Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to have an amazing future! -Your Sunday Encouragement

One question:
Has your past had some things that are not so great? Things that have hurt you, felt like a big mess-up, or feel like , now you will never have a great future? Or like good things never happen to you...or any more of those hopeless thoughts?

I have. I felt like my life was so not how I planned and that none of my dreams would ever happen....
boy was I wrong!
And everytime something went wrong and I felt like I was being pulled away from my dreams and bright future, little did I know, I was being taken away because God had a better, bigger, dream for me than I could even think of!

IF something is going wrong or feel like it's failing or being taken away - it's only because it needs to, because something BIGGER, more AMAZING is in your future!

(like my gramma used to say: the most beautiful flowers of your future will grow out of the most manure-poop things in your life! Yay the more poopy life situations, the more beautiful flowers will grow!)

I know you've heard words are powerful than you think- but they are more powerful over your life and future than you know!

Just try this today.
Instead of saying junk like this:
"My life is too messed up!"
"I guess he/she  will work, I won't meet anyone else"
"This is okay, like I'll get any better"
"I might as well just settle for this, like I'll get any better (job, relationship, etc)"
"Oh stuff like that never happens to me"
 or  the worst....
"I don't deserve it".....
You stop right now....!!!
Put a smile on your face! I'm serious....SMILE RIGHT NOW! Do it!.......Do it! (don't you feel a little funny, but happier already!?")

Now tell yourself: "My future is going to be amazing! I don't care what's in my past. Every failure just proves how my greatest success is getting back up AND NEVER letting life or someone knock me down and keep me down."

AND this you must tell yourself EVERY DAY!
"My future is going to be amazing. More happiness is waiting for me, my dreams will come true because I REFUSE to settle for ordinary! I will only settle for AMAZING! And I'm not gonna stop saying this until I've caught up with my AMAZING future!"

I love you...and I want you to know how every failure, hurt, disappointment, or sadness, will just make your success story- that much more amazing!

Now go and start living your success story and NEVER stop saying: "My future is too bright, I best put my sunnyglasses on!"....

Putting on sunglasses with you and telling you I believe in every dream in your heart!
your cheerleader for life....kandee

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SarahFrey said...

i think this brightened my whole day! :) :) :) :) :)

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