Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hawaii, Walmart & leis

This is me.
With a lei on.
 In the bathroom....... in Hawaii!!!
 This was my travel outfit...way up close.
Forever 21 stretch-denim leopard pants.
Forever 21- "neon" minty green shirt with cool buttons.
I try to go easy on the jewelry in the airport, because it takes to long to take it off in security! ha ha ha
Upclose shot of my lei- that smells so good I wish I could just put it inside my nose- to smell all the time! ha ha ha
It smells like Heaven- and made me wonder what it smells like to my dad in Heaven too.

We had to make a stop at Walmart to get some snacks and things after we landed and they have way cooler things at Hawaiian Walmarts than I've ever seen!
Hawaiian jewelry, food like Macadamia Nut "everything" from brittle to cookies...and I was amazed at their Hawaiian fabric aisle:
LOOK AT THE AMAZING-NESS of ALL the beautiful hawaiian prints!
 Just looking at all the Palm Trees and the moonlight on the water...I thought, it felt a little bit like Heaven to me, here on Earth, and I couldn't help but beautiful is everything my dad is seeing Heaven right now...

The best part of traveling from the west coast- even further the time change: When we woke up here at our normal morning time- we are up so early here! There's a 3 hour time difference- wo you really make the most of your day because you're on "automatic-early-wake-up"- it's awesome!

Off to go do something with my hair that is way "non-straight" here in the humidity...ha ha ha

Hawaiian Hugs (yay!!!) and can't wait to take you on "virtual vacation with me"....kandee

PS. My favorite part was when I told Jordan and Marcus (our cousin who's Jordan's age) to look at the how beautiful the moon looked shining on the which they replied in their funny boy-ness- "Ew, look at the gross moon water!" ha ha ha ha Teenage boys.



Cher's Crafty Creation said...

I also love Walmarts in Hawaii, people back here thought I was crazy but they have so much local stuff! I bought soooooo much fabric. No idea what I'm gona do with it but it was too beautiful to pass up!
I hope you have a beyond fabulous time Kandee!

Anonymous said...

I live in Hawaii Kandee! How exciting! What island are you on?

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Hawaii! So jelly! But I hope yall are having a blast :)

Anonymous said...

Love walmarts in Hawaii too!!! Your so blessed to be there right now. Have fun! I love the fresh smell of the island as u get off the plane .... Ahhhh love that smell!

Unknown said...

So happy for you. Its a tough trip so I hear with kids, so thank you thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Omg kandee which island are you on? I live on oahu. If I bumped into you I don't even know what I'd do. Haha

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