Friday, July 20, 2012

My current make-up routine....

J-lo has beautiful make-up on in this photo.
But, this is not my current make-up routine.
I am just showing you this picture to show you that we do, both have something on that is the same.
All I have been wearing on my face for the last month almost, has been:
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

When Scott Barnes would do J-lo's make-up, this is what he would use to "prep" her face for make-up. It is an amazing moisturizer that I used to use soooooo long ago, and I forgot about how amazing it was til I bought some more. I got mine at Whole Foods, but you can click HERE to go to their website.

It doesn't have a "celebrity-like" price tag, like a La Mer or other pricey-pants moisturizer. But it is amazing!

If anyone is in need of a new, natural moisturizer, that really packs a moisturzing punch, and that makes your skin glow like j-lo- even without make-up on...this is the stuff for you. I don't like my skin feeling dry in any way at all, so I love this stuff. It is great for even the driest and crackliest of skin.
*bonus- it even has ingredients that reduce and soothe redness and couperose, and is made for even the most sensitive of skin types!

Now, if you are on the oily side or combination side, they make the: MELISSA DAY CREAM, that even helps control shine.

So whether your gonna just wear moisturizer today, like me, or you're gonna slap some "pretty stuff" on your face like, J-lo, above....either way this stuff is gonna make your skin look beautiful!

Here's to helping you have perfect, red-carpet worthy skin- without a $150 (or more)  price tag! ha ha ha

wearing zero make-up again today, but lots of Rose Day Cream, you should see how fast I get ready without all the make-up...I'll blog a picture when I do put make-up back on...ha ha ha, your kandee

PS. To anyone that may be curious, as to why, I haven't had any interest in putting make-up on, you can click here to see why I haven't cared about it all, really.

if you wanna peek into my KANDEELAND blog click here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee! I don't wear makeup very often but when I do I use your tips and my face looks amazing every time even if I don't do all the steps! You taught me how to do proper foundation and showed me how to fill in my eyebrows!! I was so scared to do that to my brows before but you have opened my eyes to so many new things and helped me see that I am gorgeous inside and out! And taught me that nails are jewels not tools! Lol thank you for always being supportive, encouraging and letting me know that you really do care about everyone! I love your heart so much Kandee, I wish that i could take all your pain away and dancthrice away with you :) take care sweet heart, I wish I could be there for you as a friend and not a fan Ha ha

Anonymous said...

Oh! I want to buy it, But they don't ship internationelly!! :( Thanks for showing us the cream!. Hugs from Denmark :)

Unknown said...

They sell it in apothec. Atleast in Finland. So...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandee, i have made a tribute video on youtube for you. Please have a look. Hugs, Ina :) God bless you

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