However, for the life of me I can't tell which of the MAC eye brushesthe "flat" one that you use is. Could you maybe tell me what the number is on that brush? I want to go get it. Thanks, Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee..

Nicola here from Ireland..Just found your videos on You Tube and I loved the Megan Fox look that you did..You are so talented and you put the fun back into make up..Love your diet and fitness tips too, must try the Cod Liver Oil! I have very similar colouring to you with dark hair and eyes and anything that looks good on you, I will try!

Keep up the amazing work..



Anonymous said...

Hi kandee i really love ur tips nd makeup plzzzzzzzzzzzz tel me about black head nd oil skin plzzzzzzzz help me ur r the first person who teach me who to do makeup thankkkkssssss love u

Jamie said...

hi kandee, I just came across your blog and I grew up a tomboy so I'm just starting to experiment with makeup but one thing I always have trouble with is eyeliner.
I'm just wondering if you could show how to do just a basic liner because I feel like if I put any on I just look goth :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee!
My names Natalia, you can call me Tasha. So i just found your site today because I was trying to find tips for makeup and all that good stufff. = ) I am 18 and I have blue eyes, that change alot in the light and I have brown hair. Ok one I already look up to you so much because you seem so sweet and your site is the best! Also because your absolutely gorgeous!! I was wondering if you could help me with finding out what colors would look really good with my eyes. I added you on myspace so you can see how my eyes change. Any tips would help! I look forward to any updates!

Jennifer Coomer said...

I've watched so many of your videos - but this is the first time I've seen this one. And I really could tell that you were feeling hopped up from that coffee!

I like this look. I love wearing greys. I've been wanting to expand my grey MAC palette - so I'll have to try some of these colors you used!

Karen said...

Love your blog and videos.
Your lip liner is Beurre, the French word for butter pronounced 'Bear'? It sounded like you said something else.

lia said...

i agree, who cares her nails? she would be the most beautiful and lovely girl with a bag on her head too. dont be jealous!

gayathri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gayathri said...

Hi Kandee, I am Gayathri from Sri Lanka. I love ur all the makeup videos and already i have watched everything. Would like to meet you and talk with you Kandee. Love ur Style.

Love you Kandee :) :)

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