Monday, July 2, 2012

How to make someone feel loved:

 Last week I had a day that was particularly hard.
I won't bore you with the long writings about why it was so hard on my heart...but I will tell about how a little gift of love from a precious friend, brought a little love and cheer into my heart that day.

I have a precious friend named, Tamara. If I could describe her, I would say she is like, if you threw glitter in the air- sparkly, wonderful and you feel more joy in your heart when she was been in your presence or even just send you a little card filled with her sparkly, love.
Me and Tamara haven't lived near each other for years. So we only get to see each other, once every few years. But, her love is always in my heart and when I see things she would love, I just imagine how she would appreciate and love it too!

She always sends me the most "jammed-with-love-and-wonder", goodie-packages in the mail.
She sent me this most precious package on the day I needed it...
Her writing on the packages is always creative and precious.
She had cut up a "HELLO...My Name Is..." sticker and placed it above my name and address.
Inside the box were all kinds of yummy treats:
Caramel covered marshmallows (SEEN ABOVE)
Tahitian Vanilla Caramel covered in Milk Chocolate
Salt Water Taffy
Chocolate Bars
A precious card with little metal tags taped inside with words of what my heart has been going through.
And a book...My Utmost For His Highest- with daily words of wisdom.
I know my friend put so much love into each detail of this "care package"...She had no idea how much I needed that "box of love", the exact moment I opened it.
Just moments heart felt like frozen in a moment of pain. And then my hands slowly opened the package and in that moment I was so thankful for my precious friend. She is the same friend, that cried with me on the phone, didn't say anything, but let her heart mourn with mine. The same friend that, after we got off the phone crying...
had a pizza, salad, drinks, breadsticks, and dessert sent to my doorstep.

Love in action is amazing. I hope this inspires you, as my friend has inspired me.
 Love without action is like a car parked in the garage. It's there but not doing much for anyone.
Sometimes we need to remember that something as little as a care package, and inexpensive as shedding a tear or offering a hug- can be the most priceless thing you can do for someone you care for.

Don't be a parked car. Be a car that is in drive, with a tank full of love, to show the people you love, what LOVE in ACTION feels like- What Love in DRIVE......looks like.
Send a text of love or encouragement.
Send a care package to someone you know is hurting.
Offer to bring someone dinner that you know would love that.
Send a "real" someone you love.
Offer your heart to someone that's hurting...
And when someone is in so much pain, that words don't even matter...offer your silent tears of comfort with them.

Huge hugs and sparkles of love for your day, especially if it's feeling not-so-great, your kandee

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MissJess said...

What a sweet and dear friend!! I'm glad you have a friend like that . . . How awesome!! God bless you Kandee!!

Anonymous said...

Kandee you are an amazing person!! Just had to say that!! But make more videos I love watching them make a video about makeuo brushes!! Or something!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! How an amazing friend! Everybody should have a friend like her!. You are amazing Kandee! Remember see bright on things! I really hope you are okay <3. Much love from Denmark!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this what a beautiful friend. Sometimes
small acts mean SO much and we shouldn't forget that.

Anonymous said...

love your blogs

Anonymous said...

Love in action. Yes what is it if we do anything without love-empty. Jesus is our great example of love in action. True concern and tears of pain for the ones he loved. What a blessing to see that example played out in your friendship. Thanks for sharing. Love Hannah.

Jennifer LoveMarque said...

I'm glad you've had some support during these tough times, we miss u Kandee ♡ You're only going to be better than before, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Your dad is so proud :)

Anonymous said...

We lost two of our three pets last week and found it hard to deal with. Your sweet thoughts and honest mourning helped me to deal with our pets leaving earth also. No comparison to your dad but you're making him proud and maybe he's holding our pets and playing with them too ;) Tennessee pet lover

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