Saturday, May 22, 2010

hearts, smiles and beautiful days....

my name is kandee....I am a make-up artist, I make videos on youtube, and sometimes...I get to meet people that say I've touched their lives...but really they touch my heart beyond words...
(above: a picture of me and the most precious girl named Selina)
I put a post out on my facebook that I wanted to meet some of the people that have emailed with their amazing stories....and the most amazing part, is that in their emails, they said that I touched their lives and inspired them in some way.
I got so many responses, I couldn't believe it! (and I want to thank everyone that wrote me, we only had time to do 3, and I got over 85 messages within minutes of my post. Everyone's story was amazing and I hope I can meet you all!)
When I make videos, it's crazy because I am looking into you hearts, but I never get to hear your stories and hug you with my arms. So when I got to meet Selina, and hear her incredible moved my heart and inspired me so much! We have so many similarities, she was 18 when she had her sweet baby boy, and so was I when I had my Jordan. She is so strong, mature, a loving mama, and she is absolutely beautiful! Her and her fiance are going to have such an amazing future! (watch for my video with her)

then this morning I got to meet Victoria...her story is so much more than any movie storyline...when I saw her beautiful, angelic face, she lookes like a model that has lived a perfect, beautiful life...then we she started telling just can't imagine all the things that she's been through. She has a loving smile and spirit, her eyes twinkle as she talks of her husband and little baby boys. Her story is unreal...and she is my new hero!
Sarah is another model-esque girl, with a beautiful smile, tons of bubbly energy, a giant purse full of adorable-ness. Her story hit me when she first emailed me, and I couldn't believe she lost everything in not one house fire, but 2, and she had been through a series of illness and other events all within a year. We got to walk and hunt around at the Santa Monica Pier and have a great time!

Each of these days, I had busy, crazy days, that felt stressfull, I've had over 4 doctors appointments, with not too fun testing, BUT, the times when I got to meet the amazing was the best part of my day! The love we got to pour out on each other, sharing what we've been through and just talking, swapping hugs, has been priceless, encouraging, and something I will never forget!

I can't thank these girls enough for sharing their stories, and letting me into their lives!
Keep posted to see our times together and hear their incredible stories...which will DEFINITELY, encourage you and touch your heart!

Huge love, your friend kandee


monavampire said...

wow,lucky they! hope you have received my letter from Poland too ;) I'm sure these girls are so proud of meeting you!

The Makeup Palette said...

I think it's amazing that you reach out to your fans. As a MUA i've seen so many celebrity artists be "Too high up" to speak with their fans, or even say a hello to MUA's lower on the totem pole. It's nice to see someone with so much success remember who they really are. Amazing. I love your blogs Kandee. :)


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
You can also join my GIVEAWAY!
Love, Cindy.

PoochesForPeace said...

You are such an amazing person to make time for things like this in your already crazy-busy life!

Noelle Reese said...

You are awesome Kandee! I watched several of your videos yesterday while I was really annoyed at my DH and things just didin't seem as huge after I finished. I really hope your leg is better soon! Thanks for making me see the big picture and to let the silly stuff go! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kandee! Meeting you was the most amazing thing ever! You are so amazing!
Love ya,
Sarah xoxoxox

Noelle Garnier said...

Kandee, it is so sweet that you want to meet the people whose lives you are changing! I know all 3 of them must have felt so blessed -- I know I would be so excited to meet you! I hope you are continuing to heal well from your injury and I will keep praying for you!
kandee fam lil sis

Eden Angel said...

This is really sweet x

Forget Me Not said...

It was so AMAZING to meet you! you are a wonderful genuine person Kandee and I just want you to know that you have touched so many lives!
Victoria Rocca

uc said...

THAT'S REALLY AMAZING that you meet the people who inspire you. I agree we inspire you which inspires us! I can't wait to meet you some day soon and talk to you about my life and we spend time together eating cupcakes!!! thank you Kandee for all that you do, I'm really glad to call you a friend and i hope i have more friends who are as caring,honest,humble,cute,strong,respectable,and just amazingly inspiring, supporting,and motivational as you.

God Bless

zinah03 said...


Apollo said...

Kandee great stuff. We have a new social book marking service for fitness. You should check it out. Just linked you lemon skin care video there.

miaou miaou said...

OMG you are SO sweet! :D I've just began watching your youtube videos and you are so funny to watch AND I learn. I think its really nice you meet your fans too! Definatly a fan <3

Much love,

Sarah xoxox

Lauren MacIsaac said...

Hey Kandee I know perhaps you might not read this, but I really hope you do.
I have been really inspired by what you do on a daily basis and I believe you are a true example of someone who shines above the dark times they may have been through!
I know you must be hugely busy, but I really hope you can somehow take the time to read my blog post as I think you will find more interesting than you may think :)

Much love from Scotland Lauren xxx

Jewel of Eden said...

Hey lovely Kandee,

Could you please put up the link of the vid with you and Selina?

Much love! <3 xx

Britton-Lee said...

Very cute :)
I love that you are a real person, and not someone who feels above others!

Unknown said...

Kandee thank you again for everything! you truly are gods gift to us all you have touched my life so much i love you <3

Sarah said...

When you bless others as you do, they will bless you in return!!! Kandee, you are awesome!!!

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