Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Haircut

(took this in the taxi right after I got my hair "shaped")
Look who got a new hair cut! Woo Hootie!
I was so sick of my bangs and my uber-donkulously thin hair, it looked like I had 12 pieces of really long hairs in the back, which were starting to look like an 80's rat tail hair cut! And I lost my favorite razor that I would normally just cut my hair at home with.

side note: I usually always cut my own hair because I have "hair stylist anxiety"- I've only had my hair cut in a salon a handfull of times and I've left not-loving my new hair 3 out of 5 times!

the deets: (as in details, that is)

when: when I was in NYC last week
where: Cutler Salon
who: David - and to the girl that shampooed my hair (Which is my favorite part)- I almost fell asleep it was so relaxing!

I was hoping that the Cutler Salon was a cool, hip, cutting edge hair salon...and boy did I realize how cool and hip they are after I got my hair cut!

(Picture I took of Lulu, Betsey Johnson's daughter, gettin gher hair styled by Peter Grey backstage)
FASTFORWARD a few days- backstage at the Betsey Johnson Fashion show- who was doing the hair for Betsey???
 Peter Grey from the Cutler Salon! Look at all the other shows they did for Fashion Week too:

  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Bibhu Mohapatra
  • Tadashi
  • Vivienne Tam
  • Libertine
  • Graeme Armour
  • Jen Kao
  • Reem Acra
  • & Binetti       
    If you want to describe a similar cut to your stylist, say:

    1. you want side-swept bangs (fringe) that hit at the top of the eyebrow
    2. longer layers from the length of the bangs or fringe to the ends
    3. cut pretty straight across in the back- no "v-shaped" tapering-
    which give the "rat tail" appearance some "rocker" hair cuts seem to have.

    And now the several hairs on my head don't look so thin hair, I surprised I don't look like a bald man. I should really just do a video on how clip in hair extensions can make you not look like a balding man! ha ha ha

    So now you know what to tell your stylist or if you're in NYC you can just go to Cutler! ha ha ha

    Sharper than a pair of speeding shears and I love you more than all the hairspray in the world, kandee

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