Monday, May 31, 2010

How to cut your t-shirt (80's style)

I started cutting my t-shirts about 7 years ago...I 'm not sure if it was in style, but then again, I've never cared about what was "in style", I just cared about what I liked to wear!

I like turning a "not so cute", t-shirt, into a cute "80's" style off the shoulder t-shirt, with a white tank top's how to do it!

So here's a fun video where I show you how to cut an "80's style shirt" and my style inspiration, and a quick tour of my old closet! (how I miss this closet, my new closet isn't even as big as a door, it now looks like I sleep in my closet! ha ha ha

What you need:
very sharp scissors (fabric scissors are best, I like Fiskars)

let's get ready to have some fashion fun! And remember: 
you don't wear a trend, you make one by wearing what you love!
wear what you love...makes you happy...and makes you feel comfortable!
type with love and fashion boldness, your kandee

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to tie a bandana

I like big, fun, accessories!
I started tying bandana (handkerchief's) around my wrist a loooong time ago!
you ask...
well, part fashion
part function
I started wearing a bandana around my wrist on make-up jobs, because I wouldn't make the make-up smudge, and it would keep my hands all free from smearing make-up!
And I also liked wearing it because it was a cool, CHEAP accessories!
So here's how to do it:
get any cheap bandana
(if you wash them first they are soft and WAYYYY easier to tie!)
so get your BANDANA and let's get ready to "hang out with me" on the computee:

Have fun my Kandee Krew.....typed with bold, dress how you want...and don't care what anyone says!
and PS. I get to go to Disneyland one more day with my family!!! It truly is the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!
I want to live inside there!
love and hugs...your kandee

Friday, May 28, 2010

From the Happiest Place on Earth...

I think Disneyland is so super fun because it re-lights the fire in our belly that dreams can come true, you can be a princess in a grand castle or a pirate on the high seas! I get so excited even to see the entrance gates with the golden knobs...I have a thousand butterflies as the little musical "swoosh, swoosh" grants me passage into this happy place! I think that is exactly how our life is...we have to unpack our bag of talents, dreams and gifts...and then head for the entrance gate! What are you going to do with all your talents and dreams? The world is waiting, we all need to pursue our makes the world a wonderful place. I hate to think what things would be like if Walt Disney didn't have a dream...
Go boldly and pursue your dreams! If you have a dream for something it's usually because you have a TALENT that matches!

From me and Mickey...HUGE SMILES! HUGE LOVE! And HUGE DREAMS!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things to do at Disneyland:

1. if you're ever in a hotel, order room service (my favorite it dessert!), and since I'm on vacation with my kids today, it's gonna be strawberry pancakes and belgian waffles with whipped cream (don't order it at 10 when they close at 10:15, and they forget to bring you the whipped cream! ha ha ha)

1 1/2. Make sure you drive til 3 am, to get to the hotel, and then your kids will be so excited when they wake up, they won't be able to sleep until 4:30, and then because they were sleeping the whole drive, they'll wake up at 8:30! ha ha ha

2. If you're hurt or injured or handicapped, get a Special Assistance Pass!

3. Make sure you wear lots of deoderant if you are going in hot months, those lines put you WAYYYY too close to sweaty, stinko people! Help stop the STINK!

4. Eat at the mexican food restaurant in Frontierland, the soft tacos are soooo good! And buy a bag of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips at the register!

5. Go on Space Mountain at least 3 times, and make a funny face at the last part when you go up the tunnel with the lights - it's GONNA TAKE your awesome picture!

6. Go on the Peter Pan ride, it's my favorite! "hold on tight and here we goooooooo!"

7. Do forget your wallet when you go to buy the tickets, then you have to ride the tram all the way back to the car, and back to the front of Disneyland again (takes about another 30 minutes!)...Oh wait DON'T do what I did! ha ha ha

8. and make sure you get a frozen lemonade with a shot of cherry flavor in frontierland, and a churro!

9. and go the Horseshoe Saloon, get a rootbeer float and watch the hillbilly show, me and my sister almost peed our pants laughing so hard!

10. Go on Pirate's of the Caribbean!

11. make a video response to the Pirate's of the Caribbean video....the best of both world's PIRATE's and HillBilly's!

And yes, I'm posting this video again! ha ha... just because I'm going to Disneyland again!!!

have an awesome day...and remember if your today isn't so great, just wait til TOMORROWLAND!!!

huge love....your kandee

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Look Like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Yo ho! Yo Ho! I pirate's life for me! We pillage we plunder, we rifle, we loot! Drink me hardies yo ho!
Ahoy there me mates of make-up!  I be bringin' to ya the finest in make-up tricks..fer our dear CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!
Oh we love us some Johnny Depp characters!
Not to mention, Pirate's of The Caribbean, is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland!
I actually borrowed this Jack Sparrow wig, from my son, who got it at Disneyland.
I also used the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse to make me look a little sun-kissed and tanned, like a
"man of the sea" would look! ha ha ha
and I "blacked-out" my teeth with  Cinema Secrets Temporary Tooth Color (this stuff is just fun to have all the time, I put it on at a shoot, just to be funny one day!), and it's only about $4.50! Buy some, just to have fun on your next outing! ha ha ha

I had so much fun making this video! I hope you like it and it makes you laugh!
Make sure you watch the end for the "hillbilly pirate part"!

have a fun-tastic day.....your Cap'n Kandee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh no BONO got hurt!!!

I just read that my "homeboy"  HURT his BACK!!!
Yes, Paul Hewson, AKA BONO, had to have an emergency back surgery at a Munich hospital, after injuring himself during tour preparation.

Bono, who I just learned is the same age as my mom, nifty-50, will have to recoup for the next 8 weeks!
Bono who was upset that all the people in North America who bought tickets, will no longer get to see him perform, and all their plans will have been ruined! He loves to perform, he's a performer, so this must be so frustrating for him. 

This tour was going to be U2's best tour ever, even beating MADONNA's $222 million tour, with his highest grossing tour of 2009, at $311 million!

Get better BONO! We're cheering for ya! Get well soon!

That just shows you, age doesn't decide your success. AT 50, Bono is beating out young teeny boppers and even Madonna, well I think she's even older than Bono, at 51!

and as a sidenote: he's not really my BFF, I just got my pic taken with him a few months ago!
smiles and it's a a beautiful day (as BONO would say), your friend kandee

"you complete me!"

that famous line that Tom Cruise spits out as Jerry Maguire (and I think this was pre-crazy Tom Cruise) to love interest has become a funny saying in between friends.....making the hearts sign and saying "You COMPLETE ME!!!!!"....

People want to feel completed and made to feel whole, like they are fixed, happy, and all better again. Some people spend hours online trying to find that one person that will make their life so much happier and better! Well all the's and's in the world aren't gonna complete us!

Sometimes I've thought that all I needed was to find my soulmate, and my world would be happy, everything would be better. But the truth is, even if they are your soulmate, they are going to let you down, somehow make you mad or hurt your feelings. And WHAM!!! You are so upset, you're thinking you were more "COMPLETED", before you had to deal with a "poop head" like this! ha ha ha

I remember my gramma telling me, "You were just fine before you met them! You were born by yourself, just fine, and you will die by yourself!"...I remember hearing this and thinking, "GOSH!!! THAT IS A HORRIBLE SAYING!" But the truth in it is (and the "nicer, makes more sense version") is this, you have had a life, it may have been heard, but you had happy moments without your soulmate, with friends or family, or even moments where you were happy all by yourself. The "soulmate" didn't all the sudden become the only "being of happiness" in your life. YES, they probably bring tons of happiness to your life, but I guarantee, that without them, you would still have happiness. Not at first if you're all sad, but it will come flooding back.
In the first scenes of the "The Grapes of Wrath", it shows the women watching their men in the dry dusty land working, where the crops used to be. They were watching to see if the men would break, or if they would keep going on. Sometimes that all we need, to see that their hearts were strong to not give up and keep going, and when you see that you think, "Oh, I can do it too! I will make it! I will survive! No matter what is going on, I'm going to make it!"

Today, know that you will make it!
You will be happy!
No matter what is falling apart around what news you've just discovered, you will be more than fine, you will be amazing!
huge love and a cupcake,  from your friend, kandee

MISSION for the day:
1. look back at one thing in your life that was hard and think about how you lived through it

2. think about anyone that you know that has been through something hard, and keep them as your inspiration when you feel like things are too hard, think "what would they do?"

3. Look at yourself in the mirror today and say "you one amazing person and you deserve to be happy, and I will!"

4. in everything today find happiness, in pretty flowers, in smiling at someone, maybe you help someone that can't open a door, like a little old lady or a mom with a stroller, maybe you just tell a friend or your mom, just how much they mean to you, or even just tell someone they have a nice smile!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

when you feel like you can't go on

most of us have felt just don't want to go on anymore, you don't want to wake up in the morning.  The feelings you feel when you're awake feel like to much, the pain that you feel is too painful. Maybe you've been hurting so much, you feel numb now. Maybe you do things to hurt yourself more than the pain you are already feeling, like cutting yourself, or injuring yourself. Maybe you are even thinking of ending your life, with suicide, or maybe you've felt like it in the past.
I have felt overwhelmed in my life.
I have been heartbroken beyond belief, and sometimes it didn't even involve someone that hurt me - it was my own life that was breaking my heart. It was my choices in life that were breaking my heart. I felt like I even broke God's heart, for the creation he made with love, that wasn't making the best choices for herself, me!
I have had a hard week, it was filled with meetings, work things, (with the exception of meeting the girls and filming it- that was my happy spots!)...but in my heart has felt a sea of sadness. It's hard for me to talk to people about my feelings sometimes, but I think that when you guys can see how real, how normal, how, just like you, I am, it helps. And this week was tough, I was dealing with so many things, very stressful things, from money things to heart things, to life so many things!
I want you to know, if you feel like giving up...DON'T - that sad time will pass. You WILL feel happy again. Everyone I know has gone through a sad time, that they felt that the pain was too much, and they didn't want to live. I have friends who I've talked out of suicide, and I have friends that didn't talk to anyone, and they took their life. To know that if they just talked to someone, whatever problem they had, was NOT TOO BIG, nothing is too big! And you will get through it, I promise!
Sometimes people only pray to God when they think they're gonna die ~ and if that's they way you have to do it..that's fine, nothing is too small or too big to pray about.
God isn't waiting to judge people...he's waiting to love you, like a dad with his arms open to hold you and tell you everything is ok. Now THIS IS NOT TO GET ALL RELIGIOUS on you (because I DON'T LIKE RELIGION, but I do LOVE GOD.)
This is the only thing that pulled me out of mom talked to me, and reminded me how nothing I've done is too awful, God gives you a fresh day with no guilt, no shame, he just wants to love you and for you to love him in return.
All the hurt we've had in life, will be swapped out for happiness.
I am happy today....and I am going to go to the Happiest Place on Earth.....Disneyland. I am so excited!

If no one else it telling you it's okay...I am!
It's okay, whatever your heart hurts's okay. Nothing is TOO big for God to handle.
If you feel like it's too much, like you can't go on...don't go on it alone. If no one is there, sometimes God removes everyone there could be to talk to, so the only one left (the most important one) is him.
You will be happy again. You will feel like going on, I promise!
I love you!
You're precious!
And if no one else has told you how amazing you are...I did!
You're amazing, loved, and amazing things to do in this world!
huge love and even bigger hugs (through the computer), your friend kandee

"O LORD, the God who saves me, day and night I cry out before you.  May my prayer come before you; turn your ear to my cry.  For my soul is full of trouble and my life draws near the grave." - psalm 88

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, May 22, 2010

hearts, smiles and beautiful days....

my name is kandee....I am a make-up artist, I make videos on youtube, and sometimes...I get to meet people that say I've touched their lives...but really they touch my heart beyond words...
(above: a picture of me and the most precious girl named Selina)
I put a post out on my facebook that I wanted to meet some of the people that have emailed with their amazing stories....and the most amazing part, is that in their emails, they said that I touched their lives and inspired them in some way.
I got so many responses, I couldn't believe it! (and I want to thank everyone that wrote me, we only had time to do 3, and I got over 85 messages within minutes of my post. Everyone's story was amazing and I hope I can meet you all!)
When I make videos, it's crazy because I am looking into you hearts, but I never get to hear your stories and hug you with my arms. So when I got to meet Selina, and hear her incredible moved my heart and inspired me so much! We have so many similarities, she was 18 when she had her sweet baby boy, and so was I when I had my Jordan. She is so strong, mature, a loving mama, and she is absolutely beautiful! Her and her fiance are going to have such an amazing future! (watch for my video with her)

then this morning I got to meet Victoria...her story is so much more than any movie storyline...when I saw her beautiful, angelic face, she lookes like a model that has lived a perfect, beautiful life...then we she started telling just can't imagine all the things that she's been through. She has a loving smile and spirit, her eyes twinkle as she talks of her husband and little baby boys. Her story is unreal...and she is my new hero!
Sarah is another model-esque girl, with a beautiful smile, tons of bubbly energy, a giant purse full of adorable-ness. Her story hit me when she first emailed me, and I couldn't believe she lost everything in not one house fire, but 2, and she had been through a series of illness and other events all within a year. We got to walk and hunt around at the Santa Monica Pier and have a great time!

Each of these days, I had busy, crazy days, that felt stressfull, I've had over 4 doctors appointments, with not too fun testing, BUT, the times when I got to meet the amazing was the best part of my day! The love we got to pour out on each other, sharing what we've been through and just talking, swapping hugs, has been priceless, encouraging, and something I will never forget!

I can't thank these girls enough for sharing their stories, and letting me into their lives!
Keep posted to see our times together and hear their incredible stories...which will DEFINITELY, encourage you and touch your heart!

Huge love, your friend kandee

Friday, May 21, 2010

thank you...

someone posted this video on my facebook...and all i can say is, that if everyone had one of these made for them, it would be a priceless treasure for them and their family....

I am so honored, to a part of your lives, to have an effect or impact, or to be there to cheer anyone up, is something that makes me feel so happy! More than any fancy job or opportunity i could have, touching someone's heart, or pouring a little extra love into someone's life, means more to me than anything!

huge love....and remember....
you're more beautiful than you know
more talented than you think
and more loved than you can imagine....
i love you and think you are marvelous!!!

huge love, your friend kandee....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

how to be happy...

(this was what it looked like in my doctors office this morning, my leg got poked, measured, twisted, turned, poked some more, butterfly tape removed, and i get to see more doctors tomorrow and then on friday too!)

How To Be Happy
People with unkind, hurt hearts, hurt people. People with happy hearts, make others happy. This does not mean if you are hurting, that you will hurt people, it just means that those that say hurtful things, usually don't have a healthy, happy, or kind heart to start with.
I'm sure some unkind people have spilled their toxic juices on you....AKA their anger, hurt sadness, built up mean emotions. Maybe it's a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a stranger, but the world is filled with people that have "sick and damaged" hearts and minds, and all they know is how to spit out more of what's inside them.
What's inside a can of soda is what comes out when you shake it up....Soda on the inside equals soda on the outside! Same thing with people, whatever is on the inside comes out...if they are miserable and mean, all those same things will come out of their mouths...hurtful words and actions!
Let your hearts be joyful! CHOOSE to be happy! CHOOSE to be kind! Choose to only let words that enourage, words that will encourage someone, lift someone's spirits, come out of your mouth.
Life is filled with so many sad things, from news stories, to events that happen in our own lives, that our words can speak "life" other people's hearts, if we choose. 
Today,  let's let everyone that comes across our path, leave happier for having spoke to us! 
And is someone is hurting you..remember that they are operating from a sick and damaged heart. They are so filled with awful feelings, that their minds think in sad and rude ways, and they think, and accuse others of thinking the same sick way. Don't let the mean people in the world infect you with their toxic virus. They re like an overflowing bathtub, all they have to spill out is more hurtful words.

WE can be the sunshine in someone's world today! We can make someone's day with our words. With our mouths, we have the ability to speak goodness into their day and life into their hearts. Choose what you say wisely, let only good things come out. And let your little ears be careful, to only hear what is good. If it's it's not, move it to the trash can of your mind, and clear it out! You are too precious to let someone fill you up with hurt.

How to be happy day 1:

1. say kind an encouraging things to people all day~ point out something they do great, like, "you make me smile when i see you!", "you did such an awesome job on.....(fill in the blanks), "you look so nice today, I really like your.....(fill in the blanks)

2. decide to be happy and joyful today~ whenever an unhappy thought comes along, tell yourself, "NOPE! we are not gonna think about you!"...and immediately think about something happy and positive.

3. think about good things...happy things, positive things~ if any other thoughts come into your head, get em out...there's only room for happy thoughts!

We are only hurt, by letting those things hurt us. If someone breaks our hearts, crushes our spirit, it's because in our minds we've put them in a place to hurt us. We can also put them in a place where we won't be hurt by them. God can put your broken heart back together again, better than new, with more joy and happiness.

huge love and lots of hugs, your lovin' kandee
and remember if no one else told you today....
I think you're amazing, talented, and simply wonderful, and no one deserves to take your happiness!
you're more sparkling that all the glitter on the earth!
hugs the size of..well, something really big!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Get Hot Looking Arms

Thanks McDonald's and all other forms of fast food, combined with people not having enough time to work out, and your arms may feel a little more wiggly and baggy than they should! Well, summer's almost here, and we better make time! You'll feel great, and when I was in good shape, it sure made me wanna pass on junk food! I had more energy, confidence and I could wear whatever I wanted!
And then we have Madonna's arms, which is almost one of the most "unattractive" things I've ever seen! She's going to the Borderline alright, the borderline of "one-of-the-grossest-things-I've-ever-seen"!

We want lean, toned arms, with no jiggy, wiggle, or wings!
my friend Brian and his awesome wife April, who make fitness videos on youtube, (and he used to work with my mom!), made me this AWESOME, arm workout for lil' ol' me! Since I can't do anything with my legs yet, I will get some killer arms to show off in my tank tops.
Please SUBSCRIBE to Brian on Youtube, he's super nice, has great workouts, and let's help him build his youtube followers!
So let's get ready to get in shape! Here's how to get sexy arms, in no time at all! And I'm gonna be doing with you too!
Let's get ready to get a little hotter, ha ha ha! (Don't forget to leav Brian a nice comment and tell him you're from the Kandee Fam!)
huge love and un-huge arms, your kandee

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Save Money: How to Cut Your Own Hair

Want to save some dollars, euros, rupees, coins...
I'm going to show you how! You can cut your hair yourself!
Yes, don't be scared! I cut my own hair for years, and some of my favorite hair cuts have been done by my own 2 hands!
Take this one for example: (all me baby!) Yes, I bleached it platinum myself too.
You wanna know the secret to get a really spectacular hair cut. Top stylists have learned a skill that's been passed down from stylists to stylist- the dry cut. It's not taught in schools, the art of dry cutting is when a stylist washes, dries, flat irons and styles the hair before cutting the hair. You can see where the hair puffs up or which direction it wants to go, this way, so your cut is comes out perfect! And dry cutting is PERFECT for your BANGS or FRINGE!

Now you might be thinkin', "well that's great Kandee, but you went to beauty school (AKA Cosmetology school)...I might totally mess up my hair!"
No, some of my friends that have the coolest hair, do it themselves, with no training at all! (Even Sharon Stone cuts her own hair!)
You know your face, and how you like to wear your hair better than any one else on the planet! You can custom tailer the perfect, face framing haircut for yourself!

It's so easy and fast! It's like a make-over for your face! So here how to cut your own bangs or frings, these are cute sideswept bangs! All you need is a comb, some good shears and your hair.

TIP: I blow dried and straightened my hair before I cut them. This gives you the straightest, most desirable hair to cut. (Cutting hair dry, gives you a more precise cut!)

know let's get ready to cut some awesome bangs!
get mark, get set, get combs, get scissors...get ready for gorgeous!
huge love, and even "huge-er" hair, your kandee

Monday, May 17, 2010

How To: Not Have A Broken Heart

Number of emails from people with broken heart: 874,498,387

And millions of heart are hurting and broken, in the world right now.

I hope this little post will help some hearts...somewhere.

SCENE 1: you have just been left with a heart that feels so broken, you just want to sleep, you don't want to be awake and feel anything! You can't imagine how your life will go on with any kind of happiness without this person in your life. You are already imagining, that no one will ever be as great as them.

SCENE 2: you have been or are in an abusive relationship, someone that verbally abuses you (saying horrible hurtful things that will forever scar your heart), physically abuses you (hurting you in any way), mentally abuses you (controls you, manipulates situations, scares you, threatens you), or even sexually abuses you (any form of touching that you don't want).
now enters the voice of help!

For #1 with a
broken heart: No one that is willing to let you go or hurt your heart, or leave good enough to EVER be the one to hold your precious heart in their hands. Someone that has no idea how amazing you are, how irreplaceable you are, how unique how adorable, how beautiful, how someone will come into your life and say, "I don't ever want to live without you in my life, and I'll never, ever think of leaving you!". Someone is going to adore how you laugh, love the sound of your voice, think that you make everything more fun, how you are the most amazing thing they've ever seen, that nothing could take them away from you. That they'd walk through fire, drive for hours, just to see your face.
If you ARE or WERE with someone that didn't realize you were the best thing on Earth....GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Because they don't deserve one more second of your time or tears!
You are one of a kind amazing! They way you say things, the way you laugh, the way you dance or sing, the funny things you so, the quirky things you do...these are all what someone is going to FALL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH!!! And if someone doesn't...DON'T waste your time with them...because the person that's going to LOVE all those things and you, is rejoicing that, that other person is out of the way, so they can come and find you!
Even though I don't normally listen to country music, I love the song, "God Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts 
in the song it says,
"Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

This is beautiful....that each person that broke your heart, needed to get out of your life, so the right one, one that will never hurt you, can come into your life. They will adore you, cherish you, and gently hold your heart, and will go out of their way to make sure your heart is never hurt! 
I've been hurt many times, I've been cheated on, dumped, I've been in abusive relationships, and I'm so glad I'm not in any of those anymore! I even dated a guy that told me how beautiful he thought other girls were and how he had "crushes" on them, in front of me! (oh brother!) Thank goodness I said "enough!", they dumped me, or I got the courage to leave them, and end that horrible time in my life!

Now for #2
an abusive relationship
If you are with someone that constantly hurts your feelings, makes you feel miserable, unhappy, stupid, ugly, sad, depressed, worthless...ANY one of those! That is not a soul mate....that is a mean mate!
And if you are with someone that hurts you, hits you, threatens you (with anything) scares you for any reason, (especially if they drink or do drugs...they will think even worse!).
I was in an abusive relationship, where I was afraid of everything, I was afraid to leave my house, I was told horrible things, I was threatened, and he had a huge anger problem, the police had to be called, I didn't have any money or any food to eat. And the horrible part was, I was so afraid to leave him, that he would be even more mad and find me. Or he would promise me he wouldn't do any of that again and he was sooooo sorry! WELL THAT'S THE ABUSIVE CYCLE!!! (THEY'RE MEAN, THEN THEY FEEL BAD, APOLOGIZE, SAY THEY WON'T DO IT AGAIN.....AND JUST WAIT...IT'S A GUARANTEE THEY'LL DO IT AGAIN! It just comes down to how long you're going to stay and keep going through that emotional cycle.

I prayed and asked God to get me out of there! And sure enough, it was by a miracle, we were getting kicked out of the apartment we lived in, I called my mom, she bought me a plane ticket, he even drove me to the airport, and once I was safely at my mom and dad's, I said, I can't come back. I's had enough! I knew, this wasn't how it was supposed to be. Your heart heart shouldn't hurt when you're in love!

So, to each of you precious were made so fantastically! You are funny, witty, brilliant, cute, adorable, you have your own style, your own way of making people's lives fun. People should want to be wherever you are....because wherever you is more fun, because you are in it!

Don't deserve the best! And the best is waiting for this "broken heart" to be pointed in their direction, that whoever hurt you, is the Northern Star, that is pointing you right to the one that will  NEVER, EVER hurt you.

And remember, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or not your whole world! They are there to support and be a companion, but remember, as soon as they get placed on a pedestal....that's a promise that you are putting them too high on your life list...and you're giving them control to definitely hurt you! Every human being at some point will disappoint you, hurt you, make you sad...they aren't perfect. The only person who's never stop loving me is God. Boyfriends, girlfriends, even husbands and wives (ha ha ha), may come and go...but God and your family will always be there love you!

I love you...and don't let another tear fall from your eyes. I wish I could be there to hug you and tell you, "No, rejoice that now, you're true soul mate, is free to find you! Be patient, they are on their way!"

I made this BREAK-UP BOOTCAMP video, maybe it will inspire your heart too!
huge love, chocolate and lots of love, typed with love, kandee

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to Keep your Dreams Alive

i love these lyrics from Cinderella, A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES:
A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

I know, that each one of us...before we were even a twinkle in our parents eyes, had a dream packed in the little suitcase of our heart, waiting to come to Earth!
Our dream may be to be a photographer or a writer, but dreams don't just stop with careers! We may dream of owning a ranch or living on a beach, of being a mama or finding your soul mate and traveling the world! 
Each one of your dreams is precious, and it's there for a reason!
Each dream that you valuable. Don't let anyone talk you out of your dreams. If your dream is in your heart, you have the desire, and you the natural "talent" (that is, whatever you want to do, is actually something you might be really good at), don't let anyone's discouraging words stop you!
I was told about me being a make-up artist:
that I should get a real job
it's just a pipe dream, nothing is ever going to happen
stop living in a dream
I need a regular 9-5 job
and many more things!
I never gave up! I never stopped! And I have been a freelance (means that I don't work for anyone in particular, I just get hired for photo shoots, tv shows, movies, celebrity appearances, things like that) make-up artist...just doing make-up!

Your dreams are there...they've been with you since you came into the world! You may think:
"no, I don't really know what my dream is"...
It's the same thing you loved as a little kid!
For example:
when I was little I loved:
drawing, photography, pretending I was making movies, fashion, dressing up, dancing, singing, and I dreamed of playing in my moms make-up (I wasn't allowed to touch it...I guess especially since me and my sister got my moms bright red lipstick and my little sister drew with it all underneath our dining room table!) I loved entertaining people and making them smile.
To this day, I still love all the same things! It doesn't change!
What are the things that have interested you since you were small?

Your dreams have always been with you, they are with you like the color of your eyes. All you have to do, is spend some time with yourself, maybe alone, listen to music you love, go to the bookstore and see what kind of books to you love: books on cooking, gardening, race car driving, photography, drawing, fashion, writing, health, how to become a hair stylist! Have a little discovery time, getting to know you! It'll be worth every second!

Whatever your dream is, don't let anyone steal it away from you with negative words. If your dream is in your heart, then God has given you everything you need to make it happen!

And if your dream is to find your true love....God knows that too, and no matter where you are or who your with, or how lonely you feel...God has that person waiting for you. Somewhere in the world, your soul mate is waiting, waiting for you to get out of the relationship you're in, waiting for you to be patient, maybe waiting for themto get out of the relationship "they're" in!

I believe in you, God already believes you can do it (since he's the one that gave you the dream in the first place!), what more do you need!
Now it's time that you believe you can do it too! I'm cheering you on! Let's all be dream-believers!
What would the world be without dreamers?
No one would be flying in airplanes, the thought of computers would be just a silly "dream", we'd probably have no music to listen to, unless we made it ourselves...
our world would be art-less, discovery-less, music-less, invention-less, cure-less, life-less, and sad...
so go on...dream small, dream big, just let the dreams inside you light your heart up! 
DREAM MISSION (if you choose to except this):
1. write a list of the things you love to do
2. go to a bookstore and see what kind of books you love to look at
3. write a list of the things you loved as a kid
4. if you could do anything today, what would you do?
5. do you have a favorite movie or show or person that you'd like your life to be like? (and it can't just be because they have lots of money! ha ha ha)
6. Tell yourself, "I can do this!" (God will give you the strength to do any dream He put inside you!)

here's one of my favorite Disney songs about dreaming: listen and enjoy!
huge love and even bigger dreams....your kandee

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles

banish under eye circles with a "magical" wand (AKA your concealer and a few tricks)...
maybe you stay up late (like me...editing, blogging, trying to get through my emails), maybe you naturally have dark rings around your eye from your good ol' genes, or maybe you just can't seem to get enough sleep, ever!
I am working on a home remedy treatment to help...but until then, here's my Plastic Surgery With Make-Up trick: How to Get Rid of (ERASE), "the dreaded" Under Eye Circles~
everyone want to look, rested, awake, young, and free up rings under your eyes...

and I promise you these work...My "magical" trick and me, were even featured in ELLE magazine! The editor said she had never seen this, and loved it! Which means a lot to me, because she has seen almost every beauty trick and product in the world! hee hee hee

So let's go get out under-eye erasing on!!!

AND remember always:
foundation first
then concealer
then powder! 

(click on any of the names of the products for links to get them!)
my fav right now for foundation is:
 and for cheap:

and my favorite concealer is:
so many celebrities can't live without this!
and for cheap concealer:

my favorite powder right now:
(I wear 4W)
and a cheaper face powder:

cozy up to your computer with some popcorn...and let me show you some make-up magic! huge love and light under eyes!!! your kandee

Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Tweeze Perfect Eyebrows

Watch my eyebrow BEFORE & AFTER in the video below! (I had way bigger, Brooke Shields style brows before!)
One of the most amazing things to transform the face: eyebrows!
You face can look skinnier, more angled, just plain, more attractive from a good eyebrow tweezing!

I am an eyebrow perfectionist. I love to shape, tweeze, pluck, and prefect everyone's eyebrows!
So here it your at-home eyebrow perfection instruction.
AND as a sidenote: I think waxing is great for backs, legs, bikini zones...but not precise enough for your eyebrows. (it's like if you went to eyeline your eye, but using something the size of a lipstick...too much!!!)
SO let's do an eyebrow make-over...
what you need for bombshell eye brows:
I love my tweezerman tweezers!

 curved cuticle scissors like this:

An eyebrow / eyelash comb brush combo!
(click here for where to find one)

and one of these AWESOME eyebrow razor!
(my FAVORITE is the TINKLE, and I love their name! Gives, "do you have to TINKLE?", a whole new meaning! ha ha ha)
click here for where to find them!
and a business card or anything with a straight edge!
and last but not least, a pair of unruly lashes! ha ha ha

so let's get ready to get some super fab brows that will get you some eyebrow compliments!
watch and enjoy, huge love and tweezers, your kandee

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Get SUPER white teeth for CHEAP!

The tooth "whitening fairy is about to make a visit!
Get ready to be the proud owner of a "blindingly" bright smile!



 2 clear mouth guards (like you'd wear to protect your teeth for sports) You'll need one for your top and one for your lower teeth)
CLICK HERE FOR WHERE TO GET A 2-mouth guard set
(I got mine for $1.00 at walmart)
I show you how to make the custom teeth trays in the video below!

PLUS WHITE 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel
(I got mine a walmart, click in the link above to buy it online, too!) 


Then, all you need is your your teeth, and we're ready to rock n' roll!
 So get ready to light up the world, with your new smiley self!

I've been "bleaching" my teeth since I was about 16. I've never had any tooth sensitivity, and watch the video to hear me explain about how amazing this bleach is compared to the expensive kind you get done at the dentist! (and that it works even better!)

The world needs more smiles....and if your teeth aren't "yeller", it sure makes you want to smile more!

So get ready and let's get our BLEACH on!!! huge love and sparkly, white teeth, kandee

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Skin Doctor's In!

The Skin Doctor (AKA your beloved Kandee), is in the house!
Ready to teach you how to get perfect looking skin!
ever heard of the phrase,
If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade?
well, I say, 
If life gives you lemons....let's get some perfect skin!
Do you have any of the following:
age spots
skin discoloration
pimples or zits
sun spots
dull looking skin
If my little precious, because we're taking a trip to "Awesome-skin-town"...right now!
Watch the video to see how to make this awesome Lemon-Sugar scrub, that will change the life of your skin!
Lemons have BHA (beta hydroxy acid - the skin-slougher-off-er AKA anti-aging wonder!)
Beta hydroxy acid work as an exfoliant, causing the cells of the epidermis to become "unglued" setting the old. dead skin cells free, making room for regrowth of fresh, new skin. Beta hydroxy acid is known to improve wrinkles, roughness, and mottled pigmentation! yeah baby!
AHA- (alpha dyroxy acid- AKA the skin improver) prevents clogged pores,  enhances cell renewal through exfoliation (which makes you look younger!). AHA's help hydrate the skin, increase collagen production, and improve skin texture, making it appear more glowy and beautiful.
So get out your:
Organic Lemons (or Organic Lemon Juice)
(organic) SUGAR
cotton balls or cotton rounds (or even a washcloth)
and click on the video below!
And remember:
When life gives you lemons.....
add some sugar and scrub your face to perfection!
huge love and lemons, kandee

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


30 years ago, I waited for my parents to come
home with a present for me!
It was my little best friend....Tiffany Johnson.

She has been the best Barbie player, ATC rider, pirate, dress-up player, house player, sidekick, spying-on-me-and-my-boyfriend spy, school mate, and basically, my go-everywhere-with-friend. She dependably sat on the left back seat of the car, me on the right, wherever we went. (it did throw me for a loop when I started driving....I was so used to sitting on the right! ha ha ha)
I've always wanted to be the one to go somewhere first, but only to make sure, it would be okay for my sister. Once when my sister fell down, I made her a huge card, with "stamped" art work ALL over....this is it: ( i think the says how much I 've always loved her)
I love you more than words can say....I wish I could be there to hug you in person, and throw confetti in your hair! You are helped shape my world, my sense of this day you make me laugh harder than anyone else! You are everything that I'm not! You are like having a back-up mom-support...and no matter what friends have come and gone, I know you will ALWAYS be there for me!
Until my last breath on Earth, I will try to protect your heart and love you....and I will hold your hand and laugh with you forever in Heaven!
I don't know what I would've done without you all my life (well, those first 22 months, I did have mom all to myself, but I still needed you!)
Thanks for being my "twin".....I love you more than all the stars in the sky!
LOVE your biggie-smalls....Kan

Since I couldn't be with you...I wanted to make you a surprise (that took me the last 4  hours to make...ha ha ha) enjoy.....I love you! Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Look Like a Chola

me (Kandee AKA Lil' Dulce...dulce means "candy" in Spanish...ha ha ha) as a Chola


Chola's & Cholo's go back for hundreds of years, but the Cholo/Chola style really started in the 1940's, in Los Angeles. Funny songs like, "Lean Like a Chola" sing about the "sharpie pen" eyebrows and "thick eyeliner"! It's got big bangs, thin eyebrows, dark lined lips, big earrings, bandanas, freshly pressed Dickies pants, white tank tops, top buttoned plaid shirts, woven military style belts, and sometimes some gold name jewelry!

(My mama is half Mexican, so nobody better say anything mean....I'm not worried about here, but hte king machine of mean comments!)

My Nana, my mom's mom, was even born in East LA. And my great grandma was from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Gwen Stefani has represented Chola style for years!

Lady Gaga in her Telephone  video shakin' her yellow hair to a chola inspired make-up and hair, with an American theme too! Chola meets the American flag!
Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) as a Chola, living Latina Loca!
Sandra Bullock as a Chola (thanks to George Lopez)
she has classic, chola (cholo, the man version of a chola)...

and now, let me show you how to get some Chola looking style in your make-up! Instead of looking like Chola's as a stereotype, look at it as a style that you can draw inspiration from!

Watch and enjoy.....

huge love, kandee uh, I mean, for this, Lil Dulce.....ha ha ha

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