Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blog Dancing....

my friend, Elizabeth, has an awesome make-up company... www.masonandmiacosmetics.com She not only donated make-up for the glaminars, but donated brush belts too! which are awesome...she is a real sweetie, and has some amazing colors in her line....check out her blog, featuring, your s truly......
On an updated note.....I am feeling a little under-the-weather.....fever, chills, fever chills, it is fantastic! ha ha ha ha So, I am having a hard time sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out how to edit on imovie...yes, I made the jump from PC-town to Mac-land.....just having a little bit of a hard time with all things i used to do real easily...and can't figure it out! ha ha ha ha

So here is my cheaty blog, just posting someone else's blog...with me in it! ha ha ha ha.....if you order from her, tell her i said hi!

click here:

Monday, June 29, 2009

my heart thanks you!!!

here's the whole article:

i realized after my last blog post...that something I've always struggled with, is opening up to people...a voice in my head says, "don't say that, that will be stupid or dumb, or no one really cares"....or i fear rejection, which has been a huge issue in my life. It hurts to be rejected, right down to the inner most parts of you...and for that reason, I don't even say things, then I won't have to worry about someone saying what I thought was stupid or whatever else I fear will come out of their mouths. My sister even says that I never tell her things...like they never even know if I like a guy or what I am planing on doing, all because I'm afraid of them rejecting my plans or likes. 
I remember years ago when I first started as a make-up artist, I was afraid to tell people confidently, "yeah, i'm a make-up artist", all because I wasn't making "a living" at it. Yet! The keyword was yet! Instead I would say, "well I work at a restaurant in Beverly Hills....", or, "I want to be a make-up artist". Well one night I was talking with an old song writer that wrote with the Beatles, and he, "Just because you aren't making money at something, doesn't mean you aren't an artist." He told me to start telling people what I am, because inside me, that's what you are. Just because you get a paycheck, that isn't the moment you become that, you've been an artist for years. And yes, when my little hands would draw pictures and nail them to a tree in my front yard, I was an artist.
I used to draw for hours, entire seasons of my clothing lines...I loved it, and I would pretend I was like Betsey Johnson, Sonia Rykiel, or Karl Lagerfeld....I was a designer.
I just found this from the ELLE blog, and my heart felt like it burst through the ceiling. They compared my "art" to Rei Kawakubo and Commes Des Garcons.......to know that I would be referred to in the same sentence as either one of those names makes me think, "are they talking about me!?!"....Those names have danced across the tv screen as I watched wide-eyed as a little girl soaking up all these runway images that seemed a world away from my living room.  While other girls were playing house, I was imagining I was there, getting ready to be interviewed about my fall collection!
I want each and every one of you to give your dreams wings, tell the world of the talents that you hold inside. Set them free to fly to all the places that have been locked in the dream chambers of your heart.  You can do it! 
Let the world see the sparkle in your eyes when you proudly say, "I am a......fill in the desire of your heart here!"....

Thank you each and every one of you who has encouraged my heart with your loving words. You have no idea what those words have done for me, they have lifted me out of the deep holes of sadness and cruelty that the world dishes out on daily basis.

I hope that this little place in the cyber world, can be a haven for those whose hearts are delicate and beautiful and filled with dreams....I love you all so dearly....please feel my smile and a the warmest of hugs I'm sending each one of you right now....
smiles so big it makes my face look funny.....kandee

Sunday, June 28, 2009

You've all made me a winner!!!!!!

hi guys....
I know my posts seemed to have gone on vacation....but believe me....yours truly was not...ha ha ha
I have done some super fun things this lat week....I'm gonna post them as soon as I can...
but here is what was waiting for me on my kitchen counter when i got home last night....a big box full of make-up treasures from ELLE magazine for being the winner for 2 weeks in a row!!!!!! Thanks to all of you precious and beautiful souls....rocked the vote for the Kandee videos like people rock concerts!!!
I am so honored to have won again...I received all the same make-up they used on GWEN STEFANI (i love her...and her article in the JULY issue, made me feel so normal...Ill tell you why in a sec...)...so with all the same make-up...I'm going to recreate her same exact look...look out for a new video!!! yay...finally! ha ha ha

Well, the best part about the interview is how fragile Gwen's spirit is....she comes across and this rad, super tough, yet uber-cool and stylie girl....yet in the article she is vulnerable, delicate, self-depricating, and questions her "coolness and style"....
I feel the same way...
a guy who filmed part of the LA Glaminars said, "you are so great to listen too and you are real because you are self-depricating at the same time, it makes you not at all pretentious"...
the truth is, my feelings get hurt...sometimes I'll read a mean or rude comment and i've let it ruin my whole day...replaying the cruel words again and again in my head...
I am slowly learning to not to let everything hurt me...i have been hurt a lot in my life...and many very mean things have been said to me....everything from hating the sound of my voice to how I walk, to things so awful I can't write them down even....
I know we were not created to soak up everyone's opinion, so I am slowly learning that it's okay when people say mean things, I don't have to let myself be hurt by them...
I do cry...I get sad...my heart gets sad for other people too...I was on the verge of tears all night after the Glaminars talking to girls who were moved to tears and so excited that I had shined a light on their heart to encourage their dreams and in turn,change their lives.....
i hope we can all be careful with our words...are we building others up or tearing them down? and to everyone that has been hurt or is hurting....know that we are stong, and beautiful, and the words only have the power we let them have.
I am deciding not to care about this person's opinion today! ha ha ha ha
may your heart swell with love and beauty...knowing you are loved and cared for...I want to pour love and the biggest hug into each one's heart right now...

and thanks so, so much for making the girl who never won that much and ate lunch by herself in highschool....a winner! hee hee hee

go to www.videostar.elle.com

thanks so much.....you guys are the best!!!! videos and posts are back in action!!! xoxo Kandee

Monday, June 22, 2009

Awesome Weekend!!!!

I huge-gantic thanks to all my precious friends that helped make our first "Glaminars", amazing....

here's a quick recap from the adorable Debbie from San Francisco...and thank you soooooo much for my gifts!!! here's  a little sample of the glaminar from Debbie's blog....enjoy this little peek! thanks debbie.....here's a bunch of fun pictures.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


the countdown has begun....only a few more days til the first ever GLAMINAR...I just checked out the space where it will be today...and it is awesome!

I also arranged a deal with NAIMIE'S...one of the most awesome make-up stores in LA...and they are giving all attendees of the GLAMINARS...25% off everything at their booths at the IMATS make-up show!!!!

we are working on a deal for everyone else that can't make it..but is a kandee-fan....

and so many more things are cooking up! I am so excited....if you want to sign up hurry...we will only be able to take cash at the door also!

go to : www.kandeethemakeupartist.com

I'll try to keep posting more things, but my week is crazy getting the GLAMINARS all ready.......

can't wait to see you all.....!!!!! yay!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hair + Gwen Stefani = fun

I liked NoDoubt and Gwen Stefani since back when she wore dickies and wife-beater tank-tops....
I just saw her on the ELLE magazine site (where my videos are featured right now....YAY!!!!!)...and her picture popped up with some super cute, twisted, updo.....and kandee thinks: "i want that hair too....and I will show everyone else how cute it is and easy to do!"....I adapted this look so it's more "wearable" for everyone, everyday...but if you want it more wild like this...just let more pieces stick out, and twist the top uo looser towards the back....have fun!
so go grab:
bobby pins
a smoothing paste
hair spray
and that cute head of hair you have....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm so excited!!!!

It's the one month anniversary til' it's my birthday!!! And I'm putting so much work into my GLAMINARS, to make it the best event we can possibly have....
this is the design that will be on the bags everyone is going to get.....
and Beauty SoClean is going to be donating samples for the gift bag, as well as YABY cosmetics, and more excting ones that we are waiting to confirm...

I am so excited, I contacted ZUCA bags...they are awesome, and they have a really cool backpack...the case is like a steel-case....the top part you or your client can sit on....and it has all these really cool padded color coated containers inside!

I am waiting to see if we will be receiving one of these babies for a prize at the GLAMINARS!!!

You can check them out at: www.zuca.com They sell these at the MAC pro stores,and you can have a chance at winning one at the GLAMINARS!!! hooray!!! I love these and can't wait to travel with mine!

more exciting surprises are in the works....I am working day and night to make this spectacular, information packed, and so fun for each of you! I can't wait to see you all there......
the happiest of thought I'm sending your way, giant smiles, one tired kandee

Monday, June 8, 2009


hi beautiful souls!

I am so excited that I was chosen to be up on ELLE magazine's VIDEO STAR page......!!! YAY!!!
I love ELLE magazine.....and they have a whole thing on GWEN STEFANI...and you know how we love her!!!!

PLEASE all my blog family......go and vote for me.......

here's the link


there's more videos there.......vote for them all, if you want! (and it would make my day! hee hee)

GIANT hugs and HUGE smiles to each and every one of you precious readers.....
your kandee

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've got ANSWERS!!!!

Hi to all you precious faces!
Here's are some answers to all the questions about which classes are what....
hope this helps.....and I can't wait to see you all in live, person!!!
We are going to have more fun than I can say!!!

have the most beautiful day!!! kandee

Thursday, June 4, 2009

plastic surgery with make-up series: fuller lips

ofcourse the places we want to be plump....never are, and the places we want to be thin...are usually plump! ha ha ha ha

so to end the thin-lip woes....I am gonna show you how to fatten-up your soup-coolers....

watch this vidazzle that will show you how to do it...
what I used: SOAR lipliner from MAC (a rosey-pink)
MYTH lipstick from MAC (a nude-concealer color lipstick)
and TOO FACED glosses in a honey-pink color and a glittery platinum-pink (silver-pink)

PS. don't you love the awesome still shot that Youtube won't let me change!!! this is such an awful picture! ha ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


YAY...we're almost there!
I am so excited that everyone has been so excited!!!! This is going to be more amazing than I first thought...we are going to have some great prizes and gift bags...and our venue has had to change due to the overwhelming amount of people that are coming!!!
click below to go the info page

TO REGISTER and pay....SCROLL DOWN TO THE VERY BOTTOM and CLICK on a CLASS or ALL the classes you want and pay there...you can also pay by check believe too.....


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hills Girls: Audrina Patridge

this is super requested...so we're headin' for THE HILLS!

Audrina style....sultry-glowy eye...with black liner.....and nude glossy lips.....

what I used:
DUSK cream color from MAC (a goldy-brown-bronze) on lids
SATIN TAUPE eyeshadow from MAC ( satin brown-glimmery)
DAZZLE LIGHT from MAC (peachy gold shimmer)

SMOLDER eyeliner from MAC (black eyeliner...Audrina uses DIOR's black liner..mucho dinero, but if your making lots of dollars from being on the HILLS, you probably don't care...ha ha ha ha)
EYEBROWS: OMEGA eyeshadow from MAC (light ashy brown, or CORK for brown hair)

BLUSH: BLUNT from MAC (no shimmer bronzer color)
GOLDEN BRONZE powder from MAC (gold-pink shimmer powder)

Audrina loves Too Faced glosses, in a platinum pink and a honey color
no lipliner....just lots o' gloss

lots of L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes Mascara

and now you're California Beach Ready...for The Hollywood Hills look.....

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