Monday, October 28, 2013

Katy Perry isn't the only one who can Roar....

Happy Monday, my little Roar-ready-tigers!
Okay so I posted the picture of my outfit, BELOW, on instagram...because I thought it looked better than my "roaring one" above! See, the treats you get of reading my blog: you see pictures that I don't post there! ha ha ha
ON A SIDE NOTE" look at the interesting way I'm still trying to hold onto my lipgloss tube! ha ha ha
And even still, my instagram one, totally cropped out my shoes! It's so hard to get your pictures into a perfect square sometimes. Sometimes, there's awesomeness in the length!

 Ok, so let's break it down (you can read that in the voice of DJ Lance Rock if you want, because that's how I heard it as I typed it):

TIGER SHIRT: Forever 21
BLUE LEOPARD PRINT JEANS: "vintage", as in I got them last year, FOREVER 21
SHOES: my old Jeffrey Campbells (which they don't sell anymore, but I know people who hunt for this pair on ebay)
SILVER CUFF: "vintage" Forever again
HAT: It says "epoch" inside, but I can't find them online, and I got it at a Hat shop in Toronto, that I can't remember the name

SIDE NOTE: I love this hat, I love it's 80's-ness. I love that it reminds me of the hat I wore circa, New Kids On The Block, plus when I can't get my short hair looking' quite how I want the back, I just slap this on. Hence, the reason you see me wearing it quite often! ha ha ha

Make-Up Of the Day:
I hardly ever wear false lashes, but I had some on this day.

FALSE LASHES: the best fake lashes ever, Ardell Demi Wispies

BLACK LIQUID GEL LINER: Make-Up Forever Aqua Black

EYESHADOW: The Urban Decay Smoked Palette & the blue (Madness) and silver eyeshadow (Shellshocked), from the new Vice Palette 2, mixed together.

BROWS: Brow Whiz pencil from Anastasia of Beverly Hills

LIPS: 2 nude lip liner colors, I think Liar from Urban Decay and Cork from MAC with Tarte Lipgloss in a Cotton Candy pink, that they don't make anymore

And a couple things I'm loving right now:

Look what I found at Walmart:
White Chocolate Peanut Butter

I have played this song countless times, over and over again, because that's how I roll, I'm actually listening to it again, as I type this:

Your quote of the day is, from Audrey Hepburn:

No matter what this week holds, know that you are awesome, you are full of grey ideas, talent and go out and fill people with happiness from the smile on your face too, huge love from your Kandee

If you missed my last video, have fun watching this, after everyone said I look like Miley Cyrus, "oh haven't see mer TRY to look like her, now this is TRYING to look like her" ha ha ha:

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