Friday, September 2, 2011

BEAUTY NEWS: the newest, hi-tech make-up around!

Get ready to strap your "wow" seatbelts on because this just may give you "glam-whiplash"! I'm bringing you guys the hottest and newest make-up products from drugstore to department store! Now get ready to watch the VERY FIRST....Beauty News with Kandee...
but first I just have to show you guys some pictures....
This my kind, lovey pies, is the newest, most amazing, "what is this" palette I've ever seen:
this is the URBAN DECAY BOOK of SHADOWS IV baby!

16 colors
10 of them brand new (the new ones are circled in black)
the beauty wonder comes with:
*eyeshadow primer potion
*travel size curling mascara
*24/7 waterproof liquid liner in Perversion (black)
*keychain speaker for your smartphone/ipod
*usb cord and phone cord
I just opened this bad boy and stared at it in sheer wonder! 
This is limited get it while you can.
You can get this at Sephora, Ulta, and I think Macys. (when I typed this I saw on Ulta there are only 2 left)

...this is not your grandpa's 5 o'clock news...this is sharper than an eyebrow razor, cutting edge beauty news....
get ready because here we go live (well not really  live) to our on the spot beauty reporter....
yours truly Kandee Johnson...
 (I chose this photo because I look like I am in news-telling-action...ha ha ha...
and I dare any other "newscaster" to wear these bamboozler earrings and report the news!)

and in he video to see wonders and the newest of the new from MAC to drugstore beauty bargains....
BOOM BAP SHAPOW! Tell me what you think...would you like to see more BEAUTY NEW EPISODES?!?

i love you like my sweet tooth loves sugary things....huge and happiest of fridays, your kandee

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