Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stuff I lose and the trouble with "trends of the moment"...

I lose more pairs of sunglasses than anything else!
In this picture above, which was a while ago, I was wearing my old favorite pair of Anon Sunglasses in the Luce model (which they don't make anymore)...I loved these sunglasses- LOST THEM.
And on 4th of July- I was wearing my next favorite sunglasses, my SABRE KOZOI sunglasses- LOST THEM.

I could probably keep going with a huge list of sunglasses I've lost...
Actually my first, favorite pair of sunglasses, was a pair of white frost Arnette sunglasses (I have no picture of me wearing them because it was in high school)...I never lost those babies.

But just goes to show you...
all this junk we buy, whether clothes, jewelry (boy I could write a post on my favorite jewelry I've lost!!), watches, all either gets lost or ruined.
The greatest investment you make isn't in material stuff (anything you can buy)...
which is quite contrary to all fashion blogs- which make you feel that in order to BE HAPPY you need to have what they show themselves wearing to BE HAPPY or stylish.
The sad truth is, I've heard of many fashion bloggers who are near bankruptcy because they are trying to keep up and buy all they think they need to fashionable and "on trend".

Now I've grown up loving fashion, design, shoes, accessories and all of that....however it makes me sad to see and feel the pressure when you read some blogs, that if you don't own all the clothes they show off everyday, if you're not on a yacht eating breakfast with celebrities, if you aren't sitting front row at fashion week, or being invited to parties by the designers...that you're life just doesn't feel good- I've got good news for you.
Some of the most stylish people I've ever known- didn't buy their "style" by buying a pricey trend, they never owned an Hermes bag or a pair of Louboutins.
What they owned was for more valuable- they had style, they didn't need to buy it.
Some of the things I have been most asked about where I got it, came from old vintage stores, flea markets, or made my small crafters and designers, that weren't pricey or from fancy boutiques at all.



Some of the truly most stylish people I've ever known, didn't have a lot of money, they didn't have fancy designer clothes, they had something far more valuable- individual style. Style last longer than any trend ever will.

Today don't feel bad when you see celebrities wearing the same expensive "item of the moment"- that is more "trendy" than a true style.
Don't feel bad when you see a fashion blog and don't have anything they have.
Don't even feel bad if you have something and it gets lost- it's almost a guarantee when it's a pair of sunglasses!
The one thing you'll never lose is your sense of style.
And that is what can make a $5 pair of sunglasses look cool.
Your style is what makes you feel happy, comfortable and confident.

Hugs and still hoping I find my sunglasses under the seat in my car (ha ha ha ha), kandee


Monica said...

Just what i needed to hear. Thank you kandee you are so right

Anonymous said...

I love your other blog too and really wish I could comment there too! I've been having fewer days like that since I've seen your very first video and ive been hooked ever since :) keep doing what your doing Kandee, I love your style and everything about you, not to be a creep but totally wish I had you as a BFF!

MissJess said...

Well said!!! Could not be more true!! Xoxoxo

Amanda Duffy said...

I allways seem to break my sunglasses and find the peices all over the place in my car. I even fixed one pair with duct tape witch looked really cool after. I love rocking my duct tape sun glasses!

Unknown said...

I have a theory. If you spend more than $10 on sunglasses they will break or you will lose them. Less than $10 and you have sunglasses that will last years. I get more complements on my $5 cheapos that I bought in chinatown than anything else

Anonymous said...

You are awesome kandee, you inspire me and always make me smile:)

Unknown said...

OMG that happens to my mom she lost her fav. Pair of sunglasses

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of heart shaped aviator type sunglasses and they're THE BEST. But I'm so paranoid they'll break. I got them for $8 but I'm sure they'll be hard to find again!

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