Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do you wanna Ride?

 Don't you wanna ride in this with me?!? ha ha ha ha
No, I did not ride in this, for real... I just had to have Jordan take a pic of me in it!
But how fun does this look! Like a motorcycle but safer! ha ha ha
This was at the same place where we picked out our sweet mini-van, which I've nicknamed the Hawaiian Hot Rod.
This was how my hair looks when it's soaking wet, in a ponytail...
we walked through the most amazing "rain foresty" trail yesterday, where, as you can see water was running down my face. It was like a "nature shower"!

And please look at the pictures I took for you guys to see these amazing flowers at a roadside stand, where I bought some mangoes, sugar cane, coconut candy and lilikoi (which I discovered, I'm not a fan of)...

And I was gonna buy a dragon fruit for us to try, until the lady told me they were $25 a pound! One of them cost about $35! I told her, I could wait to try one! ha ha ha Then my sister said  she tried one before and that I wouldn't like it!

dragonfruit and motorcycle-cars, your kandee

clickity clack here to see the coolest hat you've ever seen?!?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunburned smiles and our new obsession!

 Yesterday: Whaler's Village (me and my sunburned smile)
Me and Alani fell in love with this semi-tacky-but-kinda-cool, turquoise and olive green flocked wallpaper.
(just in case someone might ask, my dress is from Mink Pink, I bought it online somewher last year, and just put a belted it with an old black belt)

As we walked around the Whaler's Village- our escape in the shade, because of my sunburn- I saw these as we sat and ate our Shave Ice.
I had to show you these phone cases...aren't they "be-dazzly"...and no, in case you were wondering, I did not buy one! ha ha ha
this was right after sunset....amazing.
I feels like a glimmer of the beauty of what my dad is seeing in Heaven, I think about him all day, how much fun he'd be having with us, what he'd say...last night, unbeknownst to anyone- as we walked through the parking lot- it hit my heart very hard, and an inescapable sadness hit me, I prayed for God to comfort my heart, and I was thankful that I know my dad is seeing beauty more than this in Heaven.
And I tried my hardest to imagine my dad's voice telling me to have fun.
So back to something fun to talk about...because my dad would love these too!
And our newest obsession: 
We have eaten 2 of these a day since we got here!
It's nothing like a snow cone...it's like "powdered ice"-fluffy and delicious!
My favorite flavor it:

 Which flavor would you pick?!?

Gentle hugs- hugs because my back is sooooo sunburned, kandee

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm hot alright....

my skin is so hot it feels like it's a lil' toasty...

After I put sunscreen on everyone else yesterday...
I failed, forgot, and didn't put it on myself.
Resulting in the red-ness you see above.
I also might add, that in this photo you do not really see just how red I am in real life- this photo doesn't do my sunburn justice. ha ha ha

And yes, that is my hair in a braid- I slept with it in a braid to help protect my hair from turning into dreadlocks, which my hair likes to do at night! How nice of you hair, to dreadlock my hair for me while I sleep! ha ha ha I'd look like a pale, yet, sunburned, Bob Marley (with my morning-dreads)

Happy-short-Sunday post...from an Aloe covered kandee...

just call me

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hawaii, Walmart & leis

This is me.
With a lei on.
 In the bathroom....... in Hawaii!!!
 This was my travel outfit...way up close.
Forever 21 stretch-denim leopard pants.
Forever 21- "neon" minty green shirt with cool buttons.
I try to go easy on the jewelry in the airport, because it takes to long to take it off in security! ha ha ha
Upclose shot of my lei- that smells so good I wish I could just put it inside my nose- to smell all the time! ha ha ha
It smells like Heaven- and made me wonder what it smells like to my dad in Heaven too.

We had to make a stop at Walmart to get some snacks and things after we landed and they have way cooler things at Hawaiian Walmarts than I've ever seen!
Hawaiian jewelry, food like Macadamia Nut "everything" from brittle to cookies...and I was amazed at their Hawaiian fabric aisle:
LOOK AT THE AMAZING-NESS of ALL the beautiful hawaiian prints!
 Just looking at all the Palm Trees and the moonlight on the water...I thought, it felt a little bit like Heaven to me, here on Earth, and I couldn't help but wonder...how beautiful is everything my dad is seeing Heaven right now...

The best part of traveling from the west coast- even further west...is the time change: When we woke up here at our normal morning time- we are up so early here! There's a 3 hour time difference- wo you really make the most of your day because you're on "automatic-early-wake-up"- it's awesome!

Off to go do something with my hair that is way "non-straight" here in the humidity...ha ha ha

Hawaiian Hugs (yay!!!) and can't wait to take you on "virtual vacation with me"....kandee

PS. My favorite part was when I told Jordan and Marcus (our cousin who's Jordan's age) to look at the how beautiful the moon looked shining on the water...to which they replied in their funny boy-ness- "Ew, look at the gross moon water!" ha ha ha ha Teenage boys.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Someone's Goin On Vacation

This was me, when I was about 7.
Me, my mom and dad, and sister, Tiffany went to Hawaii- it's the only time I've ever been there.
And although I had been planning a vacation for us to go there before the news about my dad last month...after that I didn't want to even eat, much less, even think about a vacation. I just had post-poned everything.

But as we are getting near to school starting next month, I thought it would be good for all of our hearts and our minds- to make some memories on vacation.

My dad always said that- "we're makin' memories", even when something not so good happened, my dad would just laugh and say, "we're makin' memories!"...

I know my dad would want us to go and have fun, since nothing has felt fun at all.
I don't really remember too much from when we went there when I was a kid, accept I remember the air smelled to amazing, like you were breathing in flowers. And I remember this day, when my dad helped me climb up onto this rock at these waterfalls...
Just like always my dad would take my hand and help me to where I was trying to go...
As you all know (probably, by now) that my dad died last month, just hours before he was supposed to pick me up from the airport...the last time we headed to get on a plane, was the last time I saw my dad. But I know my dad wouldn't want me to think about that part, he would just want us to go have fun, because he was always making sure everything was fun.
Me and my sister, posing with a hula dancer...who probably doesn't have that big 80's hair anymore...
And I kinda wish I still had those brown sandals I've got on. I think our dresses were made by my mom or Nana...we always had matching outfits that were sewn my mom or my Grama...ha ha ha

I'm am excited and feel so blessed that I will get to blog from such a pretty place...yes, I may be on vacay but I will still be blogging so that you guys will get to feel like you get to go on "vacation with your eyes"...

So look forward to picture where I look a bit older and taller, than in these ones! About the only thing that will be the same, is probably that I won't be wearing make-up like in these! (ha ha ha) I'm bring waterproof eyeliner and mascara in case I feel like getting "glam".....

hugs and hula skirts (I don't have enough boob-ness to wear the coconut top), your kandee

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Say it ain't so.....

I thought "What the Hello Kitty!?! When I saw a bodysuit in Forever 21!
Yes, I owned a bodysuit- In 1994!
For those of you who don't know what a bodysuit is...a bodysuit is that thing in the picture above.
It's like if a shirt and one-piece bathing suit had a child, it would be a bodysuit. It's like a onesie for babies.

I saw the one above for sale online...and it was actually out-of-stock! Who knew!

Questions of the Day?

1. Did you ever own a bodysuit?

2. Would you ever wear one again? ha ha ha ha

And who doesn't love having snaps to your uni-suit, in your crotch area?!?

wishin I had a picture of me wearing my bodysuit turtleneck shirt and some plaid-ish green pants, your kandee

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Would You Want a 2-Story Closet?!?

At first glance at this closet, you may get a little light-headed with amazement, excitement, perhaps you now want to pin this somewhere for when you dream about your future dream-tastic-home.

What person, wouldn't want a 2-story closet, after all?! I remember being a kid and I wanted to live in a 2 story house...so bad. After all, ALL my favorite tv shows had 2-story houses- Diff'rent Strokes, Family Ties, Who's The Boss, Full House, The Brady Bunch, everyone lived in 2-story houses, except me. My house just had a hallway- but man, did I want a curved staircase like Arnold and Willis got to walk down.
I couldn't even imagine a 2-story closet!

This closet is another stair-steppin' closet, that's 2 stories. The owner was a Chanel fan, as you can see by the rug, downstairs. And this closet was even featured on HGTV's Million Dollar rooms because this closet was said to be worth about 5 mil-lee-ohn (yes, million) dollars.

I don't even think there's a Kardashian with a 2-story closet!

The only problem I see, or maybe it's a good thing, what if you have to keep running up and down those stairs?
#1. You are gonna get in great shape, hoofin' it up and down those steps everytime you change your mind about a shirt.
#2. You are gonna get really tired, every time you wanna change your shirt. ha ha ha ha

 I'm just happy I have a closet! ha ha ha I have lived with all my clothes in a stack of Rubbermaid plastic drawers  before, so I'm just blessed I've got a closet that I can use hangers with! ha ha ha ha

What do you think? 
Would you want a 2-story closet?
Or do all those stairs make you feel tired already?
ha ha ha ha

closets full of hugs for ya, kandee

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rock the Moc: Walkin' on Sunshine, baby!

Now, why am I blogging about Moccassins in the Summertime....because I saw these
Four score and seven years ago....I wore these. (I really like the 5-tier ones, but they don't make em' in yeller)
Ok I really just wore them last year, and as you can see it was hot- I'm wearing shorts, which rarely happens.
And yes, I rocka-flocka-flamed these babies, when it was as hot as some campfire flames outside. And let me tell you, they were comfy and cool. Yeah, moccasins seem like they'd be hot, but they are surprisingly cool.

I wore those Minnetonka 5-layer Moccasins, so much...that literally I wore the soles off the shoes! I'm not sure when I've worn a pair of shoes so much, other than my Converse or Havaiianas (or however you spell their name) flippy floppies. But they were as comfy as slippers- no shoe has ever been so comfy-tastic.

Now, why am I blogging about Moccassins in the Summertime....because I saw these

and thought they would look so stinkin' cute underneath a long striped skirt or paired with some cute cut-off shorts (even though I hardly wear shorts, just sayin' for the shorts-wearers out there).
Yes, they also come in red and all the other same ol'-same ol' colors..black, grey, brown, forest green...but there's somethin' about these in yellow that just makes me hear:
"I'm walkin' on SUNSHINE....whoa-oh! And don't it feel good! Alright now!" 

Yes, I saw these on Zappos.com, I went to the real Minnetonka Moccasin site and they didn't even have these gems!

And now you may be thinkin', Kandee, but those are too tall for me to likey....well, how bout' we drop em like a low-rider:

What's that you say?!? Still too tall...okay, let's drop it like it's heavy......
And just like in a game of limbo...this is a low as they go.
 The "Mini-tonka" (ha ha ha) Kilty Suede Moc. And yeah, yeah, yeah...if you're not feeling the yellow sunshine love...they come in other colors like pink, grey, black, dark grey, brown...bloopity bloo bah...you get the idea.

I will tell you...I had my first pair of moccasins when I was a baby, and they just might be the most comfortable shoe you'll ever wear. And again, my friends, these babies are not trendy, they are style shoes.


Funny side note: I think it's funny I went to the Minnetonka website and it said "Minnetonka takes Manhattan"...for the summer...and I was like, "whaaaaaat, I already took my Minnetonka's to Manhattan last year"....see the picture at the top. I be Minnetonka'in' in Manhattan since last yiz-ear...ha ha ha ha.
holla' at ya' Moccasin, kandee

Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 5 Waterproof/ Sweatproof Eye Make-Up Musts

 Even if you're not gonna be blasted in the face with a Super Soaker, or you might not be crying yourself a river today, or maybe not even doing the Insanity Workout and sweat is running into your eyes...
no matter what, your girl Kandee, has your back, or rather, YOUR EYES, now Ariel won't be the only one with pretty lashes while she swims.

I'm gonna share with you my TOP 5 waterproof and sweatproof eye make-up loves. And the best part...most of em' can all be picked up at your fav drugstore!

L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Waterproof (seen above in the blue and white tube of goodness)
*I wear it in Black...they make a BROWN/BLACK for  those that don't want to be so dark-lashed.

why it's so great:
*I've tried all kinds of "waterproof" mascara over the years from Max Factor, Cover Girl, to Dior, and nothing has come close to the Double Extend Tubes Waterproof- it doesn't make your lashes so hard that they hurt your eyelid, it doesn't smell weird, and it actually is, super waterproof!
*I've cried wearing this- didn't come off.
*I've work-out with this on, so hard that sweat was running down my face- didn't come off.
*Swimming- don't even worry about it moving.
*I even had water thrown in my face (for a "waterproof" make-up tutorial I've needed to edit for months now) didn't melt off at all!

These are not in order of my "favorite-ness"- just in the order I drew em' on my hand:
A. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in ONYX
*why I love it:
*easy on the wallet and it works
*handy twist up pencil, so sharpening required

B. (same product, just different awesome color) Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in PEWTER
*why i love it:
*you can smudge it right after you apply it (before it "sets") and get a beautiful smokey-waterproof eye. This color looks smokey, sultry, and gorgy on every eye color too!

C. Urban Decay Glide-On 24/7 Eye Pencil in Perversion (black)
*why I love it:
*It is by far the creamiest application.
*It lasts wayyyy longer- even after you try to scrub it off with a scratchy paper towel (SEE THE TEST BELOW).
*It's really inky, dark, dark, black.
This is what my hand looked like after I scrubbed it, super hard, with a paper towel, probably 10-15 times. The Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Liner in Perversion...was definitely had the most staying power!

L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner in Black, but they make it in Brown also.
*why I love it:
*say you just want to hit the beach with a glam winged liner and lipgloss...you can do it and it won't sweat off while you tan or smudge off while you splash in the water.
*it doesn't flake off or come off in strips or chunks like other kinds can.

MUST MENTION (because I don't have any right now to photograph- I'm all out)
MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner
*why i love it:
*it is kinda like a semi-permanent tattoo..ha ha ha...It is even, really hard to get off, even when you're ready to take it off!  When I use it to do my "eye brow" dots...
sometimes, even after several "make-up remover" products, those babies are still on! ha ha ha

(this is my fav drugstore brand, I have other favs but this is great to save money so you can save your money or buy yourself a yummy frozen lemonade)
MAYBELLINE Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow in "Tough as Taupe"
It come in lots of other fun and bright colors, but this color is just classicly beautiful for everyone!
*why I love it:
*it really lasts and goes on creamy and smooth. (I just blend it with my fingers, then you could apply your waterproof liner and mascara and you're good to go!)

If you need some waterproof eyebrows, for if you have hair loss or a scar in your eyebrows or just want your defined brows- just use a waterproof pencil in brown to fill in and define and it will last too!

So whether you're gonna be singing, "I'm on a boat"...or "I'm in a kiddie pool", or "I live where it's so humid I live with sweat running down my face", or "My summer job is sitting in a dunk tank"....I've got your back, or eye...

I can't speak for your hair, but at least now your face doesn't need to be scared of water....
super soakers and slip n' slides, your kandee

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is is too Late to OMBRE?!?

My sister asked me this:
"Is it too late to Ombre my hair?!? Is it like if I just asked for the Jennifer Aniston hair cut!?"

So this blog post is one great big answer for my sister and any of you wondering the same thing!?

As you know, the Ombre trend has been around for a bit now...
So has, having hair, coloring it, highlighting it, darkening it, coloring the ends...braiding it.
If you look at pinterest, you might just ban yourself from ever braiding your hair because you might tired of seeing all the thousands of braided hair styles! ha ha ha


ol LEFTY, is dark, just as they'd call me and my sister when we were little:
"the girls with the black hair"...
And we'd be like: 
"NO, it's really dark brown!" 

Ombre for the hair is kinda like the smokey eye look for your eyeshadow....it's dark and sultry then fades to the "outerlimits" of lightness....
Going lighter for summer always feels fun.
You feel like you look more tan, even if your not.
It makes you feel like perhaps you actually spent time outdoors, even if you don't have time to.
And change is GOOD!
Any change is good to throw some new-ness in the mix OF YOUR LIFE.

And to all the "Ombre is so out"...."I ombred my hair 5 years ago when no one was doing it"- people out there that make you wonder if you should even Ombre your hair....
I say Ole' to Ombre...yes still.
Jump on the Ombre train...because nothing new has really popped up in hair color trends...besides coloring the tips of your hair (yeah I've got a video for that too- CLICK HERE tO SEE IT) or streaking it with color...
and if the next trend is just going all dark....that's not really that exciting, that's what I looked like before!




So wear what you love, well maybe except those old "hammer pants" you might have hiding in your closet....NO, you know what!? If you like the hammer pants and they make you happy- WEAR EM- you just might bring them back in style!

it's just hair that looks yummy and melty, and gradually gets lighter at the ends...if you haven't done it and want to.....try it...and if anyone gives you any hassle, just tell em' "well, Kandee is still Ombred and she doesn't even give a hoot if someone complains that her earrings don't match. So, put your "hair trend police badge down....I'll ombre ALL day ERRY DAY!"

and if you wanna try it...you can head for a salon and leave  feeling ready to Ombre Fiesta or if you wanna give it a whirl at DIY Ombre, I made a little "How to Ombre Video"..AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE- ha ha ha:
(click on the YOUTUBE logo- bottom right hand corner to watch it super-sized)

final words: don't let a "trend-watcher" scare you away from trying something because you didn't do it when everyone else did....

I'm out like a rap star....."I OM-BRE...ALL DAY ERRY' DAY".....peace out, K-DAZZLE

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Friday, July 20, 2012

My current make-up routine....

J-lo has beautiful make-up on in this photo.
But, this is not my current make-up routine.
I am just showing you this picture to show you that we do, both have something on that is the same.
All I have been wearing on my face for the last month almost, has been:
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

When Scott Barnes would do J-lo's make-up, this is what he would use to "prep" her face for make-up. It is an amazing moisturizer that I used to use soooooo long ago, and I forgot about how amazing it was til I bought some more. I got mine at Whole Foods, but you can click HERE to go to their website.

It doesn't have a "celebrity-like" price tag, like a La Mer or other pricey-pants moisturizer. But it is amazing!

If anyone is in need of a new, natural moisturizer, that really packs a moisturzing punch, and that makes your skin glow like j-lo- even without make-up on...this is the stuff for you. I don't like my skin feeling dry in any way at all, so I love this stuff. It is great for even the driest and crackliest of skin.
*bonus- it even has ingredients that reduce and soothe redness and couperose, and is made for even the most sensitive of skin types!

Now, if you are on the oily side or combination side, they make the: MELISSA DAY CREAM, that even helps control shine.

So whether your gonna just wear moisturizer today, like me, or you're gonna slap some "pretty stuff" on your face like, J-lo, above....either way this stuff is gonna make your skin look beautiful!

Here's to helping you have perfect, red-carpet worthy skin- without a $150 (or more)  price tag! ha ha ha

wearing zero make-up again today, but lots of Rose Day Cream ....man, you should see how fast I get ready without all the make-up...I'll blog a picture when I do put make-up back on...ha ha ha, your kandee

PS. To anyone that may be curious, as to why, I haven't had any interest in putting make-up on, you can click here to see why I haven't cared about it all, really.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My SLEEP-check list....

This is what my "night table", "side table", "nightstand" (whatever you call it) looks like.
Water- check
My favorite TREAT LIP BALM- check.
BUT......INSOMNIA-you, mean, old, not nicey, you- you were not on my checklist!

Last night. I didn't sleep, until way too late.
I tried.
I tried for hours,
and hours to sleep.
I watched tv.
I read.
I listened to a soothing "sleep app" on my phone.
I tried getting more pillows.
And hours just kept on going by.
Poor Ellie and her molars that are coming in, kept waking up, too...poor baby.
Nothing worked.
Now you guys all probably know I will post a blog or edit a video until 2 or 3am...but this was not the case.
I was just in my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking, trying not to think.

I've read that part of grieving, when you've lost a loved one, is insomnia.
The things you think of, the moments you replay in your head, are really hard to stop sometimes. Even if you haven't lost a loved one, and your brain just keeps thinking when you want to just go dream of living in your dream house and all the other things that are fun to dream of.

Well, I just was in my bed, hoping I would sleep until I last looked at my clock that said 6:30 am....I was so tired but I couldn't sleep.

So I probably got less sleep than someone than takes a nap, last night...
And no, I would not take a sleeping pill...I don't even take Tylenol if something hurts.

I look, well, like someone that didn't sleep....I'd post a picture but it is kinda' frightening..ha ha ha

this even took me way too long to write this blog post...and yes in the middle of the night I thought, "oh I should just go write my blogs"..then I thought, "no, that might really make you awake, even more..."...
I should've just written my blogs....ha ha ha ha

hope you all have an amazing day and that anyone having a hard time sleeping, will gently drift off to "wonderful dreamland"...shortly after your precious head touches the pillow....HUGS, Mr. Sandman, I mean, Kandee

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Once upon a blonde...

I found this "blonde picture"...as me and my mom were going through pictures last week...
This was many years ago.
This was in my fashion era, where I wore pretty much everything from thrift and vintage stores..and yes this was a shirt from my "Boy Scout Shirt" treasures I found at thrift stores.
I would cut the back of the shirt so it was more flattering to a girls figure- sorry I don't have a picture of that...ha ha ha
One of my favorite outfits was this boyscout shirt and a pair of really beat up jeans with lots of holes in them.

I really loved having fun blonde hair, but since the texture was the increasingly becoming more like that of the hay you might sit on at a county fair or dry brush that might be considered flammable... my "blonde ambition" had to turn back to it's natural shade of "pretty dark alright"...

What was one of your "old fashion outfits" you loved?!?

this post is short thanks to the internet going out in my neck of the woods all morning...so this is all my little frazzled brain has to share, before it is night time...ha ha ha ha



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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Tattoos Get Older....

(src: pinterest Lyle Tuttle, a tattoo artist, who began tattooing in 1949)
Ever wonder what tattoos might look like when someone adds a couple decades of birthdays to their age?
I remember when my grandpa was still alive  and I would look at all his "sailor" tattoos, he had an anchor on his arm...and wonder what they looked like when he was young- they were then all kind of green-ish, blue and dark grey-ish.

Look at the handsome, young tattooed fellow on the left....and how his "tattoo" shirt...had stood the test of time. Honestly, you could take his young picture and he'd look like he'd fit right in with modern day young guys, hair style, pants and all!

And now I know, beyond just my grandpa...what tattoos might look like 20, 30, or 40 years later...
I kinda' think he looks like he could've played a young "Rebel without a Cause"- James Dean type-character in movies, don't you?!?

I have no tattoos but I've got one giant scar on my leg (ha ha ha) , your kandee

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Monday, July 16, 2012

When will I return to Youtube?

I know, many people that don't know what's happened in my life...keep asking, tweeting and commenting, asking when will I post a new video on Youtube.

If you don't know what's happened either, you can click her for more detail. But I have suffered the most painful heartache, at the death of my dad last month.

I have tried 2 times to try to make a youtube video...and I just couldn't.
You can see through my eyes at the heartbreak, the grief, the loss, the sadness.
My heart just can't do it.
They say that sometimes 4-6 weeks after someone you love has died, after the heart-ripping shock and pain, that the hurt of missing them hits you harder than before. That is where I'm at.

I don't know when I will return to youtube. If I will edit the video I filmed before I found out about the tragic loss of my dad. I don't know.

I want to thank you all so much for all the love you've sent to me in your precious comments. You have no idea what it's meant to me. And how I feel God has spoken to my heart through your words and through you sharing the heartache from the loss of your loved ones.
I say all this, to give you a much longer answer than I can tweet or even comment on youtube- that I don't know when I'll return to Youtube. I don't know if it will be soon, or if I'll never post another video again.

I will continue to blog...as my broken heart can't been seen in my eyes like in a video. The tone of sadness can't be heard in my voice. And the expression of grieving can't be seen on my face...
As I write these words....I just pour my heart and hopefully a little bit of happiness (well, maybe not so much in this post..but in the others!) into your day.

Thank you for wanting to see my videos or for even saying you miss them. It makes me glad to know you like them, in the sea of other videos you could watch on Youtube.

I'm not saying BYE to Youtube for good, just "bye for now"...until my heart feels better. Thanks for your love and support. I wish I could see you all in person right now, and really feel the hugs I'm sending you and the hugs you send to me. I don't just say you are like my family to sound fun, I really mean it, you are each precious to my heart and flowers of inspiration to me. And remember, I love you and thank you again, for your love you've given to me and my little heart.

Thank you for reading what I write on my blog...it has offered some love and purpose in my heart when I read your comments that maybe, something I've written, maybe some heartbreak I've been through could offer you the feeling you're not alone. Thank you for your love and kindness.

Huge hugs, from your kandee

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The BEST Birthday presents...

If there was an award for best "present-picker-outer"...I would give it to my sister, Tiffany.
I just got her birthday presents for me, in the mail, yesterday and I have to have a show and tell moment, because I love them!
Now, just to let you know, my beloved yellow rose ring (which is now a wee bit broken, from all the wearing I've put it through)...was chosen for and given to me by my sister too! See, how well she does picking things out that I love, even though we have totally different styles! I love her!
Now back to the gifts:
Not only did she get me Bacon Socks (just to be funny and cozy)....
She got me the coolest "shoe wings", SHWINGS, which I absolutely love- these are gonna make my Converse Chuck's make me feel like "I believe I can fly".
They even make Shwings for Toms shoes and for kids...I love these!
And she got me these cool neon orange (even though online they were yellow! ha ha ha) as art deco/native-ish earrings that I lu-luv!

She even had a red velvet bundt cake sent to me, from We Take The Cake...and yes that is the same place famous for Oprah's favorite Key Lime bundt cake.
Bundt is such a funny word to say...Bund-TTTTT!

I love my sister. I love that she is the most awesome present-picker-outer...I love that she knows me so well, she picks me things I love!

Love for my sister and everyone reading this, your kandee

Friday, July 13, 2012

My MOST embarrassing fashion statement....

I thought I'd bring you some friday fun...at my little "fashion" expense.
Above you'll see me on the right and my little sister, Tiffany, on the left.
As your eyes scroll down, you'll see what was my favorite way to wear my SOCKS!
I would start with them pulled up as high as they'd go, then I'd gently roll them down until they looked like I had stepped inside a donut with each foot.

I know....I could see these hitting the pages of Vouge anytime soon, too.

And yes, feel free to wear your socks like this...I'm not owning this trend, I'm sharing it! ha ha ha

To further support how awful this was, my mom even talk about this being the "most pull your hair out thing I did" in this video: (ha ha ha)

Hope this made you smile or even giggle a little in your mind, or at least make you feel like a real "fashionista" because you probably don't have your "donut-socks" on like I did!

Please if you have a "embarrassing fashion" moment that you think is just as bad or worse...please share and tell in the comments below so we can spread the laughter! ha ha ha

hugs bigger than my donut-roll socks, kandee

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stuff I lose and the trouble with "trends of the moment"...

I lose more pairs of sunglasses than anything else!
In this picture above, which was a while ago, I was wearing my old favorite pair of Anon Sunglasses in the Luce model (which they don't make anymore)...I loved these sunglasses- LOST THEM.
And on 4th of July- I was wearing my next favorite sunglasses, my SABRE KOZOI sunglasses- LOST THEM.

I could probably keep going with a huge list of sunglasses I've lost...
Actually my first, favorite pair of sunglasses, was a pair of white frost Arnette sunglasses (I have no picture of me wearing them because it was in high school)...I never lost those babies.

But just goes to show you...
all this junk we buy, whether clothes, jewelry (boy I could write a post on my favorite jewelry I've lost!!), watches, shoes.....everything...it all either gets lost or ruined.
The greatest investment you make isn't in material stuff (anything you can buy)...
which is quite contrary to all fashion blogs- which make you feel that in order to BE HAPPY you need to have what they show themselves wearing to BE HAPPY or stylish.
The sad truth is, I've heard of many fashion bloggers who are near bankruptcy because they are trying to keep up and buy all they think they need to fashionable and "on trend".

Now I've grown up loving fashion, design, shoes, accessories and all of that....however it makes me sad to see and feel the pressure when you read some blogs, that if you don't own all the clothes they show off everyday, if you're not on a yacht eating breakfast with celebrities, if you aren't sitting front row at fashion week, or being invited to parties by the designers...that you're life just doesn't feel good- I've got good news for you.
Some of the most stylish people I've ever known- didn't buy their "style" by buying a pricey trend, they never owned an Hermes bag or a pair of Louboutins.
What they owned was for more valuable- they had style, they didn't need to buy it.
Some of the things I have been most asked about where I got it, came from old vintage stores, flea markets, or made my small crafters and designers, that weren't pricey or from fancy boutiques at all.



Some of the truly most stylish people I've ever known, didn't have a lot of money, they didn't have fancy designer clothes, they had something far more valuable- individual style. Style last longer than any trend ever will.

Today don't feel bad when you see celebrities wearing the same expensive "item of the moment"- that is more "trendy" than a true style.
Don't feel bad when you see a fashion blog and don't have anything they have.
Don't even feel bad if you have something and it gets lost- it's almost a guarantee when it's a pair of sunglasses!
The one thing you'll never lose is your sense of style.
And that is what can make a $5 pair of sunglasses look cool.
Your style is what makes you feel happy, comfortable and confident.

Hugs and still hoping I find my sunglasses under the seat in my car (ha ha ha ha), kandee

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My, BEST OF, Hand Decoration

(turquoise nails and my old yellow rose ring- which is now cracked)
As I was looking through pictures....I thought it might be fun to give you a "BEST OF" hand decoration pictures...nail polish, rings, bracelets...
These are not the BEST EVER, because I can't find all my pics, but these are the best of this year maybe! ha ha ha
 Glitter nails and Turquoise ring
(nails to match my "here's lookin' at you kid" ring..ha ha ha This is ring kinda hurts, those eyelashes are so sharp, they poked my other fingers and made them bleed)
You can never really go wrong with white or black nails, so I did a little of both.
 Neon matte pink nails and a yummy orange sherbert and turquoise color ring
 These are some of my favorites...these are not my nails, but the amazing nails of a precious girl that came to IMATS (Internaational Make-Up Artist Trade Show), to come meet me....
Look at her thumb even has my blog design on it! AMAZING....
 And really, the most important thing is not what's on your hands, but what your hands are on...
No greater joy is there in your heart that when you are embracing a heart that you can fill with your love.

There is no nail polish in the world that can make you feel loved. 
What difference can your hands make today in the world...will it just be to make yourself feel fancy or will it be something that can make someone else feel loved?

typing this with no polish and not one piece of jewelry on at all (ha ha ha), your kandee

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