Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th Of July Fun-sentials

As you all remember from my 4th of July video and my blogs...that I really got festive, last year!
So I though it would be fun to share my FUN essentials...and beware that they are in no way practical- but they add FUN, that's through the roof...as well as super-conversation-starters!
Sure you could waste a super long time trying to do it lip and eyeliners....
you can do as I did and slap on a Violent Lip American Flag "lip tattoo"...
and these babies stayed on all DAY and NIGHT of 4th of July...even while I ate a deep fried snickers (not healthy at all, but tasty)
If you wanna order a pair, you can click here and I think they sell them at Sephora and other stores too!
#2. 4th of July Mustache Sunglasses
It wouldn't be 4th of July without "poppin' on a pair of Patriotic sunnies"....
these babies are from my favorite, SUNSTACHES...I love them all!

Since, I was very disappointed when I went to Walmart, hoping to find my favorite 4th of July Shirts, like the ones I wore in my "What's that in your eye- the 4th of July video" last year...and nope! Not a one shirt with kitten in a basket, or fireworks popping across your chest.
So, I insert my "mini-festive-accessory" the red, white and blue, star-bangles earrings from Claire's.
Yeah, they may not be practical. BUT THEY ARE FUN! Practical is rarely fun. But the person that dares to wear these...is FUN-tastic.

I had people stopping me all day when I had my "flag lips" on...people asked to take pictures of my lips, pictures with me! IT was so fun to make people smile with something as little as that!

Happy 4th of July eve!
And I was thinking of re-uploading a shorter version of the "What's that in your eye video" ...we'll see if I can find that file somewhere!

Happy fireworks and BBQ, your kandee the

Wanna see what adventures we went on in "kandeeland", CLICK HERE.

1 comment:

Kasia said...

Got me those lips last week... Got me some American flag nails today, so I'm all set!!! Happy 4th Kandee!!!! Love ya :) <3

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