Friday, September 23, 2011

Tribal Make-Up

 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC was representin' the "Tribal" look...from Ivana Helsinki to Alexander Wang- feathers and tribal elements were on everything from faces to fabric.

Now come see what it was like backstage at the Ivana Helsinki show via me and my camera!
 Please note that as I type this, far removed from the exciting streets of NYC...I am in my living room, wearing my I heart NY shirt, some ugly old shorts- not a drop of make-up and the only styling I've done to my hair is put it in a ponytail...
 Me (aka the Captain), with Michele Carillo and James Carrera, who were both part of the Mirabella Make-Up team)
 Edward Tricomi (Co-Owner of the Warren Tricomi Salons in NYC and LA)
He and his team created the hair which was just a pony tail on top on the head, a large rubberband like hand band twisted around the hair to hold it up like a tree (bobby pins were used to brace the "tree trunk" for girls with really long hair), then the ends were teased into an bushy-explosion of hair.
The Make-Up table- filled with Mirabella Make-Up -EVERYWHERE! Busy makeup artists, grabbing black eyeliners and foundations and spinning around to work away on their models.
 Brian C. Hawkins, was the head make-up artist, working on Jessica White, the model who was last to walk out wearing a fabric-feather head-dress.
My friend, James- playing around with the tray he just filled with black paint. Ivana wanted each model to dip their hands in the black paint right before they walked out on the runway, so their hands would be dripping with black paint as they walked- messy yes! Theatrical and fun to watch- yes! Did it get on the clothes- yes again!
Jessica White was the model that walked out in a fabric-feather head-dress for the finale.
 It was fun to see their "tree like" hair sculptures, the dripping hands...and I really liked red dress a few pictures up. This hair and make-up was pretty much not an everyday look I'll be sporting anytime soon, but fun to see!

I've got some BONUS video fun from this day too:
MORNING VIDEO:  me and my friends, Amber and Jamie, doing tourist things and eating cupcakes and this was before we knew what the "tribal make-up and hair would be"!

EVENING VIDEO: yes, after a wardrobe change (it was too hot and sweaty) this was me and my friend, Brian and a peek what it's like backstage at a show!

 so unfashionably typing from my couch...far from the glamour and wonder of NYC... I have only left my house once in almost 4 days...don't let this post fool you into seeming like I have an exciting life all the time! ha ha ha This day I'm bloggin about did feel kinda' amazing compared to my normal daily activities...
love you more than all the fashion week shows in the world...
your kandee

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