Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time Machine- 2 years ago I posted this silly video:

September 4, 2009 went a lil something like this:
(dancing and singing weirdly in the car)
to me....
weird is a compliment
I'd rather be different and "strangely out of place"
than so "common" that I would blend in
wherever I was.....

we are all sensitive (even big tough guys are usually the most sensitive, the get all offended easily, because they got "hurt", AKA disrespected), serious, talkative, quiet, calm, excited, happy, then sad, cheery then not....
There have been moments in my life that were sad and if it weren't for me being raised in a silly, "dancing in the kitchen", singing, laughing, talking in random accents (my mom was the queen of the british accent...even my Nana would tell us the best stories in accents)...I don't know if I would've made it through some of the crappy moments that I did....My great gramma always said I reminded her of one of her many sisters because I'm always smiling and grammy always told me to dance whenever I heard music...and she still makes me laugh to this day!!!

My grandma Barbara...based a whole ministry on telling people how to cope with things through laughter and joy...she helped so many hearts....and I feel blessed to be able to read her written words...because she is wearing her "heavenly" clothes now!

This video was so fun to make...because the quirky side that only my family gets to see (usually)...gets to come out....I laughed because someone commented on Youtube..."you're trying to hard"....ha ha ha ha...if they only knew this is how I really am, when I'm in a silly Kandee-mood...ha ha ha....I wish more people knew how to have fun and enjoy it!

Please spread some laughter and smiles...and be weird and silly for me, if not for you! ha ha ha
Enjoy some silly-weirdsmobile (oldy but goodie) moments with yours truly....K-dazzle

CONSIDERED yourself warned....I am intentionally performing redonkulous dance moves in this strap on your seatbelts..were going to fun town:

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Laney said...

omg your are too funny. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling. You bring us so much joy. Oh and you should try banana cream pie ice cream, it's like heaven in my mouth. I have another question, it's way too early to ask, but would you consider doing a halloween make up tutorial for "dia de muertos", perhaps you can use Sylvia Ji as inspiration

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