I was born in a suburb of Los Angeles...a very long time ago.

I am the write of this lifestyle-fun-diy-beauty-fashion-craft-inspiration, did I already say fun blog. My background was being a celebrity make-up artist working on tv shows, commercials, celebrity appearances, and movies. I even did wardrobe styling for some commercials and tv shows, once upon a time.

The celebrity that made me laugh the most was: Conan O'Brien
The celebrity that scared me the most was, Janice Dickinson (only because I watched her on America's Next Top Model)...but she was nice to me. Hooray.
and these cowboys weren't not "celebrities"...but they were some of the nicest people to ever put make-up on. They all called me "ma'am".
I started blogging in 2008, first with a blog about my daily life as a mom of 3. Then a blog about beauty and style.

I upoaded my first video on youtube in 2009. I thought it would be fun to teach people my tips and tricks. I would later be amazed that millions of people had seen my videos! I humbly, still, cannot believe that almost 1 million people have subscribed to my videos!

I am beyond blessed to be able to share love, laughter and some fun stuff with people online and occasionally in person!

I've come a long way since I didn't have anyone to eat lunch with in high school- to having so many people like or maybe, even love me. I love them all from the bottom of my heart- even to the point when I've had meet and greets, and I hear their stories, we are both crying as I hug them so hard!

I've been featured in some magazines (which my gramma saves)  like, Elle, Nylon, Glamour, Self, and Cosmopolitan.

And I've been featured on some tv shows like Good Morning America, E!, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Fablife and on sites like The Huffington Post. I always feel soooo fancy.

I've been a guest judge on a few tv shows, including, How Do I Look on the Style Channel- I got to be a judge and do the make-up make-over part! I LOVE make-overs!

Most days you'll find me  being a (single) mom to my 4 babies, Jordan, Alani, Blake and Ellie. Dancing in my kitchen. Editing youtube videos late into the night. Blogging for my 2 blogs, kandeeland , my "mommy blog with bits of my daily life and baby and kid stuff) and KandeeJ (my beauty, style, fashion and fun blog) taking pictures for said blogs, taking pictures for my videos, taking pictures for instagram- I take a lot of pictures! Filming videos for my youtube channel: KANDEE JOHNSON
Posting to Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube, snapchat and trying to reply to comments...
and trying to get a workout in or eat a cinnamon roll- it's a toss up!

I love being able to inspire, encourage people, and let people feel loved. That is what I'm most proud of from all this internet-ness!

I like crafting, drawing, decorating, window shopping (sometimes looking is just as fun as buying), vintage things, the color turquoise, glittery things, the scent of vanilla, and my dad went to be in heaven this last summer...I took a long break from blogging and youtube...but I know I wanted to come back and make my dad proud- he always said we just need to make people smile and laugh and he loved that about my blog and youtube! I hope I make him proud from heaven!

My dad always said: "Make Today Better Than Yesterday"- and I love that!

I like to say: "You're more beautiful than you know. More talented than you think. And more loved than you can imagine"!

Huge love and thanks for being my friend.

I'm honored that someone made this for me:
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