Friday, May 1, 2009

NUDE make-up

i really have a shirt on.......just looks like I'm sans-top!
and here's my super-fast, super, clean, nude, summery, beach look
what you should get out:
face: mix moisturizer and foundation
dab concealer wherever you need it...nostrils, mouth, under eye, eyelids....breakouts..etc
EYES: I used Luscious LAni shadow from the SHADY LADY collection from THE BALM (i got mine at Sephora)
then EYELINER in #206 from the SEPHORA eyeliner series
BLACK masacra from BENEFIT's BAD GIRL mascara
SMOLDER (black eyeliner) from MAC 
GREY shadow in PRINT
or BARK from MAC (a grey brown)
CHEEKS: shell from MAC (a peach cream highlighter)
POSEY from MAC (hot pink cream blush)

LIPS : creme d' nude from MAC (lipstick)
and any pink-peach sheer new fav that my friend from MAC gave me last's called GOLDYROCKS from the DAZZLELIGHTS gloss (it looks green...but it looks awesome on!!!!)
and here we go:


kylee k said...

Kandee. I love watching all your videos. You are so talented.

Anonymous said...

really pretty even in a morning .. kandee how do u do all that stuff, how can u have such a cool demanding job that can last hours and take care of 3 kids, it's so crazy(good crazy :) ) , u should continue writing your old blog ,it was so lovely, hope u are well and continue teach us all the stuff no one wants to. xo (ana)

Anonymous said...

Kandee you look really pretty even without makeup! I completely agree with you about the word HAUL. The first time i heard it i thought it was like something you regretted buying. By the way your face looks flawless. Could you please do a Veronica Lake tutorial! Thanx a million.

Lori said...

This one is so great! I wish I had your flawless skin!! Im 30 and still have some breakouts. :( Maybe you could do a flawless face video like the one you did already, but geared more towards camo-ing flaws? That would be sooo helpful. Your videos are amazing. When I listen to them with my hubby in the room he always asks if Im watching "the eyebrow girl" because he was watching me to them while listening to your video! Hahahaha See even a man appreciates your talents!

Micol said...

Awesome Candy! Thank you! Few items for a wonderful, light, everyday look... and good colors to start building a makeup case :D Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I Love this look!! and well..every look you do!haha I Can't wait to watch the next video on how you razor cut your bangs!!! I will for Suretry that one too!! :)

Kana said...

i love your skin tone... i have an olive skin but i have really bad issues with having an even skin tone. between acne marks (even when i dont touch my face) and just uneven spots i dont know what to do. I dont want to spend like $50 on one product... $20 is like max that i have! any ideas would be great. i would love to have a glowy even skin tone, especially now that summer is here!!

great vid. :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee, keep up the great work! I have become so much more confident in my own makeup, and even did my mom's makeu for mother's day today! I have gotten so many compliments and have come to love (and not be SCARED) of doing my makeup! Maybe could we do some lavendar/plum/purple stuff? Keep up the good work! We love you in Alabama!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, i Love you videos! Wow so useful... i'm actually going to go and invest in some Mac make-up products tomorrow (: Was just wondering what the Best foundation out there is? I have been using Revlon Colour Stay liquid foundation for the past year or so, but find that it always comes off! I need one for when i go out.. that will not come off until i take it off?? Would be great to hear from you. Im all the way in Auckland, New Zealand lol. Thanks

Anonymous said...

awesome! i really love your videos.

Anonymous said...

hey kandee! i am so grateful that i found u on youtube. im 27 yrs old and have never learned to put makeup on and hate the way i look when other put it on me. i love the natural colors u use and how pretty everything turns out. u make it look so easy. u are my new favorite person and i love ur personality! keep the videos coming and im spreading the word about Kandee!
thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

thank god i finnaly discovered your blog, i think i watched almost all your videos in only one day and i have to say that you motiveted me to take much care of myself,so first of all i would be really thankful if you gave me a list of the most important cosmetics that each girl should have (that, if you haven;t already posted something like that),but since i'm from romania (easthern europe) and i have no access at all the brands that you suggest, i would like you to just name the products. love you soo much! waiting for your answer :*

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