Saturday, September 24, 2011

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Oh my goodness....this contest was amazing...for everyone that left me comments....I read them with tears falling...
There are no words to describe what an honor it is to have a place in your hearts...
With a humble heart and huge gratitude for letting me into your lives, for letting me be a thought in your day and for letting me be a friend, just a click away...
Other Youtuber's just call everyone their "followers" or "subbies" are not just a follower or a subbie to me...
you guys are part of my "family"....I am so blessed to have each one of you be a part of our "kandee family" are all so sweet-
to see you not only cheering each other on, cheering each other about winning, and encouraging each other makes my heart rejoice that my "kandee family" is nothing like anyone else's!

And don't worry...I have the Sultra Hair tool contest up next to keep thanking you guys for supporting your "kandee" sister and watching at least 1 of my 300 videos! ha ha

I love you guys...I will save a cherish all your comments and will read them whenever I feel sad. I thank God for each one of you, being kind, open-hearted and you will change the world around you!

After 2 computer crashes it's almost 3am and I've almost fallen asleep in my chair several times....
the  2 Runners-Up are: From my the blog comments- 

katlyn brown &
Stephanie Ladenhauf

From my Youtube comments:



and as always, I pick more people to win than I think, because my heart wants everyone to win...
the BONUS WINNER (who will win a fun "extra-surprise" that I will pack up) is:
she is battling cancer in the hospital right now...and I pray that God will begin to heal her, strengthen her and that this little gift might brighten her hospital room and she will have a little token of me to hold onto so she doesn't feel alone.  She didn't mention having cancer either, I found out by a little heavenly guidance. I will never give up on helping people, loving people, or hoping for the best!
(please check your youtube messages)

I had to mention that even though she wasn't one of the winners- if there had been a winner for funniest comments, Deeandolynn would have won! Her comments had me cracking up! hugs and love Deeandolynn- you are so funny, as I was counting through the comments I kept reading yours and they were brilliant! Keep commenting, next time you might be the random (and funny) comment that wins!

(all winners have been messaged of facebook or youtube, and just need to reply with their adresses, so I can ship out their goodie boxes next week!)

I AM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR THE WINNERS TOO! That's why you guys are so great - you are excited for whoever wins! After all you could win next!!!!

I wish I could have a tv show, just so I could have the audience filled with all you guys, and be like Oprah, and say you're all winning a new car, and a make-up kit, and a vacation! Wouldn't that be fun!?!

I love you guys more than you'll ever know...your sister, friend, and humble heart that is honored to be in your hearts and lives..... kandee

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