Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wolf Face Makeup: Last Minute Costume Look

Who needs a costume when your face looks like a Wolf?!? I wanted to show  you guys how to do something that required no costume at all! You know I' made a video on how to do this....(below) and here's the still pictures so you can have some Wolf Face Reference Pics:
(this is my personal favorite! My teeth just crack me up with this face!)

1. Any white face paint
*I used MAC White Acrylic Body Paint

2. Any Brown, Grey and Peach Eyeshadows

3. Black Gel Eyeliner and/or Eye Pencil
*I used mostly all Make-Up Forever Aqua Black Cream Eyeshadow and an angled brush
* I also used MAC Smolder Eye Pencil to draw the outline of the nose

4. Any pink or red lip pencil
*I used Hip N' Happy from MAC.

5. White Eyeliner or White Liquid Liner.
*I used the Detailz Face Painting Liquid from Mehron.

Here's some more pictures if you want to look at them while you recreate this look on you or your "model":

Angry Wolf...

Thumbs Up Wolf....

And come and watch me turn into a "wolf" while I teach you how todo it too! It's super easy, don't be scared at all, just try it, and worst case scenario, you say you did an "abstract art wolf" ha ha ha:


and if you wanted to see a picture from my DESPICABLE ME MINION FAIL (it came out too creepy looking so I didn't even bother putting the footage on my computer! ha ha ha)

And the quote of the day:
I love this: "if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"- Milton Berle
Huge huge and I'm sending extra hugs to every heart reading this, that needs a hug right this very moment, your virtual best friend, Kandee

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Top 5 Most Popular Costume Video

#1. Queen Of Hearts Make-Up Tutorial
(This is the Tim Burton Queen of Hearts, and yes I made this baby, way back in 2009!)
Now come and have fun watching me glue down, my eyebrows:

#2. Betty Boop MakeUp
(Random Fact: This was filmed in 2010, in the bathroom at my mom's house.)
Now come watch me hoop-boop-be-doop my eyes like this:

#3. Barbie Make-Up Tutorial
(RANDOM FACT: The bad filming part, I actually filmed from my laptop, the difference is huge, she I switch to the tutorial filming in it! ha ha)

 #4. Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial
And here's the tutorial:

#5. Snow White Makeup Tutorial
Last but not least, my Snow White video. The only thing I would change is I would take out all the Snow White "singing"! Ugh.....ha ha ha
I love this tutorial because I studied the way they actually mixed the paints for the real Snow White, so I could make the colors look as close as possible.

And Snow White's Hair was probably my most fun hair do, I've ever done, here's the separate video that show how to do it, not many people know I even made this:

I hope you liked seeing these, and maybe they were just fun to watch and give you some inspiration and some tips for hiding your eyebrows, or how to draw on your face with white face paint all over it! ha ha ha

Huge hugs and so much love, your virtual best friend, Kandee

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Katy Perry isn't the only one who can Roar....

Happy Monday, my little Roar-ready-tigers!
Okay so I posted the picture of my outfit, BELOW, on instagram...because I thought it looked better than my "roaring one" above! See, the treats you get of reading my blog: you see pictures that I don't post there! ha ha ha
ON A SIDE NOTE" look at the interesting way I'm still trying to hold onto my lipgloss tube! ha ha ha
And even still, my instagram one, totally cropped out my shoes! It's so hard to get your pictures into a perfect square sometimes. Sometimes, there's awesomeness in the length!

 Ok, so let's break it down (you can read that in the voice of DJ Lance Rock if you want, because that's how I heard it as I typed it):

TIGER SHIRT: Forever 21
BLUE LEOPARD PRINT JEANS: "vintage", as in I got them last year, FOREVER 21
SHOES: my old Jeffrey Campbells (which they don't sell anymore, but I know people who hunt for this pair on ebay)
SILVER CUFF: "vintage" Forever again
HAT: It says "epoch" inside, but I can't find them online, and I got it at a Hat shop in Toronto, that I can't remember the name

SIDE NOTE: I love this hat, I love it's 80's-ness. I love that it reminds me of the hat I wore circa, New Kids On The Block, plus when I can't get my short hair looking' quite how I want the back, I just slap this on. Hence, the reason you see me wearing it quite often! ha ha ha

Make-Up Of the Day:
I hardly ever wear false lashes, but I had some on this day.

FALSE LASHES: the best fake lashes ever, Ardell Demi Wispies

BLACK LIQUID GEL LINER: Make-Up Forever Aqua Black

EYESHADOW: The Urban Decay Smoked Palette & the blue (Madness) and silver eyeshadow (Shellshocked), from the new Vice Palette 2, mixed together.

BROWS: Brow Whiz pencil from Anastasia of Beverly Hills

LIPS: 2 nude lip liner colors, I think Liar from Urban Decay and Cork from MAC with Tarte Lipgloss in a Cotton Candy pink, that they don't make anymore

And a couple things I'm loving right now:

Look what I found at Walmart:
White Chocolate Peanut Butter

I have played this song countless times, over and over again, because that's how I roll, I'm actually listening to it again, as I type this:

Your quote of the day is, from Audrey Hepburn:

No matter what this week holds, know that you are awesome, you are full of grey ideas, talent and go out and fill people with happiness from the smile on your face too, huge love from your Kandee

If you missed my last video, have fun watching this, after everyone said I look like Miley Cyrus, "oh haven't see mer TRY to look like her, now this is TRYING to look like her" ha ha ha:

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Video Make-Up Tutorial (even if you're not a Miley Fan, you might like this!)

Even if you're not a fan of Miley Cyrus herself, you just might enjoy this "Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball" Tutorial...
You are planning to dress up in a Miley Cyrus Costume...
Since I get a comment on any pictures I post about how I look like Miley, I thought it would be fun to ACTUALLY TRY TO LOOK LIKE MILEY! ha ha

So come and enjoy the transformation and you can watch STEP BY STEP how I transformed into Miley in the video below!

On a side not: I have to say, regardless of the naked-ness, the wrecking ball riding and all that stuff, this make-up look is really beautiful. 

 1. Any dewy moisturizer: I used L'Oreal TruMatch Lumi Healthy Foundation in C4 Shell Beige

2. Red Long wear Lipstick:  I used L'Oreal Infallible Lip Color in Cerise or Crimson (Cerise for medium dark skin tones, and Crimson for medium to fair) I applied it with a lip brush

3. Eyelash Curler: I must for this wide-eyed lash look

4. Any lengthening mascara: I used L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara

5. Long Strip Fake Lashes: I used Ardell Demi Pixie Lashes with Urban Decay Lash Glue

6. Eyebrow shaping: I just used Charcoal Eyeshadow from MAC with an angled brush

Now come on into my room and see what happens when I DO TRY to look like Miley...because honestly, whether you need a "Miley Cyrus Costume" or you just want a new make-up look, it's pretty, pretty! ha ha ha

Now come watch my Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Music Video Makeup video:
*to watch it bigger, click on the Youtube logo in the lower righthand side

Huge hugs from your good ol'-always-here-on-the-internet-for-ya-pal, Kandee (not Miley Cyrus) Johnson


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday: My Favorite Video On Youtube

I was looking at old blog posts I had for a fun or funny throwback post....
and as soon as I saw this, I knew this had to be my post for the day.
As most of you guys might know, my dad went to Heaven last year, and the last 2 nights I've had dreams of my dad. I woke up missing him so much, when I woke up to the reality of him not being here. I am glad, knowing my dad is free from all the awful things we all have to deal with here on Earth, but there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him and think about him!
 This might just be my most favorite Youtube video, because I get to see and hear my dad in it...
The day I filmed this, my mixer broke, and my dad fixed it for me! I even talk about it in the video, saying "that's what dad's do"! I love my dad so much, I will never say "I LOVE-D my dad so much" because I will never stop loving him...

To anyone who's lost a loved one: Know that you are not alone, that tears really do water our hearts for the rainbows to come out, and it's good to keep their memories alive in your heart and your days! Extra huge hugs for whoever needs one today!

Now come and watch me cook up some yummy food Pumpkin Pie cheesecake and watch as my dad shows us his "egg trick"....I love it!

*If you wanna watch it bigger, click the YOUTUBE logo on the bottom right hand corner!

Huge hugs and happy memories, your friend Kandee

If you wanna see my throwback on my KANDEELAND blog,  for a blast from when I first started blogging, I actually started that blog first! hee hee CLICK THIS

PS. I'm gonna be uploading my new video on Youtube today...get ready, see if it's up HERE.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Come peek inside my house....Make-Up to My Laundry Recipe

 If you were standing next to me, looking at my desk, this is what you'd see...
Oh my gosh, looking at this palette just makes me excited! I got my fresh order of body/face painting goodies from Mehron:
this is the Paradise Make-Up AQ 30 Color Palette
I got some Paradise MakeUp AQ Detailz Paint "Pens"
Some sponge applicators, Mark Reid brushes, and some Mehron Barrier spray
Sometimes I get way more excited ordering special FX and specialty make-up like this, than regular, everyday make-up!

 Do you love how there's an Ariel and a random rhinestone on my desk!? ha ha ha ha
Ah, in this picture, now you can see the brushes too...
You can also see my polka dot jammie bottoms in the lower part of the picture....Some of my best pictures are taken in my pajams!

 And onto things in my camera. I am hoping to finish editing my "Miley Cyrus" Wrecking Ball Make-Up Look. Since I hear, on a daily basis, how I look like Miley, I thought it'd be funny to do a tutorial where I'm  REALLY trying to look like her! ha ha ha

And last but not is a peek at my bed. After I freshly washed, dried and put my scrumptious-smelling, sheets back on my bed!

Here's my scrumptious sheet-scent LAUNDRY RECIPE:
*I use Arm & Hammer Ultra Power (I normally use Tide, but I've been on a baking soda kick, so I've been using this, and I kinda' love it)

 *1 Scoop Downy Unstoppables in April Fresh (throw it in with the wash, it makes a fun sound too)

*I toss in a Snuggle Blue Sparkle Dryer Sheet
(Is that fabric softener overkill? No stinkin' sheets smell so good, I could bite em')

And that my precious friends, is a peek inside Case De Kandee. Now I've gotta go edit this video to get up for you guys! Plus I've got sick little babies, so every 2 minutes I'm running to get more water, get a snack, get more tissue, wash my hands, get another something, wash more hands...ha hah a

Huge hugs and I'll chat-type with you soon, your friend, Kandee

PS. If you missed it or you didn't watch til' the end for the bloopers, may I present me in all my bearded-ness, before the next video goes up:

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Emergency (MacGyver) Make-Up Tips

It's just another MAKE-UP MONDAY.... and today I'm dishing it up "MacGyver" style. You know, the guy that could make anything out of a piece of gum and maybe a roll of floss- and BAM, he made an emergency hammock or something!

So I'm giving you some MacGyver style beauty tips to keep in your "beauty tool box" here's some tips for everything from hair to a hang nail:

To soak up some oil and add some volume to your hair, reach for some loose powder (even loose face powder, translucent is your best bet), and you can even take a powered brush and swipe in on your root area! Instant lift, instant "oil-be-gone" and you're back in good hair business.

Reach for your lip balm or even olive oil, smear it on your hangnail, and rub it on all your other cuticles while you're at it, for smooth and beautifully moisturized finger tips that will look like you just left a swanky manicure! -I've used my lip balms a million times for this!

Orange streaks, blotchy stripes, stained fingers, whatever woe your self-tanner has given you, go get your box of baking soda, a loofah, or some kind of washcloth, mix a paste of baking soda and water and buff the "bad-ness" away.

We've all been there, you've packed your bags for a trip, and realized you've forgotten some essential beauty tools. If you are missing your beloved eyelash curler (something I think everyone should own), just take a spoon, you can even blast it with a blow dryer for a couple seconds or run it under warm water, then hold the spoon, curve side, (like it's curving around the roundness of your eyeball), against your lashes for a couple seconds- insta curled lash-eroos!

I just use lip pencil to line and fill in my entire lips, which is much more long lasting than lipstick. I alwast get people asking what lipstick I'm wearing and how it stays on so long.....and my secret is: it's just lip liner!

Store those babies away in your brain for a rainy-beauty day....
Huge hugs and let me know if you want more of these "Beauty Emergency Tips"!

 Sometimes what looks like the biggest problem, leads to a solution that makes for greater success!

Huge hugs and know that I love you...and I don't care what any other human being on Earth makes you feel like, KNOW that you are awesome and I love you and all your dreams and talents are there for a reason...
extra hugs from your virtual bestie, Kandee


Ps. I'm editing a new video I filmed over the weekend!

Friday, October 18, 2013

3 Ways To Deal With A Bad Day

I saw this shirt as I was strolling through Wal-Mart and had to take a picture!
We all have either bad situations or bad people to deal with. Sometimes a little too much badness for one day hits us. This week has been a doozy. And I know I'm not the only person that's had a rough week and or day this week! If you are struggling with a difficult person or situation, read  on my buttercups, read on, and may my words soothe your heart like chapstick on some crackly dry lips!

#1. Don't let anyone's poopy attitude stink up your day!
You don't need to look hard to find someone with a bad attitude and a bad way of treating people...they are like flies on poop: EVERYWHERE! The beauty is, we can sit there and talk to the flies on the poop, engage with them, keep smelling the stink....or we can say:
"You crawl all over this poop all you want, but I'm heading to smell some flowers!"
Sometimes you just have to get away from the "fly" and remember, even if they try to come buzzing after you, with poop still on their legs, you say "shoo fly don't bother me....go take your poop and stink up someplace else".
Ain't no body got time to spend smelling what the fly's been landing on. Keep your nose in the flowers of happiness and don't let anyone pop your bubble of joy- I don't care how many sharp-bubble-popping things they have in their hand!

#2. Strength only comes when we have to and face something hard!
If you grew muscles by sitting on the couch watching reality shows, what an easy time we'd have! But, no, you've got hit the gym, hit the pavement, move your body, pump some iron- your muscled have to do something hard, get torn apart and then get built up stronger! You can take the hard times and even difficult people and grow stronger, wiser, and more savvy from each experience. We can grow strong, or we can grow bitter...growing stronger is always the best choice. Grow strong baby and flex your, "i got this!" muscles! Some of the most amazing people I've ever known, are the ones who've been through the most difficult situations in life.

#3. Be like an owl, dont' give a HOOT! (or at least that's what Uncle Si's shirt said! ha ha ha)
We all have bad days, and "bad" or difficult people can be found more often than a Starbucks! The less you care about a person, the problems they are making, or the trouble they are giving you, or the negative words they are spewing out, the better you'll be.
At the end of the day, life is short, and how much will, what they are saying, or doing really impact your entire life?! Even if it will, know that peace can be found in a quick prayer. "Say a prayer, and let go of the care..." Giving the stress away, letting it melt off you and focusing on the good in your day, the dreams in your heart, will let the sparkles of happiness and hope start bubbling up from inside your heart!

Troubles and troublesome people will always be coming our way....but we are going to be like a Gold Medal Olympic Hurdler...we're gonna be strong and fast and learn to jump higher and faster over the "problem hurdles" and "problem people" in our lives!

Huge hugs and so much love, from your fellow problem hurdler, Kandee  "the hurdler" Johnson

PS. This week has been a doozy. I haven't felt quite my normal energy level and I wasn't able to film any video this week, but be sure I'm feeling a better and I've got something fun for you in the next few get ready!

And if you need a laugh, make sure to watch the bloopers at the end of this video:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh Really?!? Outfit Of The Day: The Long and Short of It...

So, it's always fun to see silly comments that people write about or to me....let's take this recent one for example:
It went something like, "oh, ever since you cut your hair your style has changed....something something, now you try to dress all hipster...."

Let's throw a little throwback thursday here in the mix....
The photo above, taken at least or around a year see me with my ol' brown, Ombre-ish hair...wearing almost the same outfit! ha ha ha

 Just because I have short blonde hair....all the sudden I "look just like Miley Cyrus", "I look edgy"...blah blah blah I had this same haircut, 10 years ago, and what happened, they compared to anyone else who had short hair then...which was like 2 people, Susan Powter and Brigitte Neilson.

Apparently when my hair was long, no one noticed my clothes or make-up. And especially that they are the same! I still wear that Rolling Stones t-shirt, I still wear that jacket, and I still wear that hat!

And just to keep on "throwback-thursday-ing"'s from last October...still looking how I look now, well, minus the long hair.

And, the funny thing's my from just days ago...same shirt and hat...just shorter hair. I guess it just goes to show, the people that think I've gotten a "new style", haven't known me very know I've had this style for years! ha ha ha

Style is not how many of the "it" bags or shoes you own. I've had the same hat and shirt, that I wear regardless of what the current "trend" is. Having style isn't trendy- it's wearing what you love. And we are each drawn to certain unique things and pieces...that is YOUR true style.

Be bold. Be fearless. Don't dress for anyone other than you. Don't dress to impress guys. Don't dress to fit in. Dress in what you love and don't try to fit it, try to stand out and shine your unique-ness! Be hot pink tree in the middle of a forest of green.

Huge hugs and happy Thursday, your virtual bestie that goes by the name of, Kandee S Johnson

*If you wanna peek at some "mini outfits" of the day in our house, for school, CLICK HERE!

And it wouldn't be a complete "throwback thursday post" if I didn't offer you up a "Throwback Thursday Video" too, remember this last year:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When In Vegas: Wear A Sparkly Dress and Glitter Eyes

Viva Las Vegas...
Do you like how I was in Vegas and also wore my "dice" ring!  
Ok, so I know you guys are used to seeing me wearing anything but dresses...
I like dresses, I love wearing dresses, I love feeling girly and I actually wish I lived in the 
 40's and could wear girly things all the time!

So I had to wear a fancy dress to the big Finale Show of Battle Of The Strands, which was a 3 hour live show that me and "blonde-maker to the stars", Kim Vo both co-hosted. The problem was, the dress I brought was not going to work....
so I ran to the biggest Forever 21, I've ever been in, and I've been to Forever 21's from Times Square in NYC to LA! ha ha ha

Forever 21 saved the day....with only an hour and half to go buy a dress and get ready....
I went from THIS...



My mom had already cruised a few vintage stores and found the sequin covered bolero jacket from Betsey Johnson, I put my new Forever 21 dress, Steve Madden leopard shoes and the same necklace I wore the Miss USA in Vegas too! ha ha ha
 I felt so fancy being backstage where all the famous musicians usually get ready and wait for their big performances at The Palms.

Backstage with Kim Vo, Dusan Grant (master hair stylist and educator)- side note, how awesome is his disco ball be-dazzled blazer!?!

And what I have on my....
#1. A green eyeliner from Urban Decay in Deep End - all over the lower eyelid
#2. I dabbed on a turquoise-green shadow from OCC in Turquoise
#3. I put the old Heavy Metal liner from Urban Decay in the turquoise green color (but it's been discontinued), all over the top

FAKE LASHES: Ardell Demi Wispie

LIPS: A whole lotta colors...
Cherry Lip Liner from MAC
Anarchy Lip Liner from Urban Decay
All Fired Up (retro matte lipstick) from MAC
with a dab of Inglot Lipstick in Cream (white) to highlight

Huge hugs and so much love....typed from my little couch, far away from the excitement of Las Vegas...hee hee, your friend, Kandee

PS. You can come peek at how we "roll" er, fly home, on my KANDEELAND blog by clickin' here!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Add Some Edge To Your Outfits: OOTD

Some times you might want to add a little or a lot, of edge to your outfit...
maybe you'll be inspired by my outfit of the day yesterday.
We were doing more filming for Battle Of The Strands...
(PS. I love how you  can see my Blakey in the background)

I applaud everyone that steps out of the comfort zone to BE DIFFERENT! Let your outfit, make you stand out! You are unique and original and your style should showcase who you are!

If you want just try a piece of 2 to add some "rocker" edge factor to your outfit. Getting dressed should be fun and what you feel fun in. I don't care what anyone says about my outfit, when I love it...that's all that matters. Style needs to be fearless, not fearful.  Don't wear what others want you in, where what you want YOU in!

Harley Davidson T-shirt: from a vintage clothing store, that I cut the sleeves off of
Denim Acid Washed Vest: Forever 21
Leopard Print Leggings: Forever 21 
White T-shirt (tied around waste): Forever 21
Hat: I got it at some random hat store in Toronto
Bandana: tied on my wrist- an old one I've had for years
"Cool" knuckle ring: Love Culture

Style is always hidden in the details. 
Here is my earring of the day:
And earcuff that I got at Claire's.
My lipcolor of the day is: 
Lipliner: Nightmoth from MAC
Lipstick: Heaux from MAC

I just put this "cool" ring on for fun. It got caught on EVERYTHING all day long. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it again, unless it's for a fun picture! ha ha

And this is not a "duck face" but a "blow you a kiss face"...ha ha haha
Huge kisses from me in an elevator to you....hee hee
 And at the last minute  I changed my earrings....
And here's some boot-stomping love....
I love these boots from Jeffrey Campbell...well I love how they look, not so much how they feel after a 10 hour day! The trick about Jeffrey Campbell, is, unless they're the Lita's, you better buy those babies before they're gone...because these might be gonners already.

Style has nothing to do with your age. Style is something you have to express your creativity, at any age. Betsey Johnson is stylish and fun into her 70's! I'd rather dress more fun than boring anyday! Be fearless when you get dressed...Don't dress to impress anyone other than you!

Add some edge in the details:
Add an edgy earring, pair of shoes, handbag, bracelet...just one little detail can give you original style! Don't chase a trend, but interpret it with your own unique style and make it your own!

Huge hugs from your virtual friend, Kandee who is typing this from the floor at the airport, yes I said the seats are open and typing while standing up would be super hard...
Last night I co-hosted the LIVEe final show for Battle Of The Strands, and
I'll try to blog about that tomorrow....yes, I even wore a dress! hee hee

Huge huge, your Kandee

If you missed my last video CLICK HERE, or watch this:

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