Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nicole Richie Liquid Liner-pa-looza

get out your liquid liners.....
here's what you need:
FACE: what my video on flawless skin...the new one with the better lighting!
(optional) I used NAUGHTY FEATHER cream shadow as a base (it's  a peach-pink shimmer from BENEFIT)
nude eyeshadow from lashes to brow bone
I used BLANCTYPE from MAC (a super opaque-matte, ivory flesh color) or you could use BRULE (a more yellow-nude color) and use a shimmer on the inner corner and under brows...
then bust out your black liquid liner.....I
I used BOOTBLACK from MAC (any will do, drugstore brands are fine here)
then BLACK MASCARA she uses fake lashes too...I didn't put them on in the video though!

LIPS: nude lip color like MYTH or CREME DE' NUDE from MAC
and I used DAZZLEGLASS lipgloss in GOLDYROCKS (it's limited edition...so don't know how long you can find it)
SUGAR RIMMED is another good frosty nude-pale color
happy liquid-lining! you'll get the hang of it.....
next look voting options up soon!!!
hair stuff or how to be a make-up artist! 
or a sexy, playboy, look with greens!


Anonymous said...

sexy, playboy, look with greens please.

Anonymous said...

Please do a Jessica Biel look? I think it'll be a new fun, fresh, and glowy look for the summer! thanks Kandee!

Michaela said...

I just saw this picture of Megan Fox today and I think she looks gorgeous, I'd love for you to recreate it!
Thank you, you're amazing!

shh-ecret said...

Love the look, as usual :)

Since the other topic is a couple blogs down; how to chemically straighten your hair at home! My weird hair irritates me, and flat ironing it takes ages.. not to mention I have to let it cool down if I want to take it around with me, which means, I gotta wake up earlier (nooo!)

Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

i would love for you to please do a Mila Kunis loook PLEEEASE. It'd be amaaazing(:

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee! My vote goes for "how to be a makeup artist"...but I would def love you to vblog on all of the choices! Thanks!

Aberdeen said...

Wow! This looks so hot on you! You're such a beautiful gal :) I bet you look good even with clown makeup on....Can I pre-request that for the Halloween season?

Hahah! JK

How to be a makeup artist!

SuzyQQ said...

Hair stuff!! :D

Alina, from Portugal said...

You look BEUTIFUL in this look!

Anonymous said...

how to be a makeup artist! how to network, building a great portfolio etc.

Anonymous said...

More looks with colours please.

My vote goes to the sexy playboy look with greens.

Thanks for the options Kandee! :D


vee said...

playboy look with greens , please ! :)

nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nic said...

Please please make a video series on how to become a pro makeup artist

Macbella2 said...

Sexy, playboy look with greens would be great! I love green looks :)

heatherettexp said...

I love it ! Can you do some of this looks :

1. http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/3819/75c6uiv7.jpg

2. http://i43.tinypic.com/1ylbip.jpg



Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee...can u please so a MILA KUNIS look... http://images.teamsugar.com/files/upl1/2/20652/29_2008/MilaMakeup.jpg

Anonymous said...

make up artist please yupii!!

Anonymous said...

Please do how to be a makeup artist... I'm a freelance artist just starting out. Thanks Kandee, you're so inspirational and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

hair stuff


Anonymous said...

hair stuff


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello There.. This Is Probably A Really Random Question, Haha.. But I Was Wondering How Tall You Actually Are?


.des fleurs. said...

i was always TERRIBLE at liquid liner. i tried, like, twice before and it turned into a big mess. your video helped so much! i just went and tried using liquid liner again and it actually turned out AWESOME, i was super impressed that i was actually able to do it. so THANK YOU!

Danie said...

I vote for the sexy green look! I would really love to learn about some cool looks with a lot of color!

I love the hilary duff look with electric purple... something like that would be a w e s o m e.

btw- you are the best and absoulte cutest. you should have your own t.v show or something

Anonymous said...

hey! love the look! could you please do a vid. one like a bollywood look?
i love the katrina kaif look. : )

Anonymous said...

Hiya Kandee
big hugs from the UK, me and my mum love watching your videos on youtube we check everyday to see if you have a new one added =)
you are by far the best makeup guru.
i was wondering if you have the time you would consider doing any of these looks (id love to recreate them):





Keep up the good work look forward to more of your videos

Luv Lauren

Anonymous said...

"super zooming"!!! hahaha loved that! reminded me of Bolt...question: Can one shape their eyebrows in any shape or do you have to deal with whatever you got? I love Megan Fox's eyebrows but i dont know if i can get mine to look like hers :( Ur awesome..thx!

ShannonB said...

I vote for "how to be a makeup artist" i am trying to get started myself in the freelance makeup. All of your advise would be great because you are an awesome artist!

Jaclyn said...

How to become a makeup artist!!! Please, Please, Please

Unknown said...

Kendee you`re the best,I wach all your videos you help me so much keep up the good work!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee,

Along the same lines as your Nicole Richie look, I would LOVE to see a Lauren Conrad look. Her eyes always look so great and basic with the little bit of liquid liner. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

hey kandee,
im new to all your videos, but so far the ones iv watched i love! there so pretty and i love this nicole richie look!
i was wondering if you could do a fun, sexy ,smokey clubbing look. using black and like a hint of colour.
i was out with my mates having a girly night out and i had no idea what i should do with my make-up. normally i wear a black dress going out and all black make-up just looks dull. so i was wondering if you could do a clubbing looking, still using black but making if fun and bright. if that makes sences.
thank you loads! and it would be great if you could do a video.

Michell[: said...

please please please do a dramatic smokey cat-eye tutorial for asian eyes without double eyelid or a small double eyelid.



Sheena said...

My liquid liner runs right down into my eyes when I line the top lash area. As soon as i brush it drips ito my eye area. Does this mean the product is no good, or is this my fault?

pookie:) said...

my liquid line runs down into my eye too i dont know why it does that but i need help with it because it burnd for a while and im scared it will do so again:( can u tell me what im doing wrong??


Jennifer Coomer said...

Hey Kandee,

I noticed that the 2nd photo on this blog post is not showing. There is a message about stealing bandwith. Just wanted to bring to you attention in case you hadn't noticed and wanted to remove or add a new picture.

I'm going to keep practicing this liner liner - feel like I've still not gotten it down just yet.

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