Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunburned smiles and our new obsession!

 Yesterday: Whaler's Village (me and my sunburned smile)
Me and Alani fell in love with this semi-tacky-but-kinda-cool, turquoise and olive green flocked wallpaper.
(just in case someone might ask, my dress is from Mink Pink, I bought it online somewher last year, and just put a belted it with an old black belt)

As we walked around the Whaler's Village- our escape in the shade, because of my sunburn- I saw these as we sat and ate our Shave Ice.
I had to show you these phone cases...aren't they "be-dazzly"...and no, in case you were wondering, I did not buy one! ha ha ha
this was right after sunset....amazing.
I feels like a glimmer of the beauty of what my dad is seeing in Heaven, I think about him all day, how much fun he'd be having with us, what he'd say...last night, unbeknownst to anyone- as we walked through the parking lot- it hit my heart very hard, and an inescapable sadness hit me, I prayed for God to comfort my heart, and I was thankful that I know my dad is seeing beauty more than this in Heaven.
And I tried my hardest to imagine my dad's voice telling me to have fun.
So back to something fun to talk about...because my dad would love these too!
And our newest obsession: 
We have eaten 2 of these a day since we got here!
It's nothing like a snow's like "powdered ice"-fluffy and delicious!
My favorite flavor it:

 Which flavor would you pick?!?

Gentle hugs- hugs because my back is sooooo sunburned, kandee


Jessielynn said...

What on earth does tigers blood taste like?? Lol

Laci said...

we have shaved ice here in Oklahoma but its way cheaper than that lol i do agree, its delicious! :) btw i just ombred my hair Saturday and im so in love with it!!!! thanks kandee. have fun in Hawaii <3

Anonymous said...

Kandee! I love this feminine girly dress & I LOVE the natural/ tan no makeup look on you!! I love coconut!! YUM

Taylor on Maui said...

Jessielynn- i thougt that was really weird when i first moved here to maui and worked at a shave ice stand in lahaina . The Tigers blood flavor is actually a kind of a cherry/watermelon flavor. Very yummy!

Kandee- I hope you are enjoying all that maui has to offer. If you need anything while your on the "valley isle"please let me know.
Your sister in christ,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee. I'm on vacation in Maui too right now. In fact I was just at Whalers Village looking at those same phone cases :) I hope u & ur family r having a wonderful time. I'd love to run into u here...I'm ur biggest fan! Been watching ur videos & reading ur blogs since day 1. Hope u r making wonderful memories w/ur lil ones like I've made with my lil girl here :) Love u Kandee!

Unknown said...

I love coconut too isnt it amazing and delisiouz

Anonymous said...

Try mixing cinnamon and orange. It's my favorite shaved ice combo!

Anonymous said...

I love reading ur blog I love seeing ur videos... Always brightens my day. I'll keep watching it YouTube videos and pump up the viewings to motivate u to come back to YouTube!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there kandee , thanks so much, just thought I'd mention this.

Jesus is not god, he's a prophet of god. And the only other prophet after him is prophet Muhammad . Islam,Christianity and Judaism all are one religion originally - except the Torah and the bible were majorly changed and altered by humans . In fact, if you look at the clothings worn by Our Mother Mary, you would notice that it is identical to what female Muslims wear. Please think about this before it's too late. Please look up Islam and don't get fooled by media or by a haters perspective.
P.s: there is. Whole chapter in the Quran called "Mary"

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee! You look so great and happy in ur pictures! I hope you get back to making youtube videos soon because I think I've watched all of ur videos at least 5 times haha! And I miss hearing you happy encouraging voice. I wish I could be there to hang in Hawaii with you... sounds lots more than being in boring Missouri! Haha! Sending lots of gentle hugs and sun screen and aloe!

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