Friday, September 30, 2011

Make-Up: Paris Fashion week went a little somethin' like this

RANT in RED: I already typed this post and somehow it got deleted and then I re-typed it went to post it and it deleted it now I need to type it again and I'm sure it won't be as witty, funny or wonderful as the first or second go round..please hang on  before I throw this computer out the window....

Paris Fashion Week- I would love to be there...just imaging it: eclairs, walking around Paris and Fashion- day dream of all daydreams!

so here's as close as I'm gonna get-
Make-Up looks from the Runways of Paris Fashion Week;

ABOVE- it my fav artsy look. Sure it may look like Top Ramen Noodles above her eyebrows- but that's what creativity is for...if it looked like some celebrity's boring, everyday "aren't I hot make-up"...that wouldn't be very creative.

HERE'S WHAT THEY USED at the Manish Arora show:
M·A·C Pro White Full Coverage and Gesso Eye Shadow — blended through the inner corner of the eyes, browbones, and upper cheekbones to highlight
Dame and Harmony Powder Blush — blended through the crease of eyes, under cheekbones, and through temples to contour
Pros Aide Adhesive — used to flatten brows to skin Intricate brow appliques were custom designed and adhered with spirit gum 
Studio Finish Concealer — blended through brows to camouflage tone and texture 
M·A·C Pro Emphasize Shaping Powder Pro Palette and Gesso Eye Shadow — blended over the eyelid to create dimension
M·A·C Pro Red Electric Neon Pigment — creates abstract streaked mask design over eyes

this is the Balmain Face Chart and this is what they used:

M·A·C Pro Taupe Powder Blush Pro Palette — blended under cheekbones to contour
Brows are lightly shaded to perfect Lashes are curled 
Lofty Brown Zoom Lash Mascara — applied at the root of both upper and lower lashes to define Smolder Eye Kohl — (woot! woot! I loves me some Smolder!) applied through the root of upper lashes, then blended with fingers 
Coffee Eye Pencil — (I own this color but never use it- maybe I'll start) applied through the waterline of lower lashes and then smudged to create an “after party” effect

Me and my homeboy, Rick Owens both love the TANGERINE lip idea for FALL!
I use 2 shades of orange and tangerine lipliner from Make-Up Forever with a matching Make-Up Forever eyeshadow patted on top.
They used:

M·A·C Pro Red, Orange, and White Lipmix — lightly patted onto lips to achieve a matte-stained finish

Ok, so the closest Rick Owens is to being my homeboy is that we both used to work out at the same Gold's Gym in Hollywood (it's probably a 24-Hour Fitness now)...and that was 10 years ago. I know. I'm old. Moving on.
Even his workout clothes were amazing looking. I, on the other hand, looked like I just had on ugly workout clothes.
AND now I present out "what the what!?!" look of the week:
You be the judge...creative HIT or "how the hula hoop can you see with that on your eye" MISS:
It looks like they taped pieces of the "floating" plastic eyeliner to their faces. It is almost as annoying for my to look at as I'm sure it was for the models to try to see.
All I have to say, is it makes me want to say: WHAT'S THAT IN YOUR EYE? Because I know it's not the 4th of July! If that didn't make any sense...CLICK HERE!

I am beyond frustrated with all things internet, computer and technology....
if this post gets deleted...I, well, I don't know what I'll do....because I'll already be up all night editing... me and my computer will not be spending any time apart...
I wish I had an eclair.
Instead of Calgon take me away....I'd rather have "Paris Take me Away" (as in France, not Hilton)
French Toast, French Bread and French Braids
your kandee

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why I want to pull all my hair out!

#1. Because I have spent the last two weeks filming costume looks and now they are stuck in my imovie program that won't open.

#2. Because after driving an hour to the apple store last night and they guy said he fixed it- it's still not working.

#3. Because it takes me days to edit the videos from an hour or so down to a 10- or 15 minute video -which I have to watch that 1.5 hour video in pieces over and over again, which feels like I watch 40 hours of that video and I get sick of hearing my own voice! ha ha

#4. Because I tried to have a schedule for my videos and now it's completely out the window!

#5. Because I forgot I didn't even have time to edit my video I filmed while I was in NYC Fashion Week.

#6. Because I didn't even have time to get my "back-to-school" make-up video up!

#7. Because I didn't even get the video on how to zap a zit for back-to-school up.

#8. Because maybe on second thought I don't want to rip my hair out because that would give me another set of problems.

#9. Because I have a "challenging" amount of work that needs to be done like yesterday.

#10. Because I have hundreds and thousands of emails that just keep pouring in and a humongous list of calls I need to make...

#11. And finally because...crying on floor curled up in a ball is not an option. And all the  Ben & Jerry's store houses don't have enough ice cream for me to consume-away my problems.

----until my computer is fixed and I can edit my costume looks until 4am in the morning every night to get them up in time...
I will be uploading some of the ones I needed to upload the last 2 weeks while I''ve been filming costume videos...! Do you see the vicious-video cycle! ha ha ha

*and as my dad texted me yesterday, "challenge is the correct word instead of overwhelmed. It makes so it's not a problem- and not so negative!...just say you have challenges!" 

I don't even have time to eat ice cream...I gotta go try to fix all this!
I love you more than I thought I loved the guy that thought he fixed my computer at the Apple store last night.... your kandee

I went to youtube to grab this picture of Edward Scissorhands- "you know, "pulling hair out"...cutting hair out...costume looks...I though it went well..ha ha ha...
here's this video if you wanna see it...good ol' Eddy- at least it some costume video to watch! arrrgh

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arm Fashion: golden armor and the runway watch

Gold on the subway....Yes, I took these on the subway in New York- and no, I don't care if people think I'm weird for taking pictures by myself on the subway. ha ha ha...ok maybe I felt a little weird.

Golden arm- armor! I used to not like all! I would only wear silver. Well recently I've grown fond of the goldness...
This is how I mix it up...I don't know where the studded gold cuff it from, because my sister gave it to me (she always get sme stuff I love, like my yellow flower ring!)...
But the gold bangles are from Charming Charlie, they were under $10!
the watch is my biggest splurge item, it's the Michael Kors Runway watch (for me it's the most expensive watch I've ever owned, it was $250! I had to keep asking my mom, do you think I should buy it, is that too much money?!? And she said, "not for a watch, you wear it everyday and you'll keep this for years."- and yes even though I had gift cards  to buy it -gift cards are like money to me and Even giftcards I've gotten for my birthday- I end up buying the kids things with them! I also have "gift card" anxiety- I never know what to buy so I save them forever and then find out they've expired! Just found 2 expired ones in a wallet 2 days ago! (way to go Miss Indecision Kandee! ha ha ha)

..and though it's not a $500 or thousands of dollar Rolex...for me this was fancy and special, since I had been wearing my grandpa's watch for 10 years...that's how I roll, until it broke.  I'll wear this for at least 10- it's a classic style that will never, go out of to me it was worth it. (FYI: You can get good deals on these on Ebay!)
-oh and the gold spikey ring is from BCBG, it was on super clearance at Dillard's for $9! I love this ring...I wish they made it in silver too!

What would do you think is a good investment item...a watch, purse, earrings, shoes??? And how many years have you used a watch?

Happy golden, bangley, changley wrists....i love you more than all the watched in the world! kandee

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TV: Would you rather watch Kim Kardashian or me? (ha ha)

As you flip through the channels on tv...what do you land on? (take the poll below, and no you don't have to pick the last choice..hee hee hee)

What I've watched on tv this week: (and when I say watch, I usually mean it's just on in the background while I am tapping away on my keyboard or watching a clip for the 934,394th time, of me saying "hi guys, it's kandee", while I edit a video.)
*The Food Network always seems to be on- whether it's Paula Deen or some sort of "chef showdown" or one of my favs Guy Fieri.
*E! because I love Joel McHale on The Soup, he cracks me up. And yes I am guilty of listening to Keeping Up With the Kardashian's every once in a while, and I say "listening" because as I just mentioned- I turn the tv on so I can turn the lights off while I work at night, and still have a little light.
*And that X-Factor show has been watched by others on my house, and they've commented that Simon is nicer this show.

Now...since Oprah is off the air...what the Hollywood Squares are you gonna watch that is something that will better your life, fill you in on some tips and fun advice?
Good ol' GQ eyeglass, wearing, Dr. Drew has a new show called Life Changers- which is pretty much like the name...Life Changing stories, help, advice and tips...

And guess who's gonna be seen on LifeChangers? Yes, little ol' me!
Thursday, September 29th (I'm not sure about all the times, I just know my time (Los Angeles time) will be 3:30pm on the CW. I'm guessing I will be in the "Beauty for All Ages" piece, just sharing some tips and DIY beauty tricks.

The Episode features these 2 segments: 
'I’m 15 and Morbidly Obese' and 'Beauty for All Ages'...
I just want to thank you guys so much for always supporting me and encouraging me...from the awesome comments you leave to even when I didn't get the channel for a show I was on, and some of you guys taped it and put it on youtube or my facebook so I could see! You guys are the best....
and people have told me, "you have the sweetest fans"..and I say, "NO! They are so sweet and so encouraging and so kind...but they are not fans, they are my Kandee Family"...

Never feel have a huge "family" of thousands that loves you! I'm only just a click away...and I'm sending my love to you all, always. Together our "kandee family" will make a difference in the world, one smile, kind word, and sparkles of love, at a time!

I love you all more than the number of reality shows on tv... your Kandee

  • Something inspirational
  • A DIY, craft, or make-over show?
  • A Cooking show
  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  • My Youtube videos! (hee hee hee)

Monday, September 26, 2011


 What are the hottest hair tools on the market right now? What is Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Zooey Deschanel's favorite flat iron? What blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons were spotted backstage at all the coolest fashion shows at Fashion Week in NYC?
Sultra, baby, Sultra!
(The Sultra Seductress Flat Iron and Bombshell Rod Curling Iron, backstage at the Alexander Wang show)
I will tell you, I have never blow dried my hair so quickly, and my hair looks so, so, so soft and shiny  as with the Sultra hair dryer. The technology they have is incredible- they took the best ideas out for flat irons, clipless curling irons and blow dryers and made them 10 times better!

I have never seen hair tools this ingenius!   Sultra heat-styling tools also feature technology not available anywhere else on the market today.  Plus brilliant features like 9 foot cords so you're not stuck standing next to your outlet, cord keepers so you won't have a tangled mess, and they are all energy efficient!
And, since I'm still celebrating the 300 video mark on youtube...someone, is going to win the  GRAND PRIZE:
1 - SULTRA SEDUCTIVE FLAT IRON -retail value $210
3 RUNNERS UP will win:
1- SULTRA WICKED GOLD FLAT IRON - retail value $165


1. You must be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel
(if you're not, click here and click SUBSCRIBE right above any of my videos)

2. You must LIKE the Sultra page on FACEBOOK
(click here to go there and LIKE them)

3. You MUST LIKE my page on facebook (CLICK HERE TO LIKE ME- ha ha ha, that sounds funny)
OR follow me on TWITTER (CLICK Here to join my twitter nest)
***I need multiple ways to verify winners- since my last contest I had some people that created fake emails and things to, so I need ways to cross-verify the winners)***

4. You have to have your parents permission if you're under 18...I know, I know...soon you'll be old and have tons of bills and wish you were 12 again.

5. Only one comment per person. 1 comment on youtube, 1 comment on this blog post, and you can enter one comment on the first blog post about "Winning Kim Kardashian's favorite hair tool". (for those of you that didn't see the change to "ONE" comment until now, I will honor your previous comments, but everyon commenting from now on- only ONE comment. (thanks guys, just want to make sure no one will ruin the video again)

CONTEST WILL END 9-30-11 Friday night at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Winners will randomly be chosen. Winner will be announced Saturday 10-1-11 on my blog. All comments posted on my blog already will be counted too! We had some problems with this video before, some not nice people tried to ruin it for everyone and flag the video for spam because of everyone's comment entries. We fixed it with youtube and we're back the important make sure that the not nice people won't ruin it again- 
so if you've already commented once, or maybe even more than that because you didn't see these rules yet, please don't comment any more than you have. 

(and just so no one gets their bloomers in a bunch....this contest is not a paid contest,  Sultra didn't pay me to tell you I like their stuff. I honestly love these and I am so excited that some on you guys will get to win something I love too!)


Have fun and hope all your hairs are behaving so you have a good hair day.... I love you all my precious Kandee Family!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to have an amazing future! -Your Sunday Encouragement

One question:
Has your past had some things that are not so great? Things that have hurt you, felt like a big mess-up, or feel like , now you will never have a great future? Or like good things never happen to you...or any more of those hopeless thoughts?

I have. I felt like my life was so not how I planned and that none of my dreams would ever happen....
boy was I wrong!
And everytime something went wrong and I felt like I was being pulled away from my dreams and bright future, little did I know, I was being taken away because God had a better, bigger, dream for me than I could even think of!

IF something is going wrong or feel like it's failing or being taken away - it's only because it needs to, because something BIGGER, more AMAZING is in your future!

(like my gramma used to say: the most beautiful flowers of your future will grow out of the most manure-poop things in your life! Yay the more poopy life situations, the more beautiful flowers will grow!)

I know you've heard words are powerful than you think- but they are more powerful over your life and future than you know!

Just try this today.
Instead of saying junk like this:
"My life is too messed up!"
"I guess he/she  will work, I won't meet anyone else"
"This is okay, like I'll get any better"
"I might as well just settle for this, like I'll get any better (job, relationship, etc)"
"Oh stuff like that never happens to me"
 or  the worst....
"I don't deserve it".....
You stop right now....!!!
Put a smile on your face! I'm serious....SMILE RIGHT NOW! Do it!.......Do it! (don't you feel a little funny, but happier already!?")

Now tell yourself: "My future is going to be amazing! I don't care what's in my past. Every failure just proves how my greatest success is getting back up AND NEVER letting life or someone knock me down and keep me down."

AND this you must tell yourself EVERY DAY!
"My future is going to be amazing. More happiness is waiting for me, my dreams will come true because I REFUSE to settle for ordinary! I will only settle for AMAZING! And I'm not gonna stop saying this until I've caught up with my AMAZING future!"

I love you...and I want you to know how every failure, hurt, disappointment, or sadness, will just make your success story- that much more amazing!

Now go and start living your success story and NEVER stop saying: "My future is too bright, I best put my sunnyglasses on!"....

Putting on sunglasses with you and telling you I believe in every dream in your heart!
your cheerleader for life....kandee

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Oh my goodness....this contest was amazing...for everyone that left me comments....I read them with tears falling...
There are no words to describe what an honor it is to have a place in your hearts...
With a humble heart and huge gratitude for letting me into your lives, for letting me be a thought in your day and for letting me be a friend, just a click away...
Other Youtuber's just call everyone their "followers" or "subbies" are not just a follower or a subbie to me...
you guys are part of my "family"....I am so blessed to have each one of you be a part of our "kandee family" are all so sweet-
to see you not only cheering each other on, cheering each other about winning, and encouraging each other makes my heart rejoice that my "kandee family" is nothing like anyone else's!

And don't worry...I have the Sultra Hair tool contest up next to keep thanking you guys for supporting your "kandee" sister and watching at least 1 of my 300 videos! ha ha

I love you guys...I will save a cherish all your comments and will read them whenever I feel sad. I thank God for each one of you, being kind, open-hearted and you will change the world around you!

After 2 computer crashes it's almost 3am and I've almost fallen asleep in my chair several times....
the  2 Runners-Up are: From my the blog comments- 

katlyn brown &
Stephanie Ladenhauf

From my Youtube comments:



and as always, I pick more people to win than I think, because my heart wants everyone to win...
the BONUS WINNER (who will win a fun "extra-surprise" that I will pack up) is:
she is battling cancer in the hospital right now...and I pray that God will begin to heal her, strengthen her and that this little gift might brighten her hospital room and she will have a little token of me to hold onto so she doesn't feel alone.  She didn't mention having cancer either, I found out by a little heavenly guidance. I will never give up on helping people, loving people, or hoping for the best!
(please check your youtube messages)

I had to mention that even though she wasn't one of the winners- if there had been a winner for funniest comments, Deeandolynn would have won! Her comments had me cracking up! hugs and love Deeandolynn- you are so funny, as I was counting through the comments I kept reading yours and they were brilliant! Keep commenting, next time you might be the random (and funny) comment that wins!

(all winners have been messaged of facebook or youtube, and just need to reply with their adresses, so I can ship out their goodie boxes next week!)

I AM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR THE WINNERS TOO! That's why you guys are so great - you are excited for whoever wins! After all you could win next!!!!

I wish I could have a tv show, just so I could have the audience filled with all you guys, and be like Oprah, and say you're all winning a new car, and a make-up kit, and a vacation! Wouldn't that be fun!?!

I love you guys more than you'll ever know...your sister, friend, and humble heart that is honored to be in your hearts and lives..... kandee

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tribal Make-Up

 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC was representin' the "Tribal" look...from Ivana Helsinki to Alexander Wang- feathers and tribal elements were on everything from faces to fabric.

Now come see what it was like backstage at the Ivana Helsinki show via me and my camera!
 Please note that as I type this, far removed from the exciting streets of NYC...I am in my living room, wearing my I heart NY shirt, some ugly old shorts- not a drop of make-up and the only styling I've done to my hair is put it in a ponytail...
 Me (aka the Captain), with Michele Carillo and James Carrera, who were both part of the Mirabella Make-Up team)
 Edward Tricomi (Co-Owner of the Warren Tricomi Salons in NYC and LA)
He and his team created the hair which was just a pony tail on top on the head, a large rubberband like hand band twisted around the hair to hold it up like a tree (bobby pins were used to brace the "tree trunk" for girls with really long hair), then the ends were teased into an bushy-explosion of hair.
The Make-Up table- filled with Mirabella Make-Up -EVERYWHERE! Busy makeup artists, grabbing black eyeliners and foundations and spinning around to work away on their models.
 Brian C. Hawkins, was the head make-up artist, working on Jessica White, the model who was last to walk out wearing a fabric-feather head-dress.
My friend, James- playing around with the tray he just filled with black paint. Ivana wanted each model to dip their hands in the black paint right before they walked out on the runway, so their hands would be dripping with black paint as they walked- messy yes! Theatrical and fun to watch- yes! Did it get on the clothes- yes again!
Jessica White was the model that walked out in a fabric-feather head-dress for the finale.
 It was fun to see their "tree like" hair sculptures, the dripping hands...and I really liked red dress a few pictures up. This hair and make-up was pretty much not an everyday look I'll be sporting anytime soon, but fun to see!

I've got some BONUS video fun from this day too:
MORNING VIDEO:  me and my friends, Amber and Jamie, doing tourist things and eating cupcakes and this was before we knew what the "tribal make-up and hair would be"!

EVENING VIDEO: yes, after a wardrobe change (it was too hot and sweaty) this was me and my friend, Brian and a peek what it's like backstage at a show!

 so unfashionably typing from my couch...far from the glamour and wonder of NYC... I have only left my house once in almost 4 days...don't let this post fool you into seeming like I have an exciting life all the time! ha ha ha This day I'm bloggin about did feel kinda' amazing compared to my normal daily activities...
love you more than all the fashion week shows in the world...
your kandee

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Haircut

(took this in the taxi right after I got my hair "shaped")
Look who got a new hair cut! Woo Hootie!
I was so sick of my bangs and my uber-donkulously thin hair, it looked like I had 12 pieces of really long hairs in the back, which were starting to look like an 80's rat tail hair cut! And I lost my favorite razor that I would normally just cut my hair at home with.

side note: I usually always cut my own hair because I have "hair stylist anxiety"- I've only had my hair cut in a salon a handfull of times and I've left not-loving my new hair 3 out of 5 times!

the deets: (as in details, that is)

when: when I was in NYC last week
where: Cutler Salon
who: David - and to the girl that shampooed my hair (Which is my favorite part)- I almost fell asleep it was so relaxing!

I was hoping that the Cutler Salon was a cool, hip, cutting edge hair salon...and boy did I realize how cool and hip they are after I got my hair cut!

(Picture I took of Lulu, Betsey Johnson's daughter, gettin gher hair styled by Peter Grey backstage)
FASTFORWARD a few days- backstage at the Betsey Johnson Fashion show- who was doing the hair for Betsey???
 Peter Grey from the Cutler Salon! Look at all the other shows they did for Fashion Week too:

  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Bibhu Mohapatra
  • Tadashi
  • Vivienne Tam
  • Libertine
  • Graeme Armour
  • Jen Kao
  • Reem Acra
  • & Binetti       
    If you want to describe a similar cut to your stylist, say:

    1. you want side-swept bangs (fringe) that hit at the top of the eyebrow
    2. longer layers from the length of the bangs or fringe to the ends
    3. cut pretty straight across in the back- no "v-shaped" tapering-
    which give the "rat tail" appearance some "rocker" hair cuts seem to have.

    And now the several hairs on my head don't look so thin hair, I surprised I don't look like a bald man. I should really just do a video on how clip in hair extensions can make you not look like a balding man! ha ha ha

    So now you know what to tell your stylist or if you're in NYC you can just go to Cutler! ha ha ha

    Sharper than a pair of speeding shears and I love you more than all the hairspray in the world, kandee

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    How to deal with sadness

    No one knows the pain, hurt, or sadness that is inside another person's heart...
    People everyday are going about their business with so much sadness, depression, feelings of being alone, overwhelmed or secretly being abused. Sometimes the world feels like it's too painful.

    So many times throughout my life people have said, "oh but you always seem so happy" or , "I thought your life seems so perfect" or "I wish I had your life"...but if they really had my life they may not want it. I have been through many painful things in my life, and I know people have been through much worse things than me...
    Many nights, tears just want to fall from my eyes...from the hurt, the imperfections in my life,  the overwhelming amount of work it takes to try to support your kids on your own, the feeling of life being to heavy and just things that I am concerned about my family.

    “Tears are the only cure for weeping,” George MacDonald, a Scottish preacher said.

    My life is not perfect. Yes, I have happy moments and yes I have sad ones. And in this life, we have to keeping jumping the hurdles of sadness, because there will be more. Just like whenever I am sick and I think, "I don't ever want to be sick again!" I know I will, germs and viruses aren't going anywhere, so I am sure, eventually I will get sick again. Same thing with sadness, every time I've been sad or had my heart broken I think, "I don't ever want to feel this way again!" And sure enough, in this life, things will make us sad, people will break our hearts.
    But the good news is..that when things start feeling too heavy, too painful, too much to bear...
    Know that you are a "problem hurdler" can get over each painful situation, you can get over any heartbreak. Everyone survives a  break-up, divorce, hurtful situation, bout of sadness.

    Do not give up. Do not give in. Happy little moments are waiting to be lived. Rejoice in the tiny sparkles of life. I get excited about things easily, whether it's meeting a celebrity or meeting someone that just watches me on youtube- I actually get more excited for meeting "non-celebrities" (ha ha)'s the excitement you have for life that will make your life seem happy. If you try to act cool all the time, that's just how your life will start to feel...cold.

    Act silly. Be happy. Get excited about things....
    I saw this sunset yesterday...
    and it was worth getting excited over. Before this sunset I wanted to cry from feelings of being so beyond doesn't matter that I went to the Emmy Awards..that doesn't make someone's life just makes a few hours a little fancy.

    When I feel like my heart is too sensitive for this world. I realize I don't need to fill my head with the latest drama that the news is stirring up.
    When I feel like my heart is so heavy it can't be lifted...I have to lift my arms to the heavens.
    The only answer I have that works for me is to pray.
    The only thing I can do is think about the good things in my life. The things to be thankful for.
    I have food to eat. Water to drink. I have a comfy place to sleep.  And many people in this world don't have those things.

    No matter how hard life may get...remember to just get ready for the next hurdle to jump over. Life is a series of hurdles (problem, sadness, depression, loneliness hurdles)...but we just need to keep jumping over them, smiling and laughing in between.

    Life is a like an obstacle course- think of it as an adventure that you just have to keep going through, climbing over, sliding down, climbing up, and over every obstacle that comes in front of you. It doesn't do you any good to sit and cry about how hard the rope is to climb....just keep climbing out!

    And if you do need a break to cry for a moment....I pray that it washes away all the "sadness-dust" that was collecting on your heart.

    No need to do any heavy emotional lifting....God is stronger and said that's what He's there lift the things that are too heavy for us.

    You are not alone...I'm in the obstacle course with you! YOU CAN DO IT! We can do it! The most important beauty "tool" you a heart that can share love and encouragement with others.

    it is almost 3 in the morning...and I stayed up to write this for know who you are, that needed to hear this...and if someone's reading this that doesn't need this...please just remember this in your heart for a time when you will....

    I love you all, more than you will ever know...each one of you is amazing and precious and the world needs what you have to say, think, and your smile...
    love your kandee

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Kelly Osbourne: I 've got the inside scoop!

    This was Kelly Osbourne's beautiful, 2011, 63rd Emmy Awards Make-Up.....and look at that dress! Simply stunning! It was a Jay Mendel dress in Aubergine!

    I got to talk to her in NYC last week---video below! She is amazing and so sweet, just watch the video below and you'll see...I love her!

    John Stapleton was her make-up artist for the Emmy's- and here's the scoop on what he used (all MAC make-up):

    To compliment  her dress in Aubergine, he decided to go for a more graphic eye, paying tribute to Sofia Loren. The brows are groomed up with clear brow set and perfected with M·A·C Eye Brows pencil in Lingering. The eyelids were softly swept with Vex Eye Shadow. Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Permaplum is smudged along the lash line and placed in the crease in a distinct V shape. Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow is pressed into the crease and blended out softly. Blacktrack Fluidline is used to create a sharp luner above and one below. Tons of Zoomlash Black Mascara and of course a #1 Lash to pump up the liner. The cheeks are contoured with Mineralize Blush in Dainty and the lips- a new Sheen Supreme Lipstick called Fashion City. Of course Blot Powder Pressed is making a guest appearance in the heat!

    And is was super hot....People kept telling me the wrong way to go, so I was marching back and forth between security guards telling me to go somewhere else 3 blocks in other directions...I could feel sweat beading up on my face! 

    I got to talk to Kelly Osbourne last week in NYC at Fashion Week, as she was leaving the Zac Posen show..she is so sweet and lovely...I could tell we could be friends..she was just a sweet heart and so glamorous and chis, perfect hair, make-up, outfit.

    WATCH it here and comment below if you want to see a tutorial for her make-up look!

    I love her and her retro, chic style....I love her even more after seeing how sweet she is in person...
    and I love that she doesn't look strangely, "hollywood-thin"...she looks amazing! I was so excited to talk to her....
    hugs and glam, chicness... your kandee

    Big is Good - but my hair is not.

    this is me...
    walking in Santa Monica...
    moments after this my hair took a turn for the worse in the wind (watch and enjoy)...
    there is a little side triangle there because this is a screen grab from a video I filmed last year...well I didn't film it myself, a camera man from Big is Good, did...and they edit way better than me too. They filmed me meeting some real people that watch me on youtube...
    It meant so much to my heart to meet them, hear their stories from their own mouths, not just an email.

    fun things I like about these videos:
    I love the part they show all my "mess ups" in my youtube videos....
    Me seriously burning my tongue on some fiery tea...
    and how I deal with "youtube haters"..ha ha ha
    but mostly just seeing me talking with some precious (like you all are, to me, I just haven't gotten to talk in person to each of you...yet!) hearts...

    I hope you guys like seeing this...I've been so busy I forgot to mention these videos were up on their website: (Side note: to all the girls that shared their stories and hearts...thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and a part of your hearts...your stories of my little videos and blogs encouraging you..mean more to me than anything! 

    I wish I could meet everyone in person like this!

    (there's more, just click around when you get there)

    love and please ignore the crazy things that the wind does to my hair in this video! ha ha ha...
    your kandee

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    The Emmy Awards: like Cinderella at the Ball

    I felt like Cinderella that got to go to the ball! This was me on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards last night in LA.
    (they don't announce all the Emmy nominations on tv, but I really hope that How Do I Look won, they were nominated and I will be on their big 2 -hour special as a guest judge and make-up artist on October 17th, Monday at 8 I think, on the Style channel)
    This was my ticket to the Emmy Awards and then my ticket for the Governors Ball dinner afterwards, in case anyone wanted to know what they look like!
    This was my team of awesome friends that made me feel AND look like a princess! (i love these girls!)
    Even though I do my hair and sweet friends said they wanted me to feel like a princess and they both wanted to do my hair and make-up for me so I could feel fancy! I love them both!
    Bethanie Triplette on the left (blondie), did my hair and the fabulous, Priscilla Ono, who I met through our friend and amazing make-up artist, Sharon Gault aka Mama Make-Up, who works on Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and with David LaChapelle - Priscilla assists her and work on celebs like Paris Hilton too. I was honored that Priscilla did my make-up- Sharon was busy doing celebs for the red carpet. These girl made me look so pretty!
    Me and Priscilla, making me look "red-carpet make-up ready"...we laughed and talked about our love for finding $1 vintage earrings, changing hair colors, and a million other topics...I love her!
    All dressed, hair and make-up done...and ready to head out the door!
     my glitter-tastic nail: from the Urban Decay Nail Polish collection - I put a base coat color of Gunmetal, then 2 coats of the rainbow golden, Ziggy, glitter color! My Emmy nail bling!
    I bought my clutch at a cheap place at the Grove for $20, vintage earrings I bought at an antique store for 5 dollars, Stella &  Dot bracelet that was a gift- I have no clue how much it cost, the dress is a loaner- it's a Versace - it was amazing- it weighs about 30 pounds with all the fabric! I have no clue how much it costs, because I just borrowed it...but I'm sure it's more than I could ever afford! It was so fun to wear and made me look thinner than I really am!
    Necklace was BCBG, I don't know how much that cost either. And my ring was $5 for the cheap store at The Grove, again! ha ha ha
    Me and my friend, Elena, from, laughing in the lobby. I got to invite another "beauty insider" to come with me, so Elena came with me to laugh, bring as many Governor's ball cake-pops home, and limp with me in our painful shoes back to our hotels.
    Dina Ousley, of Dinair, creator and originator of using make-up and airbrushing together, and me...backstage where they were the official make-up for the Emmy's and the Governor's Ball! I even got airbrushed with setting spray so my pretty make-up Priscilla did would have even more staying power!

    I love Dina! She taught me how to do airbrush make-up. I was so honored she invited me to go backstage and to go with her to the Emmy's and the Governor's ball! She had to leave early to fly out to Toronto because they are opening in Sear's stores in Canada there this today! I love you Dina...thank you for making a dream come true!
     this was just one of the 120 faces they airbrushed in an was amazing! The black and white designs were created by Dina...the coolest stencils...and they air-brushed everyone's faces that would be working at the Governor's ball with these amazing desings that were all different- waiters, bartenders, the mimes, the acrobats- it was incredible!
    This was inside the Governor's was black and white and amazing! That's a girl standing on top of a 3-story silver dress blowing bubbles! And the band played "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey- one of my favorite songs....that was such a  moment for me- No matter where you've been in life or how awful your life may seem....Don't stop believing....things are waiting in your future that feel like dreams coming this moment was for me.
    me walking out on the black and white carpet with my two boxes of cake-pops, my clutch, my Emmy book, my phone that was too big to fit in my clutch...and 2 very very painful feet...we alked very slowly and semi-limping back to the hotel which seemed to take soooo long!

    I was still in amazement and I unclipped all the hair-extension clips and removed my fake lashes and washed away all the fun "dazzling" from the night...
    and as I left the door man gave me the best compliment ever- he said, "hands down the most stunning dress of the night!"..... I told him he "made my night"...A mom of 4 that just had a baby 7 months ago..couldn't enjoy that compliment more!
    huge love and fancy ruffley Versace dresses, that I could never afford to buy (ha ha), kandee-ella
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