Monday, September 5, 2011

How to dye your dog like a lion, tiger or bear (oh my!)

(photo sources: examiner and

Supposedly, this is the latest craze in "Dog Styling" in China.
So you just aren't happy with your dog being a'd rather have a dog that looked like a lion with a rump like a zebra...hmmmmm I have to say this dog is awfully cute!
 always dreamed of having a camel but you have no idea where to buy one- no worries, just give your dog a camel-do'.
always wanted a horse but your home is not zoned for horses....answer: give your dog a horse haircut.
And get ready to get all Wizard of Oz: We saw the Lion, now here's the TIGER:
and "Panda" bear...oh my!
and because we'd like to see more than just a dog-derrier of Zebra-ness.

I don't have any pets (kinda allergic to them)...I don't think I'd be dying any of my pets though! I don't care how hot of a Chinese Trend, animal dying is!

What do YOU guys think?
DO You think this is CUTE or CRAZY! Harmless or mean? I know what I think, but wanted to know what you guys think?

lions and tigers and camels, oh my!....kandee

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