Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to Keep your Dreams Alive

i love these lyrics from Cinderella, A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES:
A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

I know, that each one of us...before we were even a twinkle in our parents eyes, had a dream packed in the little suitcase of our heart, waiting to come to Earth!
Our dream may be to be a photographer or a writer, but dreams don't just stop with careers! We may dream of owning a ranch or living on a beach, of being a mama or finding your soul mate and traveling the world! 
Each one of your dreams is precious, and it's there for a reason!
Each dream that you valuable. Don't let anyone talk you out of your dreams. If your dream is in your heart, you have the desire, and you the natural "talent" (that is, whatever you want to do, is actually something you might be really good at), don't let anyone's discouraging words stop you!
I was told about me being a make-up artist:
that I should get a real job
it's just a pipe dream, nothing is ever going to happen
stop living in a dream
I need a regular 9-5 job
and many more things!
I never gave up! I never stopped! And I have been a freelance (means that I don't work for anyone in particular, I just get hired for photo shoots, tv shows, movies, celebrity appearances, things like that) make-up artist...just doing make-up!

Your dreams are there...they've been with you since you came into the world! You may think:
"no, I don't really know what my dream is"...
It's the same thing you loved as a little kid!
For example:
when I was little I loved:
drawing, photography, pretending I was making movies, fashion, dressing up, dancing, singing, and I dreamed of playing in my moms make-up (I wasn't allowed to touch it...I guess especially since me and my sister got my moms bright red lipstick and my little sister drew with it all underneath our dining room table!) I loved entertaining people and making them smile.
To this day, I still love all the same things! It doesn't change!
What are the things that have interested you since you were small?

Your dreams have always been with you, they are with you like the color of your eyes. All you have to do, is spend some time with yourself, maybe alone, listen to music you love, go to the bookstore and see what kind of books to you love: books on cooking, gardening, race car driving, photography, drawing, fashion, writing, health, how to become a hair stylist! Have a little discovery time, getting to know you! It'll be worth every second!

Whatever your dream is, don't let anyone steal it away from you with negative words. If your dream is in your heart, then God has given you everything you need to make it happen!

And if your dream is to find your true love....God knows that too, and no matter where you are or who your with, or how lonely you feel...God has that person waiting for you. Somewhere in the world, your soul mate is waiting, waiting for you to get out of the relationship you're in, waiting for you to be patient, maybe waiting for themto get out of the relationship "they're" in!

I believe in you, God already believes you can do it (since he's the one that gave you the dream in the first place!), what more do you need!
Now it's time that you believe you can do it too! I'm cheering you on! Let's all be dream-believers!
What would the world be without dreamers?
No one would be flying in airplanes, the thought of computers would be just a silly "dream", we'd probably have no music to listen to, unless we made it ourselves...
our world would be art-less, discovery-less, music-less, invention-less, cure-less, life-less, and sad...
so go on...dream small, dream big, just let the dreams inside you light your heart up! 
DREAM MISSION (if you choose to except this):
1. write a list of the things you love to do
2. go to a bookstore and see what kind of books you love to look at
3. write a list of the things you loved as a kid
4. if you could do anything today, what would you do?
5. do you have a favorite movie or show or person that you'd like your life to be like? (and it can't just be because they have lots of money! ha ha ha)
6. Tell yourself, "I can do this!" (God will give you the strength to do any dream He put inside you!)

here's one of my favorite Disney songs about dreaming: listen and enjoy!
huge love and even bigger dreams....your kandee


Lupa said...

Thanks for this post Kandee. It brought tears in my eyes. God bless you sunshine!

Autumnfound said...

What inspiring truly have so many talents and its so wonderful that you want and have the courage to spread your positivism and love with the rest of us...

Rachael said...

wow, thankyou kandee! xx

Ruby Woo said...

You are Awesome Kandee!!!Thank you

Unknown said...

Ahh, you're so awesome! Thanks for posting this, love your blog!

*mission accepted*

xx (:

misa said...

i loved this, kandee! this was so inspirational and eye-opening. i love to dream and have fun ideas with what i want to do after i graduate but things always make me rethink and wonder if they're practical. most of the time i just say, "who cares! as long as i'm having fun!"
this was a wonderful post to wake up too. take care, kandee! =]

Eden Angel said...

When I was really little, my hobby was collecting sheets of paper in a box under my bed. I think I will fulfill my dream of opening a paper museum... or maybe not! LOL

I'm still unsure what I want to do. I know that I want to work for myself as I am so not a 9-5 kinda person!

Thanks for the inspiration, Kandee Kane x

Samantha Williams said...

Aw Kandee!
I believe that you truly are a mother theresa!!

Well you're my saint anyways!

I love you girl!

Autumnfound said...

this movie is adorable and so are you.i love how you convey the importance of dreams and believing in yourself enough to accomplish those dreams.

Noelle Garnier said...

Oh, Kandee, this is so wonderful! Thank you for this encouragement! I have wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl, and I would write plays and act them out. I've wanted to pursue that for so long, but I don't know how because community theatre wouldn't work out well for my schedule. I've been thinking of writing my own monologues and learning them very well, because I want to act so badly (in addition to my love of music, photography, writing, fashion design ...). You have inspired me so much, and I will keep pursuing whatever turns out to be most important!
kandee fam lil sis <3

laurika said...

i love this song:-* and you're right Kandee... if we have a dream we have to fight trust and follow our dream because in this life nothing is IMPOSSIBLE if we believe in our dream..We don't have to leave our dream we need to Follow our dream till come true....pupici...pupici..hug

Lindsay said...

What an inspiring post! I've been torn trying to figure out what to do with my life. I want to be practical but I have dreams too! Thanks for this post :)

Leanniette said...

This has totally touched my heart. It seems everyone knows deep down to stop hesitating and just to go for it, but sometimes, it takes the right person (you) with the right words (yours) to give people that little loving shove they need to pursue their dreams :o)
Thank you for being such an inspiration, Kandee.

Gainesville, Ga.

. said...

I loved your post! :')

And I'm follow it up, I wanna be a make-up artist, just like you. So i've created another blog just for make-up... And my friends love it!

They say: "alice, keep doing it! I love your videos! you have talent girl!" x)

It makes me sooo happy!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could carry you in my pocket! Your words are so encouraging, especially this blog.

Long story short, I've been stuck in this dead end. I'm a broke college student and I know God has put it on my heart that I'm suppose to be in Australia(I have no idea why, but things keep pointing over there).

People are less then encouraging when they hear me talk about this, but after reading your blog I'm never giving up on my dream!

You're an inspiration and a beautiful princess of Gods :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!
i needed to hear this all so much.
kandee you always have a way of writing posts like this exactly when i need them! thank you so much for being you, and wanting to inspire everyone and make everyone's lives that much greater. you're amazing :)

Crissandra Ayroso said...

you are truly an inspiration, kandee! i'm in a good place in my life and reading your blog every day throws a log in to the fire of inspiration. i admire you so much.

Unknown said...

ohh yeah, you've got this down all right!

keep up the positive encouragement, it's great to see how you bring hope to others


- brent


Mary said...

Thanks so much for posting this Kandee! I've always wanted to become a veterinarian...but constantly hearing from others how "impossible" it is to get into vet school persuaded me to study for another, more probable career path. Just studying to get into vet school can take so long that I would hate for all that work to be for nothing. Well, I've finally decided that no matter what...I will become a veterinarian. Im now volunteering at a vet office in order to gain some of the around 1000 hours of experience I need. Your post has only further encouraged me to follow my dream. Thanks :)

Mary said...

Thanks so much for posting this Kandee! I've always wanted to become a veterinarian...but constantly hearing from others how "impossible" it is to get into vet school persuaded me to study for another, more probable career path. Just studying to get into vet school can take so long that I would hate for all that work to be for nothing. Well, I've finally decided that no matter what...I will become a veterinarian. Im now volunteering at a vet office in order to gain some of the around 1000 hours of experience I need. Your post has only further encouraged me to follow my dream. Thanks :)

contrarymary said...

Thanks so much for being such a kind and inspiring person! I was told in the past couple of years it will be very hard, if not impossible to have children because I do not ovulate and have been diagnosed with PCOS. I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself because I knew in my heart I was meant to be a mother and was scared it would never happen. A long road lies ahead but I know now that with hard work and determination I will be a Mommy some day to a child and God is just waiting for the right time... biologically or not I WILL be a great Mom some day....but some days it is harder to believe than others...until I stumble across heartfelt and supportive words like yours! Much love!


aw thank you Kandee! love this advice

Caro said...

thank you for these wonderful words. have a loving day!!
and lots of joy!

Tumbleweed said...

Kandee, I was humming this song to myself yesterday! What an amazing coincidence (or not?). I just discovered your videos last night and have been making my way steadily through them. Somehow I made it to 23 years old and never really learned about makeup but I already feel more beautiful and uplifted from watching you and practicing on myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dorota Poklękowska said...

Oh ! Kandee !
I cried reading this.
Right now I need someone who would give me the strength to fight for my dreams, and you gave it to me ...
Sometimes it feels lonely, but then I think about you.
Your positive energy, strength and willingness to fight for your dreams makes me smile and I try to take with you an example!
Please do not stop to inspire people!
You are great, unique and wonderful!
Thank you, that you are!

Lucy said...

This was a beautiful, inspiring post. My blog title "lucille in the sky" signifies my desire to never stop can read more on my "about me" page if you're curious :)

Thanks for lifting my spirits today.

Lucy said...

This was a beautiful, inspiring post. My blog title "lucille in the sky" signifies my desire to never stop can read more on my "about me" page if you're curious :)

Thanks for lifting my spirits today.

Erin Gutierrez said...

I posted a blog about this about a week ago!!!! WOW!!! Great minds think alike!! :D

-Erin Gutierrez

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being my biggest inspiration, Kandee! =)
May God bless you and your beautiful family!

uc said...

Kandee thanks Now I know that my dream of acting in my favorite TV show WILL AND IS COMING TRUE!!! I love the show Leverage and ever since I`ve seen it I've wanted to be in it. God gave me that desire now I just need to do the things to make it happen and I have: Resume and Head shot are already in the casting directors system. I know God will give me the part. I`ve loved drawing since I was 2. i recently thought it was dumb because no other people have ever done it, like (tv stars) but now I`ve joined art classes and read art books and I've made friends with such wonderful people! (I'm even taking other classes like:belly dancing,violin,photography and sewing.)
their so supportive and kind. and we all have a common interest! Ive never been good at making friends.and I once even tried to act like some girl I wasn't (I like fashion and the color pink and I DON'T draw.) I even wanted my mom to buy me a new set of clothing because I thought they were ugly/uncool/unpopular/NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

My mom asked me why I was acting this way,I knew why I just didn't want to admit it. I cried the whole day I was angry for not being thin enough having straighter hair or having a lot of "COOL" friends. I dropped out of school, and decided to home school because I didn't want to become the monster i was scared of ( a lying fake self) It's been 2 years and I'm proud to say that I am getting to know ME!! and I'm living it. I'm getting into more classes that I LOVE and making so many MORE Friends and I`m not trying hard! I`m just being myself.

Thank you Kandee, my sister for life- SHAHEEN

Unknown said...

i hope all your dreams come true kandee :-) i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! love sophie from the uk x

FaithHopeLove said...

Your awesome kandee, this will go in my quote box thank you for the addition!
I have also enjoyed your tips this past week.
There are no limits to what we can dream - no boudaries to what we can achieve and may we never take for granted our greatest and the pursuit of our dreams....

Anonymous said...

I love you kandee your so inspirational, i feel more empowered to go after my dreams. :)

Chanira said...

Wow, this was exactly what I needed to hear, well, read. lol. I'm graduating college in a three weeks and my parents are asking me what I plan on doing for the future and a part of me is scared. Your post gave me some good ideas on how to find out what I really wanna do now that college is over. Thank you so much for your positivity and love. God bless you Kandee! =]

Kainani said...

Thanks for this motivational speech, very true.


Ally Dietz said...


you are such an inspiration to so many people. and whenever i watch your videos i feel happier :) your smile and your compassion for people and your craft are contagious. you seem like a very fun and loyal person to be around and just have fun with. :) my dream is to be a singer and actress. i love performing and i also love making people smile. i've always been told that i should find a job that will actually pay and i definitely try not to let those get to me but sometimes they do. now that i've been working on singing and acting a lot more, i feel like i not only now have the talent to accomplish it, but its easier to push away the negative comments from people. i really believe you can be anything you want to be. thank you for being a light of happiness and inspiration to so many people! :) you are incredible.


Anonymous said...

oh kandee, i totally feel you ! lovely post ! nice of you to share so much with are people, you have a special soul

amandak said...

Ive been watching your videos ever since I can remember the Halloween ones were my favoriteeeee! I tell everyonee about you lol how you're so good at what you do and youre so joyful! I stopped watching your videos so much a while ago and then a month ago my boyfriend left for the navy, sad, depressed and lonely, I find myself watching your videos again and checking your blog everyday ha :) you uplift my spirit so much kandee! And I thank you so much! And this blog in particular almost made me cry! You're such a gifted loving person! I am a hugeeee fan and I'm sureee there are many others! Lol don't ever stop being you! Your children are so incredibly lucky to have you as a mommy! I loveeee you kandee! Ps I hope your leg/ ankle is doing better!

Love- a kandee fan

M said...

Thank you!
If everyone could have the same spirit as you, or even think a little tiny bit the same...

100wui said...

Thanks for sharing this. We should not let people tell us how to live our lives and have the courage to take steps to make our dreams a reality.

Meghan said...

There are so many days I get on here and am so grateful I happened to find you on youtube so many months ago :0) Your positivity and sunshine make my day all the better!

Stephanie said...

Hi Kandee.
I'm a student nurse and right now I'm working at a hospital for a semester. Today was a very emotional day for me because one of my patients died and it's still something I have to get used to although I don't think you can get quit used to someone dying whether young or old. If so you wouldn't be a human being. But something else also happend. I realized why I'm studing to become a nurse. I went with a patient to get a bone marrow biopsy and that is a procedure that hurts like h*ll. The patient was in so much pain afterwards and I took his hand and suddenly he started crying and I told him that it was ok and that he dind't have to put on a brave face. Later, when I went to see how he was doing he toke my hand and thanked me many times because I stayed to listen and comfort him. I went out of the room and hurried to the bathroom with tears in my eyes because I was so moved by his words and I thought this is my dream to help others even if I can't heal them I can still make a little difference. My biggest dream is though to go to Africa and help a nation who really needs help and love but somehow I don't know how I can fit that in with my other dreams of becoming a mother. I know I'm still very young (23) but I have the must amazing boyfriend who has helped me trough everything and we have been together for 7 years and I can't imagine my life without him and I know it sounds stupid because I shouldn't let that stop me from living my dream but life is just to short to get every dream you have/want. You have to choose but how do you make that decision?
I know you joggle being a mom and sucessful makeup-artist and how I don't know. :D
My only family is my beautiful mom but she's 66. Do you have some tips?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! I love this. It is so true from top to bottom. I can say that I was very fortunate to know the vision and dreams for my life from the womb and that is watch I do today! I love every bit of hit. But yes, there are dream stealers and negative people out there that will tell you to get the 9 to 5, but put it this way. I've had 6 9 to 5's anyway the one job I got that paid the most, after one week I was dog sick with staph infection, sinus, throat, ear infection, hives, you name it. I could not talk for like two weeks and all my friend were like "what is going on". I never get sick. I am always the one taking care of everyone else. It was truly a "Job" episode. So just know that you can NEVER run from your calling. It will catch up to you. No matter what you do. For people that say something is not going to work, RUN FROM THEM!! They are what I call people with visionless minds and faithless hearts. Keep going people! And thank, thank, thank you for encouraging me through this!

Fan me! "Renaissance Marie Music" on FB!

Micaela Shambee said...

Hi Kandee, I've been following your blog and your you tube channels for awhile and this post in particular hit a nerve within me. I have just made a dream of mine a reality, but it is new and it is scary to move forward, not knowing if you will be successful. Everyone was telling me to get a 9-5 job too, but I stuck with my dream and today I unveiled it at Your words in this post let me know if I'm following my heart and my dreams I will be successful. Thank you Kandee!

Miss Ebony said...

Awesome encouraging words. Thanks, Kandee!!

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee! I was wondering if you could do a Cinderella look?? If not it's ok but if you can I would really love it :) and there's no rush so take your time and keep up the good work :)

P.s. My big sis is really thinking about doing make-up artistry and I was wondering if you could maybe give her a shout out and maybe some advise or something in a video?? If not it's ok but if you can please message me back on my youtube account "kitcatklam" and I'll tell you her name and etc...
Keep up the great work :) XOXO

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