Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh Baby Cakes!

look at the smile that jumps on my face when I am in a cupcake bakery!
wandering down an old familiar street in downtown LA (on 6th in between Main & Los Angeles Street), I spotted, after lunch....a cute little place called Babycakes! And "Whoa baby! Do I love cupcakes!"....and this little store was a treat for tastebuds and eyes!
I loved the cute, fun, party colored ribbons on spools!
I was mesmerized my the options! Do I want chocolate with vanilla icing, red velvet......I better get 2!!! 
all their cupcakes are Vegan, egg free, soy free, you can choose gluten free...but yummy-filled!
I loved this saying printed on the delicate, pink, oh-so-girly, boxes, that they package your "fresh-from-the-fridge" cupcakes....the icing is so good, it melts at room temp!
me, pointing to the Babycakes NYC, sign from inside the store (it's it a twinkle in my eyes from cupcake excitement, or just the glare from the windows! ha ha ha 
here's my dainty little goodies....they are like a mix of 50's paintings, and thick, cold icing..mmmmm!
(and how stinkin' cute are the stripes on the inside of the box!?!)

Babycakes, is like a pink-retro oasis in the middle of Downtown LA!

this was my favorite...the LADIES sign underneath a tower of Babycakes boxes!
You can even order cupcakes, and have them delivered, they even have a do-it-yourself cookie idea for mother's day! Peep their wonder at:

This was my nice reward....a little cupcake love!

And just on a sidenote because I know everyone was asking me:
If you want to get your hands on a Hello Kitty purse like mine...go to

And for everyone that asked for my leg update:
Hurts super bad, I tried to put a little weight on it today and it felt like I ripped my stitches apart! YEOWWWWW! I needed another dozen cupcakes, STAT! ha ha ha ha
(and by the way, I am typing this in the air....when I edit a video or type a blog, it helps distract me from my dislike, or fear of flying! ha ha ha
 So this will be the world's longest blog, ha ha ha ha, to keep  my distracted the whole flight! ha ha ha
huge love, fromm the mile high blogger.....your kandee
PS my battery died in the plane for my I had to finish editing this with my leg elevated on a ladder rung on the bottom of my little people's bunk beds! ha ha ha

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I got to feel special...

here's me in airport...with my friendly wheel chair....headed to see the specialist for my leg...I won't bore you with the issues I;;m having with my leg....
i did get this fancy blue pass that me and my wheel chair get on the plane first....that was one bonus of having a hurt leg! yay!
another famous bathroom photo shoot....
I hobbled with my crutches, and my boyfriend, and my friend Tessa (she was the one that took me to the Renegade Craft Fair in LA, where I got my Supreme necklace)...we all went to have dinner at Swingers in LA

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nylon Tv and me....

okay, so I was so excited I wanted to tell you all about this, but I got to do a photo shoot with Nylon magazine....I'll post more pics later.....but here are some behind the scenes ones!!!
THE ISSUE comes out today....since I can't drive because of my leg...I haven't gone to buy the magazine today! OH BOY, but if i could....I would've been at the store when they opened! ha ha ha
I am so excited!!!!!

here was me getting my hair all curl-i-fied.....I wanted a big crimped-afro...but he didn't have a he improvised...I got a michael jackson curl look! ha ha ha
the first few pictures, I looked like my mom in the 80's! ha ha ha

I'll go get the mag and post more about the shoot! Ahhh, the joys of being stuck on my couch, because it hurts so bad to walk!
until then, here's the video they put up on youtube....they put me and dulcecandy together.....I guess they thought we'll put all the candy girls together! ha ha ha

what is that smell?

this was me at the Americana in Glendale, California....sidenote: they have chandeliers hanging over the walkways....i love it!...this was the night before my leg accident!

I went into the Kitson store, right when they were about to close, so I was just whizzing by all the fun jewelry, kids things, and accessories...then when I was checking out the goodies at the counter, my eyes spotted these fun little glass bottles of yummy fragrances....oh, my gosh!
This stuff is amazing!
It's called CLEMENTINE, by Melissa Flagg Perfumes...this smells like divine, deliciousness!

this is the smell of California smell the sweet smell of orange blossoms and one of my favorite scents in all the world...night blooming jasmine! This fragrance smells so amazing! I was in heaven smelling it all day! Lots of young Hollywood stars love this too! I don't care who likes it, because I LOVE IT!!!!!!
This is my new favorite perfume!
This would make a great mother's day present too!
It's $28, so not crazy expensive, but smells just amazing!
talk about sweet dreams with the scent of night blooming jasmine swirling around your senses...oh my "clementine" heaven...thank you Melissa Flagg for creating this divine scent!

huge love and yummy scents...your kandee

Monday, April 26, 2010

a spoon full of sugar...

or a fork full of cake...
or a straw full of milkshake...
(hey, I even rhymed!)...
helps the medicine go down!
I made a request to go to MILK (a super good bakery in LA), on Beverly Blvd, next to El Coyote...
they have a blue velvet cake (red velvet is so last year..ha ha ha)...
I have been talking about getting this cake for so long....and then the I saw the milkshakes....!
A Coffee Toffee Crunch milkshake....the girl suggested I get the shake instead! (I'll eat you one day, my dear Blue Velvet Cake!)
It was delish!
Sometimes when I have a bad day, as "bad" as it might seem, a spoonfull of "sugar" does help...your sugar could be a movie, a cookie, a good magazine, a good talk with a friend, or like mine, was every night in the hotel, a slice of Creme Brulle cheesecake with berries and mascarpone cream...oh my heaven!
Sometimes we don't always have good days, and we don't know, or question why "un-good" things happen...
well, the sooner we realize that we can't back in time and undo things...that now we just make the best of what we've go, the better we'll be!

Right after my leg accident, I was thinking...well at least I have my leg, I can't go back in time and remove what now I'll just make the best of it! At least it didn't slice off half my face!

As for asking, "why did this happen?"...well I think that question just wastes time from getting your thoughts back on the right track. We'll never know why bad things happen...this isn't Heaven, where things are perfect...this is in imperfect world...if it were perfect we'd never get old and die! Imperfect, unjust things happen every day. The sooner we take those "bad happenings", let them make us stronger, let them help encourage others who are going through the same thing...later we realize how those bad things,  really caused some good.
I do want to pray for all the little babies and children that are hurting and scared, and in pain. They don't understand what's going on, I just pray that they would be comforted by angels hands when no human ones are around, that they're little hearts and minds would be filled with peace and strength! I would take the pain away from little ones, any day, if I could transfer it to me!

MISSION OF THE DAY: Today lets hunt for things to be happy about!

My happy-about list:
that I still have my leg
that I can see and hear
that I have all my little precious babies...
that I have you all
that I have people that love me
that the sun is shining, and I can hear birds tweeting outside my window
that I will be back to normal one day...hooray!!!

huge love, your kandee

Friday, April 23, 2010

me in the shower....

thank God, that the awesome nurse with the short spikey hair, gave me lots of blue hospital trash bags...
I have to wrap and tape my leg up...spin around and try to balance on my left leg....
there was water on the marble floor in the hotel bathroom the other day...and my crutch slipped...and I thought, "oh, great, know I'm gonna fall and break my other leg! ha ha ha ha".....

last night we had to change my dressing on my hurt so bad....the problem is not the top part of my skin, but because the glass went down and hit my bone...deep inside and all the muscles down to the bone felt like someone took an ice pick and slammed it into my shin bone....
I was up til 4 am trying not to cry (but I did cry a little)...

my leg was itching, feeling numb, hurting, stinging, was driving me nuts....I just wanted to run away from my leg! ha ha ha

 I have to go hobble down to check out of the hotel right now.....
good bye room service and maids cleaning, I'll miss that! ha ha ha
have a great day everyone....huge love, kandee and the leg

Thursday, April 22, 2010

oh wheelchair...

Here I am, a full day of me laying on a couch with my foot way up in the air on pillows. I finally got to leave the room for an hour or so to go get mexican food, I had a raspberry mint cooler (no alcohol), sweet corn tamales, and churros with caramel sauce.
You can see my customized crutches, which area already making my armpits and sides of my ribs sore (but that pain is nothing compared to how much my leg hurts. It feels like my leg is going to explode sometimes when I move it and the blood rushes by the "injured area")...and to think I always thought it would be fun to have crutches. I also slipped on the bathroom floor with my crutches, because there was water on the ground...HOLY SMOKES!!!!

My leg hurts, but am I glad I still have my leg, and hopefully it will heal up quicker than expected...
My heart just goes out to all the little babies that are hurting and don't understand what's going on...
MISSION of the day:
#1. pray for all the little ones hurting to be comforted and filled with peace
#2. Be thankful that you are healthy.... (one minute I was ok, I took 3 steps and blood was everywhere, and it looked like a chunk of my leg was missing...ha ha ha)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

blood, ambulances, and a day in the ER with Kandee...

WARNING: this post contains pics that are very GROSS and BLOODY! If you don't want to see them, please click "close" right now! For the strong of stomach, get ready!

i had just finished uploading the blog I typed...called my mom...and went to grab one of my computer cables...I walked by the glass wall next to the sliding glass knee, or shoulder, or something bumped against the glass window....
it sounded like a hundred plates breaking on the floor...
I looked down and saw blood all over....and my leg missing a huge chunk of skin, all around my leg, and I could see down to the bone!
If the huge piece of glass hadn't stopped at the bone it would've cut my whole leg off!
 The floor was covered in blood, and many towels were soaked in blood, my shoe was filled with blood....people could hear my screaming from the building across the street.
I had worked on The Hair Battle Spectacular Show the day before and this was the down- day with no filming, I went back to work on the show the neck day- and one of the first questions I asked the paramedics was, "will I be able to work tomorrow?"... he just laughed and said they'd help me! ha ha 

...I took a picture and posted it to really did help distract me from crying...
we were headed to UCLA hospital

my pretty hospital bracelet

my leg wrapped in a billion towels...the blood had dried when they went to take it off....and I yelled so loud, they said they thought I was  in labor in the hallway (but I told them, I've already had 3 kids...and this hurt worse than any of the labors pains I've ever had!)

WARNING: the next pictures are REALLY, REALLY GRAPHIC...if you feel that you can't handle them, please close the website now....!

this is a picture of the glass left on the bottom of the window, you can see the blood still on it....they covered the window up with wood and tape when I got back....they even upgraded my room to a penthouse suite that is really fancy.....i would rather have my leg better and the little room though! They were glad to see that I could move my toes, and I would be able to use my leg like normal.

I had to have x-rays to make sure the glass sheet didn't sever my bone...

they had to call in a specialist to see how to re-attach my skin... we were there from 2pm until almost 9pm...and for at least 1 1/2 hours I didn't have any pain medication....they said I was "really strong" and couldn't believe how tough I was....there was a man with a small laceration that was screaming his head off....and I almost had my leg cut off AND  was doing good....

I hadn't eaten anything all day, and I couldn't eat because they said the medicine would work better with an empty stomach.....and I could only have some ice chips... 
UCLA has the nicest staff of nurses and doctors....the amazing doctor, Anne Schmidt, took 2 hours to sew my lag back together...she was a perfectionist, and we laughed and talked about cupcakes...and she said she couldn't believe I was laughing and talking about desserts!

She did such an amazing job! I can't believe how she put my leg back together! They said I will need plastic surgery to make my leg look normal again...but at least I can move my toes and walk on it!
I have to take a lot of medication due to how severely the glass cut my leg, infection could be really bad and the pain is excruciating. It feels like lighting bolts of pain and like a knife is stuck in my bone.

I am so thankful that I am ok, and that it didn't cut my neck or face, the glass missed my femoral artery, which could've been real bad!
I am so thankful that I'm ok...and I know that there are people and little babies that are in so much more pain....I pray for all the little babies and kids that are in pain or hurt, that God would comfort their little hearts and their pain...

I have crutches, because I can't pull on the skin...and it feels like shooting pain goes up my leg when I put pressure on it!
My sweet friend, Tessa picked me up, she even had to go through all the traffic causes by them shutting streets down because Obama was eating in Beverly Hills! She took me to Diddy Riese, an amazing place to choose your own "cookie" ice cream sandwich, I picked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and espresso chip ice cream..... We had thai food, shared hot tea, and a Thai Tea (one of my fav drinks) at Mr. Noodle in Westwood. is's been a long day....
there's any almost eaten creme brulee cheesecake next me...
can't keep my eyes open...
I 'm so glad that nothing worse happened...and I pray for all the people that are going through much worse things than me...
huge love from me and my swollen leg.....your kandee

Monday, April 19, 2010

the last 48 hours....

i have missed blogging so much in the last 2 days.....!!! I hardly even had time to take pics to blog about...
but friday night was spent, packing the urban decay gift bags for the glaminars (all i can say is "urban decay" is awesome!) (and thanks to my boyfriend, who packed them all while I ran around doing things like a crazy person!)...

dinair gave us 2 whole airbrush kits to give away too!!!
Zuca bags, gave us 2 bags to give away as prizes... (so amazing!)
my "exploded" I tried to figure out what I would wear for the glaminar...

I took this picture of the clock at 2:29 AM!!!....but we stayed up til 4am, getting the Glaminar room all set up! 
I don't have one photo of the glaminar in my phone (because I was running around all day and didn't even have my phone! ha ha ha)....but we had photographers there, so I'll get some. But the Glaminars were amazing.....I love seeing everyone!! hugging them...and to all the girls that stayed for the meet and was like a slumber prty of fun talking, sharing stories, and just pouring love out! you girls are precious and I can't tell you what a great time I had, and I am honored to be a part of your lives!!!

leaving the hotel in San Diego to go to my neice's 1st birthday party...(hotel Solamar was awesome!)
on the way to Hollywood to work on a show....(downtown LA in the background)

at the Americana in Glendale...left with nothin' but some $2 earrings from Forever 21
yummy The Kitchen in Silverlake....the food there is amazing! I had the Mac N' macaroni and cheese I've ever had!!! And my boyfriend, got the meatloaf and mashed, so, so good!
after a crazy day....of driving all over SoCal....being on set, birthday parties, packing up all the glaminar stuff, trying to find everything I need for work on tuesday....and finally Creme Brulee Cheesecake with fresh berries and mascarpone creamy wonder....O.M.G!!!!
I wish I could type more but I so lacking in sleep..ha ha ha ha....I fell asleep last night waiting for dinner after the Glaminar meet and greet....
fjklllllkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (whoops, just fell asleep on my keyboard! ha ha ha ha, just kidding....
huge love from a tired and so happy that I got to meet some of you precious girls....huge love, your kandee

Friday, April 16, 2010

I love Urban Decay!!!

We are getting such a treasure trove of goodies for the glaminars...but look what Kat, from Urban Decay Cosmetics, sent me over, as a preview of what's going to be in our "awesome" gift bags from Urban Decay!
I can't tell you how excited I am that they are giving us some of their AWESOME make-up!!! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors they are sending us!!!!
I almost got to have lunch with Kat, and visit the Urban Decay offices...but she had to have a last minute meeting! And you bet I would bring my video camera to take you all "with me"! (and just so you know, Urban Decay does not pay me at all, they are just fans of me, like I'm a fan of them...and they have graciously given us all these awesome gift bags!) Thank you SOOO much Urban Decay ofr loving the "Kandee Family", and giving us these goodies!!!

The Glaminars are getting ready.....we only have today, which I will be going nuts getting everything ready! But I am in San Diego....with all my precious family...and my precious team of friends that are going to help!

Surprises have been ordered, fun things are on their way, printing has been done, and now it's time to get it all ready!!! I am so excited!!!

We are going to have a photo booth set up! A bounty of fun things that will be raffled away! An "after" glaminar, meet & greet party on the rooftop! And such an amazing time!

I can't wait to meet you all that are coming! And I hope to be bringing a Glaminar, to everyone else, that can't make it to this one!

I have so much to do today...this has been weeks of planning...and now I have a mad dash of days to get the rest done today!!!! Off and running and I can't wait to meet you all!!!!

your kandee

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm so excited!!!!

I've been working, printing, planning, calling, arranging, designing...and more.....all to make this weekend's Glaminars, amazing!

things I am so excited about:

1. Urban Decay is giving us giftbags for the Glaminars! (I don't want to say all the goodies that will be inside...but I am sooooo excited!!!!)

2. Dinair is donating a couple airbrush kits...worth over $200!

3. Zuca bags is giving us at least one (maybe 2), of their awesome make-up bags! (I use mine everytime I travel or work!)

and I have a few surprises and presents up my sleeve too!

WE are also going to be having a meet and greet after the Glaminars on saturday, at 5:30pm on the rooftop of The Hotel Solamar (check the glaminar website for details, under "aftershow")....

I can't wait to meet you all there! This is going to be like the most fun party...but you're gonna leave with so much knowledge! It will change your will learn how to bring that beauty from your heart, all the way to your smile! And how to launch a whole new career!

I still need to pack bags, wrap presents, finalize details...and check on all the other surprises that I'm working on for you all!
I have a lot to do, so I have to go now....but just know I love you all!

Remember that no matter what is going on in your life, cling to the good, the little bits of hope that you have...
I  had a rough day the other day (a particular event that really made me have a BADDDD headache to say the least! ha ha ha), but I clung on to the things I love...the hope, the excitement for the future...and I had my 2 sweet and sparkling friends, Tamara and Teresa (double T's), to make me laugh, shine their smiles, and share their glittering hearts...they made me laugh in the middle of tears...the hugged me in the middle of pain...and comforted me. I had my sweet boyfriend, smiling little mom and sister, via phone...and I just want you to know, if you ever feel alone, or sad....I am sending you hugs right to your heart..always! Just so you know, life is never perfect, we face difficult situations...but they make us stronger, wiser, and build character. Without character, we are like frames without pictures inside them...
so let's paint a beautiful picture of strength and beauty on the canvases of our lives....let nothing get us down...because we will keep on gettin' back up!
Let's celebrate...and I'm ready to celebrate with you!

This Glaminar is going to be so amazing! I can't wait to meet each and every one of you!
huge love...laughs and something glittery....your kandee

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sister sister

when I was 2....I met this little lady on the left ( I am the kissing-one, on the right)
my mom as I thought, "had her for me"...
she was bringing me home my new, life long best friend...
her name is Tiffany...
 (tiffany on the left listening to my exciting ideas, me on the right captivating her with my older-sister-awesome-ness! ha ha ha)
she is my one and only sister...
(me and sis with Tenderheart bear! and why am I always on the right side in all the pictures!?!)
she has been my constant side-kick through life...
"who am I going to play barbie's with?"...TIffany
"who am I going to go play make- believe pirate's with?"- Tiff
"who is going to be my best friend for the rest of my life"....Tiff
we never really call each other by our "real" names......she started calling me "Lupe" (don't ask me why...she thinks up funny things all the time!), which turned into "Loops"....and I called her Tootie, like "Tootie from the Facts of Life"...I thought it was the funniest name! But pretty much now, we just call each other "SISTER!!!!", as in "Oh my gosh, Sister!!! Wait til you see what I found!"....
I love her so much...she knows me like no one else.....we've helped shpae each others lives pretty much!
Oh, and we were homeschooled together for all of elementary school, so she's been my "eternal" classmate!
Sasster, I love you so stinkin' much! I don't know what I would do without you!!! Thank you for being the best little sister in the world!

Tiffany has had a way with writing since she was little, her stories would crack me up, and later she would encourage me so much with her little things she's email and text me!
I told her she should start encouraging others too....and I said you need to write a blog to share your words for others' hearts....and like a good little sister she said "I did what you said!"..and I am so proud of her...please read her awesome blog...and tell her I said Hiiiii!
i am honored to share my sister with you!


I heart you all...and you are all my little family too!!! love, hugs, and happy surprises....your kandee

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

little blessings....

13 years ago...I welcomed this lil' baby into the world...I was 18 years old.
Many people said that all my dreams were over, I'd never be able to do all the things I wanted to do.
In my heart I wanted to prove them wrong, and part of my heart, felt sad, that maybe they were right.
And while other "kids" my age were out partying, I was home, taking care of my lil baby, who I adored. Many things in my life at that time were not good, I was in a bad relationship (i had gotten married when I was 17, and it wasn't because I was pregnant, it was because I was too young to get married...ha ha ha)...
When Jordan was 2, I went to beauty mom watched Jordan for me. I thought I wanted to be a hair dresser, a platform artist like the ones that worked for Paul Mitchel. I realized in beauty school, that I really loved make-up! I went to a hairshow right before I graduated, met a make-up artist, that asked if I wanted to work on a movie...and what was so inspiring was that he was a single dad, that had full custody of his daughter. He raised her on set, in fact the movie that I worked on with him...she was there on the set, everyday!
I was encouraged! When I lived in LA, Jordan went to some photo shoots with me, that friends I was working with had approved of him being there. He always charmed people with his artistic skills and wit.
Just when I thought that my dreams were slipping away from me even more, little did I know, that all the steps that I thought were going backwards.....God was actually pulling me back, just like a "catapult" or slingshot....(they have to go backwards....but then they launch whatever they're far ahead of anything else!) put me in a place that even I didn't know I could dream of.
I could touch people's hearts, encourage their dreams, and give hope to precious hearts that feel like all hope is gone. I can be a friend, someone, maybe one voice that can keep your dreams alive.
If you are a mama, and feel like you can't accomplish your goals....first, being a mom is the most amazing, honorable thing you'll ever do. It doesn't matter what people say about you or tell you, I've heard some of the most ridiculous things that people have said to me or about me...but the one thing is, God knows the truth, he knows what he has waiting for each one of us!
What people didn't know about that little baby, is that he wasn't the reason why I couldn't make any of my dreams come true, but that he would be the very reason that all my dreams would come true! If I had never had to make all the choices and sacrifices for my Jordan, I never would have been in the "real" place to start all my true dreams!
No matter what your life looks like, no matter what people tell you or say about you, what God has planned for you...and what he says, if far for important than anything, circumstance, or person that says anything otherwise!
typed with love to all my precious kandee family....xoxo kandee

Monday, April 12, 2010

On your marks, get set....

Get ready to WIN!!!
I've got fun surprises!!!! For everyone that signs up for the GLAMINARS by MIDNIGHT on TUESDAY the 12th (tomorrow) will have a chance to win this awesome ZUCA BAG - which is the same bag I travel with for my make-up!!!! People stop me in airports and ask about my bag, it's that awesome!!!

This bag is awesome, and retails for $285...this is the same bag that MAC sells for their pro make-up bag line, except without the MAC logo, which I like better! (don't like the logo, makes me feel like I'm a MAC employee...ha ha ha)
I love mine, you can sit on it in the airport like I do, (ha ha ha) or you can have your client sit on it for touch-ups on set and stuff! And you can also use it as a regular suitcase if you want...and it's CARRY-ON-ABLE, on planes. I travel with mine all the time!
SO HERE's THE RULES: (i know, I hate rules, but if we don't have em, things could get crazy)
#1. You must sign-up for the GLAMINARS in SAN DIEGO, by TUESDAY (tomorrow night) at MIDNIGHT

#2. You MUST COMMENT on THIS 100 words or less, why you NEED to win this bag more than anyone else!

#3. you must include your name, or the name that shows up on the PAYPAL Payment info, (so if it was your mom or boyfriend who paid, make sure you put their name in your COMMENT) in your COMMENT (so we can verify)

#4. And that's it, the winner will be chosen on WEDNESDAY!!!

You're going to love this bag!!! I have some more surprises waiting for you at the GLAMINARS too!!! BUT THIS IS THE GRAND DADDY of them all!!!!

HOORAY! Only 5 days til SAn Diego glam time!!!!


can't wait to see you all there!!!! Off to print off the Glaminar Certificates
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