Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh Really?!? Outfit Of The Day: The Long and Short of It...

So, it's always fun to see silly comments that people write about or to me....let's take this recent one for example:
It went something like, "oh, ever since you cut your hair your style has changed....something something, now you try to dress all hipster...."

Let's throw a little throwback thursday here in the mix....
The photo above, taken at least or around a year see me with my ol' brown, Ombre-ish hair...wearing almost the same outfit! ha ha ha

 Just because I have short blonde hair....all the sudden I "look just like Miley Cyrus", "I look edgy"...blah blah blah I had this same haircut, 10 years ago, and what happened, they compared to anyone else who had short hair then...which was like 2 people, Susan Powter and Brigitte Neilson.

Apparently when my hair was long, no one noticed my clothes or make-up. And especially that they are the same! I still wear that Rolling Stones t-shirt, I still wear that jacket, and I still wear that hat!

And just to keep on "throwback-thursday-ing"'s from last October...still looking how I look now, well, minus the long hair.

And, the funny thing's my from just days ago...same shirt and hat...just shorter hair. I guess it just goes to show, the people that think I've gotten a "new style", haven't known me very know I've had this style for years! ha ha ha

Style is not how many of the "it" bags or shoes you own. I've had the same hat and shirt, that I wear regardless of what the current "trend" is. Having style isn't trendy- it's wearing what you love. And we are each drawn to certain unique things and pieces...that is YOUR true style.

Be bold. Be fearless. Don't dress for anyone other than you. Don't dress to impress guys. Don't dress to fit in. Dress in what you love and don't try to fit it, try to stand out and shine your unique-ness! Be hot pink tree in the middle of a forest of green.

Huge hugs and happy Thursday, your virtual bestie that goes by the name of, Kandee S Johnson

*If you wanna peek at some "mini outfits" of the day in our house, for school, CLICK HERE!

And it wouldn't be a complete "throwback thursday post" if I didn't offer you up a "Throwback Thursday Video" too, remember this last year:

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