Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rock the Moc: Walkin' on Sunshine, baby!

Now, why am I blogging about Moccassins in the Summertime....because I saw these
Four score and seven years ago....I wore these. (I really like the 5-tier ones, but they don't make em' in yeller)
Ok I really just wore them last year, and as you can see it was hot- I'm wearing shorts, which rarely happens.
And yes, I rocka-flocka-flamed these babies, when it was as hot as some campfire flames outside. And let me tell you, they were comfy and cool. Yeah, moccasins seem like they'd be hot, but they are surprisingly cool.

I wore those Minnetonka 5-layer Moccasins, so much...that literally I wore the soles off the shoes! I'm not sure when I've worn a pair of shoes so much, other than my Converse or Havaiianas (or however you spell their name) flippy floppies. But they were as comfy as slippers- no shoe has ever been so comfy-tastic.

Now, why am I blogging about Moccassins in the Summertime....because I saw these

and thought they would look so stinkin' cute underneath a long striped skirt or paired with some cute cut-off shorts (even though I hardly wear shorts, just sayin' for the shorts-wearers out there).
Yes, they also come in red and all the other same ol'-same ol' colors..black, grey, brown, forest green...but there's somethin' about these in yellow that just makes me hear:
"I'm walkin' on SUNSHINE....whoa-oh! And don't it feel good! Alright now!" 

Yes, I saw these on Zappos.com, I went to the real Minnetonka Moccasin site and they didn't even have these gems!

And now you may be thinkin', Kandee, but those are too tall for me to likey....well, how bout' we drop em like a low-rider:

What's that you say?!? Still too tall...okay, let's drop it like it's heavy......
And just like in a game of limbo...this is a low as they go.
 The "Mini-tonka" (ha ha ha) Kilty Suede Moc. And yeah, yeah, yeah...if you're not feeling the yellow sunshine love...they come in other colors like pink, grey, black, dark grey, brown...bloopity bloo bah...you get the idea.

I will tell you...I had my first pair of moccasins when I was a baby, and they just might be the most comfortable shoe you'll ever wear. And again, my friends, these babies are not trendy, they are style shoes.


Funny side note: I think it's funny I went to the Minnetonka website and it said "Minnetonka takes Manhattan"...for the summer...and I was like, "whaaaaaat, I already took my Minnetonka's to Manhattan last year"....see the picture at the top. I be Minnetonka'in' in Manhattan since last yiz-ear...ha ha ha ha.
holla' at ya' Moccasin, kandee


Unknown said...

Send me a pair!! Ha ha I love these, they remind me of my childhood and all my relatives wearing these. I could get you handmade ones here, in northern Canada, they make beautiful beaded fur and hide gloves too but they smell cause everything is real! Lol thank you so much for sharing this, and everything else you've shared. It seems kinda creepy being a fan and leaving you comments like I've known you forever and just that feeling of friendship that I get from you is unreal! How do you do it?!? Thanks for staying strong for you and your kids, and strong for us! You could've left us hanging in the dust not knowing what happened to break your heart so badly, but you kept on doing what you've always done and for that I give you kudos! I may just be one fan from your humongous flock of followers but you have changed me and my life so much for the best that I want to cry knowing how sad and defeated you must be feeling. I've gone through this (3 years ago n i was 19, both parents) but it's different for everyone and I'm so happy for you that you have found a good way to cope and have so much love and support around you (which I didn't have) to help you get back on your feet :) its been 3 years and I still find it so damn difficult to get outta bed and do the things I gotta do! Lol but you've helped me a lot, I just found your videos a few months ago and I see myself looking more beautiful every time I put on makeup, and I finally mastered false eyelashes!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart and soul! Your amazing Kandee, you made me amazing! Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

This was a funny and entertaining post... Love ya Kandee! Keep it up!

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