Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wolf Face Makeup: Last Minute Costume Look

Who needs a costume when your face looks like a Wolf?!? I wanted to show  you guys how to do something that required no costume at all! You know I' made a video on how to do this....(below) and here's the still pictures so you can have some Wolf Face Reference Pics:
(this is my personal favorite! My teeth just crack me up with this face!)

1. Any white face paint
*I used MAC White Acrylic Body Paint

2. Any Brown, Grey and Peach Eyeshadows

3. Black Gel Eyeliner and/or Eye Pencil
*I used mostly all Make-Up Forever Aqua Black Cream Eyeshadow and an angled brush
* I also used MAC Smolder Eye Pencil to draw the outline of the nose

4. Any pink or red lip pencil
*I used Hip N' Happy from MAC.

5. White Eyeliner or White Liquid Liner.
*I used the Detailz Face Painting Liquid from Mehron.

Here's some more pictures if you want to look at them while you recreate this look on you or your "model":

Angry Wolf...

Thumbs Up Wolf....

And come and watch me turn into a "wolf" while I teach you how todo it too! It's super easy, don't be scared at all, just try it, and worst case scenario, you say you did an "abstract art wolf" ha ha ha:


and if you wanted to see a picture from my DESPICABLE ME MINION FAIL (it came out too creepy looking so I didn't even bother putting the footage on my computer! ha ha ha)

And the quote of the day:
I love this: "if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"- Milton Berle
Huge huge and I'm sending extra hugs to every heart reading this, that needs a hug right this very moment, your virtual best friend, Kandee

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