Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arm Fashion: golden armor and the runway watch

Gold on the subway....Yes, I took these on the subway in New York- and no, I don't care if people think I'm weird for taking pictures by myself on the subway. ha ha ha...ok maybe I felt a little weird.

Golden arm- armor! I used to not like all! I would only wear silver. Well recently I've grown fond of the goldness...
This is how I mix it up...I don't know where the studded gold cuff it from, because my sister gave it to me (she always get sme stuff I love, like my yellow flower ring!)...
But the gold bangles are from Charming Charlie, they were under $10!
the watch is my biggest splurge item, it's the Michael Kors Runway watch (for me it's the most expensive watch I've ever owned, it was $250! I had to keep asking my mom, do you think I should buy it, is that too much money?!? And she said, "not for a watch, you wear it everyday and you'll keep this for years."- and yes even though I had gift cards  to buy it -gift cards are like money to me and Even giftcards I've gotten for my birthday- I end up buying the kids things with them! I also have "gift card" anxiety- I never know what to buy so I save them forever and then find out they've expired! Just found 2 expired ones in a wallet 2 days ago! (way to go Miss Indecision Kandee! ha ha ha)

..and though it's not a $500 or thousands of dollar Rolex...for me this was fancy and special, since I had been wearing my grandpa's watch for 10 years...that's how I roll, until it broke.  I'll wear this for at least 10- it's a classic style that will never, go out of to me it was worth it. (FYI: You can get good deals on these on Ebay!)
-oh and the gold spikey ring is from BCBG, it was on super clearance at Dillard's for $9! I love this ring...I wish they made it in silver too!

What would do you think is a good investment item...a watch, purse, earrings, shoes??? And how many years have you used a watch?

Happy golden, bangley, changley wrists....i love you more than all the watched in the world! kandee

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