Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Make-Up Tutorial & Nail

What screams FUTURE, like a twist from the PAST?!? So I'm gonna show you the futuristic nails and make-up of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire District 5, Power look....
Hold onto your David Bowie posters because I gotta's getting a little Ziggy Stardust up in here! I'm gonna show you how I did this, chalked my hair and even painted mah nails.

I was super excited because COVERGIRL reached out to ask me if I would want to re-create one of the Capitol Beauty Looks from one of the 12 Districts (CLICK HERE to see the all at the Capitol Beauty Studio), and I said YES, I 'd love to replicate a wild make-up look! So this is the look they gave me, keep in mind  I do not have a nice long neck, I'm not a model, and I do not have any of the same facial features as this lovely model....:and I have way more eyelid space than this beautiful lady!

Yours truly, as you saw in my blog sneek peek yesterday, with some major red hair chalking going on. SIDE NOTE: Since my hair is so fried bleached, and is so sponge-like porous, after I washed my hair is was the most disgusting PEACH color. No one wants PEACH colored hair! So I had to do my roots anyway, so I just gave my poor follicles a fresh "bleaching".

STEP #2: GRAPHIC (80's ish) NAILS
I used, all 5 colors shown here: (all from COVERGIRL)
1. Grapevine #310
2. Eternal Oceans #305
3. Constant Caribbean #290
4. Sulfur Blaze #600
5. Flamed Out #605
 This nail design took forever, lots of frying time, masking tape, more drying time, more masking tape!

And here's the look, so come watch me go form blonde, regular this look, in the video below!
I used all the Hunger Games Capitol Collection from COVERGIRL to do this look, here's what I used:
Ink it! Aqua Marine Ink
Enhancers: Tropical Fusion
LiquilineBlast: Blue Boom Eye
Flamed Out Shadow Pot: Red Hot
Flamed Up Curl Mascara: Very Black Blaze
Smoky Shadow Blast: Mauve Smolder

Clean Foundation 
LipPerfection: Temptress (forehead)

Flamed Out Shadow Pot: Red Hot
LipPerfection Lipliner: Passion
LipPerfection: Eternal & Delish
Clean Liquid Makeup: Natural Beige

Now come watch me slap all this on:

Huge hugs and make any requests for the next costume look you want me to do below, your virtual BFF Kandee

PS. And tweet me what you think of this look with #CapitolCOVERGIRL and @kandeejohnson

Huge colorful HUGS!

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