Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Come peek inside my house....Make-Up to My Laundry Recipe

 If you were standing next to me, looking at my desk, this is what you'd see...
Oh my gosh, looking at this palette just makes me excited! I got my fresh order of body/face painting goodies from Mehron:
this is the Paradise Make-Up AQ 30 Color Palette
I got some Paradise MakeUp AQ Detailz Paint "Pens"
Some sponge applicators, Mark Reid brushes, and some Mehron Barrier spray
Sometimes I get way more excited ordering special FX and specialty make-up like this, than regular, everyday make-up!

 Do you love how there's an Ariel and a random rhinestone on my desk!? ha ha ha ha
Ah, in this picture, now you can see the brushes too...
You can also see my polka dot jammie bottoms in the lower part of the picture....Some of my best pictures are taken in my pajams!

 And onto things in my camera. I am hoping to finish editing my "Miley Cyrus" Wrecking Ball Make-Up Look. Since I hear, on a daily basis, how I look like Miley, I thought it'd be funny to do a tutorial where I'm  REALLY trying to look like her! ha ha ha

And last but not least....here is a peek at my bed. After I freshly washed, dried and put my scrumptious-smelling, sheets back on my bed!

Here's my scrumptious sheet-scent LAUNDRY RECIPE:
*I use Arm & Hammer Ultra Power (I normally use Tide, but I've been on a baking soda kick, so I've been using this, and I kinda' love it)

 *1 Scoop Downy Unstoppables in April Fresh (throw it in with the wash, it makes a fun sound too)

*I toss in a Snuggle Blue Sparkle Dryer Sheet
(Is that fabric softener overkill? No stinkin' way....my sheets smell so good, I could bite em')

And that my precious friends, is a peek inside Case De Kandee. Now I've gotta go edit this video to get up for you guys! Plus I've got sick little babies, so every 2 minutes I'm running to get more water, get a snack, get more tissue, wash my hands, get another something, wash more hands...ha hah a

Huge hugs and I'll chat-type with you soon, your friend, Kandee

PS. If you missed it or you didn't watch til' the end for the bloopers, may I present me in all my bearded-ness, before the next video goes up:

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