Friday, April 2, 2010

sick of being sick..and gaga!

so my new accessory for april, is apparently a really annoying cough!
so this virus that has somewhat taken over my lungs...rendering me unable to speak, due to my incessant annoying! It's like I have cough attacks and can't fav is when I'm trying to sleep
 ha ha ha ha..So I'm on day 4 of my antibiotics...and today was the first day, that I really got dressed...hooray!
I feel much better...but this feeling like my lungs are trying to vomit themselves out of me, is driving me bananas! So that is why I haven't blogged....I've been so ridiculously tired...I could hardly stand up just to make a huge batch of incredibly salty, chicken noodle soup...
I've never had a cold or flu that's been like this....and I don't ever want it again! You hear me virus..don't you ever come back here again! I mean it! ha ha ha ha

so since I realized it's been like 24 years since I uploaded a video to youtube, and it feels like it's been 76 months since I blogged...I made myself finish the Lady Gaga Grammy's video...I filmed this right after the Grammy's, and yes, I am just finally finished editing it! Oh brother.....
but here you go....or here you gaga! ha ha ha ha


BDDI538 said...

oooo... d lady makeup vid is awesome... I hope you get better... :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I missed you Kanderoo! Haha, I love you. *Hugs and makes big batch of chicken noodle soup so you don't have to get up* :]

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! I miss your videos! :)
Hopefully you're doing better.

Kendra said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Kandee talk to me

forget about pride throw that out the window.

Kristal White said...

You really don't have to worry about updating your blogs and youtube videos. I think we all agree your health is more important. Rest and kick that virus's butt...then you can come back to KandeeLand :o)

Kristal (Dallas)

777 Butterflies said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Unknown said...

Loved the video but it stopped on me at 5 mins remaining :( you looked gorgeous tho!! I'm sorry your still not feeling well. I was sick like that from las thanksgiving to Christmas!! Ugh but I'll keep you in my prayers! It was good to hear your cheerful voice again by the way! ;)
~Cassidy Z.

Haraje Snow said...

Hi Kandee! =)

I'd like you to do some kind of look of Tim Burton's movie Sweeney Todd.
It would be gread! =)

I hope you feel better ♥

- Nina

Unknown said...

hi kandee !
i got big question

is there ANY online store where i can buy cosmetics you recomend , that ships to UK ?

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Laura Geller - lip/eye spackle
Lise Watier - portfolio corector

im so sorry, for bothering you, but i cant find none store :(

Anonymous said...

You are so beautifull Kandee. Hope you will feel better. PS: today I got my hair cut just like you(similar al least, and I love it). I hope someday I i'll got to LA and vist you. Kisses from Romania, Cristina

Edita said...

Kandee, can you show us sometimes, what music do you like?
You are beautiful by the way.. :)

ChaChaneen said...

Greetings Kandee! Here's a tip for you in regards to too much salt in your soup. If you have a large potato or two if it's really salty, peel it and cut it in half and drop it in the soup and let it simmer for about half an hour. It works like a sponge in that it soaks up the extra salt. Hope that helps and your feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Kandee. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You do a beautiful job. I honestly think that you pulled this look off better than she did.


Anonymous said...

You kick that coughs butt, Kandee!!! Get well soon! :)

Unknown said...


Aww you poor thing !? i hope it goes away soon!
that sucks being sick :( not fun AT ALL!!!!
thank you for still bloging though!:)
please get better soon and keep smiling even though i know its hard..
you still look beautiful even when ur sick ;)
take care cant wait to hear when you finally get rid of that sickness of urs !!

keep in touch xx
praying for you ..
love Ashleigh Lilley
from New Zealand

:) :)

Mark.Girl Candy said...

What is the best MAC eyeliner to use on the waterline that will stay a long time without smudging under the eye? Please help!!

Angel said...

Why would they give you antibiotics for a virus? That's not going to help!
Get better soon! Love your videos.

Elizabeth Donskaya said...

aw kandee! feel better, i certainly miss ur youtube vids, *lots of hugs* feel betterrrrr keep eating soup!

Unknown said...

Well we love you girl, im sure we would all help you fight this darn evil cough thing if we could.. we would turn the virus into real people/alien things ,then all of us Kandee worshipers would go into combat!
thats my dorky take on it!

liz said...

your fav. is when you're trying to sleep???.. MY favorite is when im in the middle of class, (forced to go even w/ cough)and suddenly everyone is so quiet, and i cough once, twice, and then start mad coughing and lucky me i get extremely red. Then to make it even better everyone stares and asks if im okay, as if what i need while having a cough attack is looks my way. LMFAO.

..luckily those days have passed and am now home schooled, muahaha.

Diane said...

The video is great! Definitely not a wearable look, but a gaga look :D


MrsBaboosh said...

Love it xxx Are you able to recommend any similar colours to the the alice in wonderland box as i'm in the UK and it is almost impossible to get one! Also, what brand of brushes did you use for this?

Thanks Kandee xoxoxo

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