Friday, October 11, 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Red, wrapped, and new haircut!

May I present my new haircut, which was to fix the badness that happened in the back...
And here is my outfit of the day. Some girls wear bring their sexy to Vegas, and I wear this...ha ha ha:

This is what I threw on, and yes it is way more fancy than my daily, going to the grocery store look. I was filming with Battle Of The Strands (it's a hair, make-up and wardrobe competition), and wait until you see the pics I have of the hair and outfits, they were amazing!

I've got my Melrose Space wrap/dress on, some turquoise earrings because it's one of my favorite colors, and some "evil-painful-shoes" that I hurt my feet like nobody's business!

I slapped on a men's Hanes white tank and black leggings underneath, and belted that dress and even did some safety pinning!

MAKE-UP: Nude Eye, smokey grey lower lash line with, yes, I was fancy and slapped some fake Lashes (Ardell Demi Wispies- my favorite) on. Lips, Red Lipliner from Urban Decay and Lime Crime Velvetines in Suede Berry.

And the most awesome news of my day...
You guys know I did my Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Tutorial, well Korrie, Willie's wife, tweeted the video out, look at this:

I am so excited....his WIFE said I did a GOOD job of looking like Willie!! If you wanna see the video, which is kinda one of my favorites here it is:

And my happy quote of the day for you:
The words that come out of someone's mouth say more about how they feel about themselves than how they feel about you. Upset and insecure people say bitter and hurtful things while happy and loving people say kind and encouraging words to those around them.

Huge hugs and I'm sending you extra hugs of awesomeness for today! Know I think you are unique, amazing and need to shine that beautiful smile of your with the world, your Kandee

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